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Skills You’ll Learn

Features of traditional fabrics and threads

Learn the characteristics of silk fabrics and threads used in traditional embroidery and Kyubang crafts

Kyubang Craft Sewing Technique

I make needle cushions by handling silk fabrics and learning how to sew between pieces

How to tie a square handbag tightly

Learn how to tie the fabric tightly so that it's easy to embroider on a square wooden frame

Various traditional embroidery techniques

Learn traditional embroidery techniques such as digit numbers, flat numbers, joint numbers, jade numbers, and gold numbers.

How to finish the number neatly

Learn how to finish embroidery and how to remove it neatly and straight from a suit

How to make small items with embroidery

Learn how to make various everyday accessories with embroidery

Versatile methods for making cloth and laces

Learn how to complete embroidery on a cloth and make a string suitable for a cloth

How to use embroidery in everyday life

Learn how to express your heart with embroidery works and beautifully color everyday life

Traditional embroidery for the first time,

Let's decorate it leisurely with the Whale Workshop.

Hallo I do traditional embroidery and gyubang crafts Whale workshopI'm Lee Hye-jin, who runs.

traditional embroidery,

If you don't know where or how to start,

What is the story you hear the most while running a workshop “Because I don't know where to learn,” “because I don't know how to start.” It was a story about not being able to start traditional embroidery. Also, there were many stories that even if they learned traditional embroidery, they didn't know how to use the finished work.

It's a story that I'm interested in, but I don't have much information I can access. We have prepared an online class to teach you about traditional embroidery, which is not easy to find information about, and to teach you about the process of completing it with props that can be used in everyday life.

Not everyone has to be a “craftsman.”

Slowly decorate at your own pace.

Even if you're new to traditional embroidery and gyubang crafts, don't hesitate to start if you think it's “beautiful” or “you want to try it.” The first encounter with unfamiliar traditional embroidery and traditional sewing is important, so after much thought, I carefully prepared the class.

Not everyone has to be a “craftsman.” Learn about sewing and embroidery through classes, and enjoy the time to slowly embroider. The whale workshop will do all the preparations and procedures to make use of the completeness and details of the work.

What traditional embroidery should have,

I'll let you know without skipping it.

We will show you the method devised by Whale Workshop without skipping over the must-have points so that traditional embroidery and Kyubang crafts can be completed in a work that retains its unique beauty. This is because a small amount of effort is put together to create a beautiful result. Please trust me and follow me!

Learn how to start embroidery straight, such as how to tie a tight suit, patterns, and how to start an embroidery sweat, which is particularly important in traditional embroidery

As you learn various techniques, you'll also understand how to make various shapes by changing the techniques little by little.

They also understand the characteristic finishing techniques of traditional embroidery, which can give a sense of neatness even in colorful colors, and even how to prepare the finished work for use by removing it straight from the frame! Here are some things you should not miss in every step of starting and finishing traditional embroidery.

Use it everywhere in your life,

It makes a friendly gift for those around you.

We will suggest ways to use your careful embroidery as a daily accessory so that the result of traditional embroidery does not remain only a product of appreciation.

Welcome to a different everyday life while feeling the atmosphere of a work carefully completed in various places.

Traditional embroidery shines even more when making a special gift. Along with wrapping a simple cloth, I'll also show you how to decorate a gift with embroidery accessories. A gift delivered with all your heart and heart will leave a huge impression on the recipient!

Try writing a message on a card made with traditional embroidery too!

Colorful colors with traditional embroidery

I'm curious about your everyday life.

Let's start off with traditional embroidery with Whale Kobo, a part of everyday life full of good things.






It is a whale workshop where traditional crafts such as Kyubang crafts and traditional embroidery are performed.

I often feel that the word “tradition” is heavy and difficult:)

But in fact, there's a lot of variety in our traditional embroidery and sewing.

This is because it was an “everyday craft” where we sewed and embroidered the things we need in our daily lives.

Therefore, it is made with the different tastes and desires of each individual, and there is a sense of freedom with no right answer.

Also, these are works that only contain good feelings of hope for someone's happiness, health, and peace.

I think I haven't been able to let go of the needle for 7 years because my heart was taken away by this:)

With the hope that many people can feel the beauty and free charm of traditional embroidery and sewing - I am trying to find ways and ideas that can be created and used in everyday life again.

This is because I think it is important to preserve traditions, but it is also necessary to make them diverse and rich:)

I hope you will be able to experience the beauty of tradition and enjoy the sparkling changes with the Whale Workshop!



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