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Learn the Rules of Digital Lettering and Break Them



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Learn Digital Lettering with an iPad

Master Monoline, Block, & Brush Lettering Using My Exclusive Custom Brushes

Make Your Own Artworks by Combining Styles, Adding Illustrations and Effects

This is a beginner's course, so you don't need any prior knowledge or experience in Digital Lettering. All you'll need is an iPad compatible with Procreate and compatible with a stylus (I highly recommend the Apple Pencil).

I will also be providing my own custom brushes for you to use in the course!

This class is meant for you if you're interested in learning digital lettering to start creating beautiful pieces for your own personal use, to share on Instagram, or even to start your own side business selling your art.

It is also ideal for people who already have some experience in digital lettering, but want to add more styles and effects to their repertoire of knowledge.

The course is super easy to follow and will take you from the very basics of digital lettering through to creating beautiful finished pieces with your own personal touch.

Make the rules of digital learning fun by breaking them! I know digital lettering and all it's norms can seem a bit overwhelming when you are first starting this journey, but this class will make learning super fun, simple and most importantly, will teach you that there is nothing wrong with breaking a few rules when it comes to creativity.

The possibilities of digital lettering are endless, so in this course I would guide you through the basics and you will learn how to use Procreate in a way that it helps you discover your own style.

In this class you will learn basic strokes and techniques, such as brush, monoline and block lettering, but also how to challenge these rules and make tweaks to your work so it's unique and fun.

We will practice together each letter of the alphabet in different styles as well as creating full sentences and ultimately whole pieces incorporating shadows, masking and other details, including illustrations.

By the end of the course, you will be making amazing lettering art portraying your own personality and experimenting with different styles.

Join me in this class and take away the stress of learning and focus on lettering as a form of relaxation and a way to express your creativity.

You will walk away knowing how to use Procreate and some of its features to help you create lettering art while adding eye-catching effects. You will also be able to add small illustrations and embellishments to your work by applying your newly acquired knowledge.

I hope that what you learn in this course will incentivize you to keep discovering more about this incredible art and that there is nothing wrong about breaking a few rules in order to be unique.



Welcome to Digital Lettering


Getting around and Procreate app


The basics behind brush lettering


How to do monoline lettering


The rules of block lettering


Combining lettering styles


Adding effects to each style


Adding illustrations to create a finished piece


Turning your artwork into a business




Andrea Rosell

Andrea Rosell

Hi, I am Andrea, a lettering artist living in Maidenhead, UK. Digital lettering is my passion, and I absolutely love immersing myself for hours on hours on my iPad creating different and fun pieces, exploring new techniques and styles.

I find lettering a very satisfying and relaxing art and I love that I have the chance to teach others about it and discover the fun side of this beautiful creative expression of ourselves.


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