Skills You’ll Learn

Learn how to read the mind of a hidden stone.

Let's take a look at how the stone's expression changes depending on the position and shape of the stone.

Understand the basic rules and concepts of Go

Learn the winning conditions and concepts you must know in order to achieve goals in Go.

Find a good spot

Let's look at the shape and space of the stone to find out what kind of place is a good place.

I can practice as much as I want on my own. Self-training guide

I learn basic skills by practicing various contents of Go King by myself.

Let's follow the 19-line game of Go.

Let's take a look at the process of setting goals and achieving them while watching actual Go.

Learn a variety of Go techniques.

Learn special skills such as building a strong house, holding an opponent's stone, and building a shaft.

Let's find out about my skills.

We will evaluate the skills learned by watching lectures and practicing with the app together with artificial intelligence.

So that you can improve your skills while having fun!

Hallo I'm Yoon Man-doo Sam who will lead you to the world of Go! For those who want to learn to play Go A new education method that allows you to see, experience, and grow on your ownAs I taught Go with, I felt that it was easy to enjoy and learn even difficult forms of Go.

Together with you when traveling to an unfamiliar place, just as you can get a rich experience with a friendly guide To be able to travel the new path of Go with excitement I'll lead you.

Let's listen to the story of the hidden black and white stones?

Every time the stones that shine like stars in the night sky are placed on a checkerboard, a new story unfolds. Checkerboard also has feelings just like us, so they cry and laugh every time they are placed one by one.

When you first watched Go, you probably didn't know what to do or how to do it. The reason for this is that I can't read the hidden mind of a checkerboard. What if you could see the hearts of the stones hidden in secret? Seeing the hidden expressions of the stones on the checkerboard makes playing Go really easy! If you look at the stone's expression, you'll know what to do.

To have fun playing Go, you need to know what to do.

How to see the hidden expressions of stones and how to set goalsI'll let you know. Don't you feel like helping when you see a fragile stone? If you make a weak stone laugh, you've done a great job. While looking at expressions like this If I could tell if I did well or didn't do well every time I can improve my skills really fast.

What you need to prepare is very simple!

In this Go class, we developed Artificial intelligence Go education app “I am the King of Go”Through What you learned with me You can follow along and practice. Android smartphone or PC for windowsAll you need to do is install the Go education app “I am the King of Go” provided by the class.

I am the King of Go An artificial intelligence Go education app developed by Kim Chan-woo 6th, a professional Go knight with 30 years of experience, for over 10 yearsIt is actively used in Korea and China. As a result of applying it to more than 100,000 learners a year, the excellent educational effect was verified.

“I am the King of Go” who becomes a kind Go friend

Play against each other whenever I want to play GoI'll do “I am the King of Go”! If you are careful about learning Go for the first time, you can connect to your own ID and improve your Go skills with various competitive content within the app. There is also a variety of content for actual Go matches, so even if you enjoy it only with in-app content, you can even achieve users.

I'll focus on “how to look at the board.”

Actually, there aren't many concepts you need to know in Go! Anyone can enjoy playing Go easily and in a fun way if they create their own simple basic concepts while experiencing and enjoying it firsthand through a dedicated app.

The core of Go is observation. Because if you get good information through observation, you'll be able to make the right decisions! The power to observe, > to set goals, > to do it yourself, to check results, and > to predict when experience is accumulatedAs this happens, my skills become stronger!

Practice as much as you want

Once you've learned how to watch, you'll now have something you want to try. Whatever you want to do, you can practice and gain experience to your heart's content through an easy and fun app.

Enjoy playing Go in real time with a variety of classmates.

What if I gained confidence through problem solving and confrontation modes in King of Go? Within the app Have fun playing games with other classmates in real time in the big country roomYou can also try it out. On the way home from work or on weekends, you can always meet on the app and communicate with a variety of people over Go.

Reach level 10 naturally while having fun!

If I enjoy it with Dumpling Sam, my Go skills will be upgraded before I know it. Once you reach level 10 so naturally, you'll be able to hang out with a variety of people and play Go. Of course, if you practice hard, you can do more than that!

A deep charm that you will fall in love with as you become stronger

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Go the more you know! It's easy for anyone, young or old, to do, so it's great for educating kids! Now let's create a different hobby that the whole family can enjoy.

Let's start with me in Go, where black and white stones live and breathe!

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Welcome! Let's learn Go together?


Basic rules and concepts of Go (preparation steps for playing Go)


Go is easy if you know this (the core principle of Go)


It's a great place to have a seat like this. (It's easy to play Go if you know how to find a good place.)


Practice in earnest (How to use I am the King of Go 100%)


What would you like to do in the real game of Go? (Let's take a look at Go by people who play well)


Let's find out my skills. (Take on the challenge of unit measurement)


I'll show you some special techniques!


Let's take a look at various levels of Go.


Congratulations on completing the Level 10 Challenge Mission!




I'm Director Yoon Man-doo, who is working to create a fun Go education environment at Meta Baduk Academy. The characteristic of our Go class is that it opens the eyes of the viewer. Just like when you open your eyes to languages, you want to travel to that country, and when you open your eyes to Go, you want to play Go. As you learn how to watch and practice with artificial intelligence, you'll find yourself falling in love with the deep appeal of Go. ♥ ○ ♥






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