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Skills You’ll Learn

Pattern making

Learn how to easily create a pattern and knit a pattern on a fabric.

Making a cut

Learn how to cut individual fabrics.


I'll show you the meticulous stitching method.


Here are some tips for a strong finish without overlocking.

Care and laundry methods

I'll tell you how to wash and maintain cotton sanitary napkins.

Your “that day”

To make it a little more comfortable

Once a month, I talk once. My belly hurts like a bunch every time I'm worried about “that day” because my ankle is almost half caught, but how much screams does our body make if we take painkillers every month?

Let's make cotton sanitary napkins for myself together. Good sanitary napkins made only of cotton and waterproof fabric.

Don't suffer now.

The chemical absorber in disposable sanitary napkins has an unpleasant smell that comes into contact with blood. It's actually a smell that goes away when you use cotton sanitary napkins. This is possible because it's a pure cotton fabric. You can also make it easily and easily with a sewing machine! Make a big difference with little effort.

I put my thoughtful heart into the class.

I saw a daughter who had to take different types of painkillers because her menstrual pain was so severe,

When my mother started to try making my own with “hands,” I created this class with that in mind.

Back to Basic,

I'll help anyone make it.

From drawing a pattern, cutting the fabric, and choosing the right size for you, to skipping the complicated overlock process, carefully stitching, and improving the finish, we will work with you!

I'll show you step by step so that everyone can follow along.

If you add this hand's own detailed know-how for a strong finish, you can make sturdy cotton sanitary napkins that are comfortable for 1 to 2 years! It was actually produced and sold, so please feel free to take the course, and I'll be happy to let you know!

I definitely need a sewing machine for this hand class.

What if I don't have a sewing machine yet? We have prepared a special price model sewing machine for my classmate. If you have a sewing machine at home, you can continue to make cotton sanitary napkins, and the range of things you can use in your daily life will expand greatly!

It's OK if you're new to sewing machines. unskilled (?) The teaching assistant will be with you. I invited one of the students because I was afraid that everyone would find it difficult. They demonstrated with an industrial sewing machine used by Lee Son's mother (in fact, the work looks the same) and was invited at eye level (?) I'll show you a scene where students learn together using a household sewing machine.

I prepared generously.

If you take the Eson class, we have prepared plenty of things so that you can make up to about 18-20 products. Choose as many as you need from 3 basic types and 3 incision types, and even liner pads and pouches!

We want your “day” to be as comfortable as possible.

With a special design unique to Lee Son, we will make a cotton sanitary napkin with a special “incisional” design with a special incision line. The design literally has an incision, so you can replace the waterproof fabric you put inside, so it has the advantage of being able to use it more hygienically. Also, you can learn sewing skills related to structural design while making it.

Depending on the condition of the day, try alternating between the basic type and the incision type. I want to make sure that your “day” is as uncomfortable as possible.

Even if you're waiting for a kit

To be thrilled

The most outwardly looking design fabric is different every time. That's because the supply and demand for the same design is limited. Instead, I'll choose a sensible design from my mother's perspective and send it to you.

Put cotton sanitary napkins in the pouch!

As a bonus, we have prepared a cotton pouch making process to give you a gift. It would be even better if you had a simple pouch to carry around cotton sanitary napkins, right? Put used sanitary napkins in a disposable zipper bag for hygiene, and put them once more in a cotton pouch for easy carrying.

Your life will be different if you join Ethan's class. Please trust Lee Son and follow along! Now don't get sick anymore, don't have an unpleasant smell, and join Lee Son's cotton sanitary napkin class, which you can trust by making your own hands!





Hello, I'm Eson Kobo, who dreams of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. At the same time these days, I would like to share my know-how for a healthier and more comfortable “My Life.” I want to give you a healthier life through my cotton sanitary napkin course. I would also like to share my know-how on making sturdy diapers and making pouches that can be washed. As a mom, I will share my know-how, and my daughter, who is a broadcaster, and a pilot student will be on the side to add an easy-to-understand explanation. I want to create a course that is easy for beginners to access. Thank you very much ^^ I want to share my good feelings with you~

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