8 chapters · 4 hours 5 minutes
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With a 4B pencil and a B4 crokey book
8 Class Projects

It takes about 30 seconds to 20 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Human body landmarks and clothing wrinkles

  • Understanding the same trend

  • 30 seconds same generation crokey

  • Contrast with Dongse Croky

  • Shape croquis and face sculpting

  • Shaping the human body - hands


  • 2 minutes Dongse croquis

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding human body movements

I will teach you the basics of the same generation croquis, such as how to use a line

Understanding space through perspective

Understand space from 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point perspective so that it can be applied to croquis

Shaping a face

Approach complex faces by shaping them more easily and simply

Shaping the human body

I will try to shape the human body, which was difficult to recognize in three dimensions, using perspective

Understand the structure of the human body through anatomy

It makes it possible to express in three dimensions using the anatomical knowledge required for croquis

Adding contrast to croquis

I will try to express the contrast caused by light and the bends of the human body

Draw wrinkles on clothes

Let's know the principle of wrinkles on clothes and apply it to croquis

How to use croquis

We'll tell you why croquis are recorded and how to edit them

Is the human body in the picture too hard?

Hello, I'm Yoon Beom-sik. Do you think the human body in my picture is too hard? Through this class with me Smooth human bodyLet's draw together. I also started Croqui because I was worried about a hard and somewhat unnatural human body.

I was afraid of white drawing paper because my body was constantly getting hard and blocked while I was drawing creative pictures. But “I have to draw something..!” With that in mind, I started Croqui. You may feel that croquis won't be very helpful if you don't keep doing it. I did that too. After many attempts, I found the fun of croquis, and I even got out of the drawing slump.

I'm going to draw a human body as soft as flowing water.

Croquis is a picture that can be expressed on paper in a short time by observing the character's motions and shapes, etc., but since the object you want to draw is clear, you can gain a lot of experience points in a relatively short time. Also, a lot of information can be obtained from the process of interpreting a three-dimensional figure in a flat surface.

The most important key to croquis is the rules of the same age. You need to know what shape the human body moves with. If you look for the rules of the same age in the human body, your skills will improve in the blink of an eye. That much The first button on the human body is the same generationIt can be said that.

If you do Dongse Croquis in a short time, you won't be able to express all the structures. In the process of simplifying the human body, we will make use of the beauty of curves and draw a more vibrant human body. Also, if you know the trend, you will be able to easily handle the hardened human body and lines a little more freely.

When we recognize space, our eyes change.

투시, 1점투시

▶ Perspective, 1-point perspective

If you do the wrong shape of the human body, you're likely to draw a hard robot. But don't worry! Shapes with the same trend will minimize stiffness. In order to shape the human body, the first step is to recognize that the human body exists in a three-dimensional space with perspective applied. If you know clairvoyance, you can draw not only the human body, but also surrounding objects and buildings. It's not difficult, so don't be scared or frustrated from the beginning, let's do it together.

It's not difficult, just pick points and learn.

It's very difficult to learn fine muscles from the beginning. I'll show you some big muscles that are key points. Once you begin to understand one, that sense of accomplishment will be indescribable. I want all of you to feel the joy I felt.

A small sense of accomplishment will be a catalyst for future learning.

I think the human body is really attractive. The correct answer is somewhat structurally determined, but since the human body is also a natural object, the position of each person (navel, chest, etc.) varies slightly. So we use our sense of aesthetics in the process of interpreting it. Croquis is also an exercise for that. I hope you will love painting more than ever before, feeling a sense of fulfillment that I have learned, understood, and applied these things.

In this class, we will explore the beauty of the human body together
I hope you get the energy for creativity.



crocki crocki

crocki crocki

Hallo It's Yoon Beom-sik who at some point felt that the human body in my paintings was too hard and lost the fun:)

After a lot of trial, I was able to find the rules of the human body through crokey and draw sensually, and I was able to happily draw not only croquis but also creative paintings again.

This is because croquis focusing on the same generation is a great help in learning the sense of the human body and drawing freely in creative painting!

I want to share with you all the know-how I've learned through this class!

I hope it will be helpful for those who are new to croquis, as well as those who have done a lot of croquis but don't seem to have any progress, those who are desperate to learn basic skills, and those who have trouble drawing the human body.

Painting is not something you force yourself to draw I think it's important to have fun drawing what you like as you feel.

So that you can draw freely!

We hope that all of you will be able to regain the fun and passion you have lost through this class!



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