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Vegan cuisine using everyday ingredients
30 Class Projects

It takes about 10 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Balsamic mushroom salad, vegan Caesar dressing salad

  • Green pesto and creamy green risotto

  • vegan cheese powder

  • Vegan cream cheese

  • Vegan smoked cheese

  • Vegan ricotta cheese

  • Vegan cream cheese fruit salad

  • Vegan mac and cheese

  • Vegan ricotta cheese bagel with pickles

  • Tofu mayo sandwich

  • Plant-based milk

  • Eggless frittata

  • Potato green onion soup

  • Vegan french onion soup

  • Garlic oil pasta

  • Vegan cream sauce pasta

  • Mushroom sauce pasta

  • Vegan Buncha

  • Tempeh tempeh tempeh bowl

  • Mild and rich eggplant sauce

  • Tafnard sauce made with olives

  • Romesco sauce

  • Bruschetta with vegan sauces

  • Mushroom escargot

  • vegan lasagna

  • vegan yogurt ice cream

  • Namul side dish rice balls

  • Warm miso noodles

  • Super simple fried rice

  • Chinese-style mushroom bowl

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of cooking by preparing and preparing ingredients

Get to know cooking better by refining the ingredients and cooking them in a variety of ways.

A way to produce flavors that are not lacking in botanical ingredients

Get away from prejudice against the taste of vegan food and learn how to make it delicious.

Practical dishes that can be applied in real life

Learn how to easily cook using commercially available sauces and products.

How to enjoy cheese and milk as a vegan

Let's make a simple vegan cheese that doesn't require fermentation.

Sauces with endless uses

They make great sauces for appetizers, snacks, party food, and gifts.

You think vegans can eat cheese too?

Yep. Vegans can eat cheese too. In this class, I'll teach you how to make cheese that even vegans can eat. We'll even send you what you need to prepare vegan cheese, so even first-time users can easily follow along.

Where did the prejudice that vegan food is tasteless come from?

While I was originally living in the cooking business, I became a vegan and began to do vegan cooking in earnest. Snacks like miso stew, pasta, tteokbokki... It was the beginning of my vegan cuisine when I ate foods that I usually ate in a vegan way. When I tried to make vegan foods that are so closely related to real life, I learned that making vegan food isn't much different from making other foods, and that it's not difficult if you just learn how to find your own liver and flavor.

“If you become vegan, don't you want to eat meat?” Contrary to the concerns around me, I never felt that I missed the food I had eaten before. Food substitutes for meat began to be introduced little by little in Japan, and everyday foods could be eaten deliciously without any special care. Therefore, I wanted to break the prejudice that <vegan food is tasteless, and to show that foods that are commonly encountered at home or eating out can be eaten deliciously even as a vegan, so I decided to share vegan cuisine in earnest. I also opened a pop-up restaurant to show the food I made to many people.

Knowing what food I eat every day and eating it

“You are what you eat.”There is a famous saying. “What you eat tells you what kind of person you are. “Even before I became vegan, of course, I thought I knew what I was eating. However, after becoming vegan, I had to be more specific, and I learned about it.

At first, it felt cumbersome to check the ingredient list of the product you purchased and to check what this food was made of, and to check other ingredients that you couldn't understand by looking at a simple menu description with only the name and main ingredient mentioned at the restaurant, but “this all goes into my body and makes me who I am, isn't it natural to know what I eat?” I felt like that. Furthermore, where did all of these ingredients come from? I began to eat while thinking about it.

When I make vegan food and eat it, I feel at ease.

When I ate meat, I often felt fuller and had poor digestion, but since I started a vegetarian diet, my digestion wasn't that good. and Being aware of what I'm eating and eating a meal relaxes my mind. Feeding me by making my own food that I tried to reduce the suffering of other beings makes me feel that I am independently leading the direction of my life in a positive direction.

Interested in vegan food?

As a result of the recent climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, interest in veganism is naturally increasing around the world. How did you become interested in “vegan” food? Everyone's reasons will be different.

You don't have to be familiar with cooking or not.

I think the most important thing is the desire to get to know. Why don't you put the burden of cooking everything you cook and try it little by little, starting with what you can do and what you like? I'm going to organize the class as if I were preparing the ingredients and matching the flavors together. I'll also give you quantified recipes, but think of learning the process of finding your favorite snacks and flavors rather than following a formal framework.

So that you can try new vegan dishes on your own

After finishing the class, the goal of this class is to lower the cooking threshold so that you can feel a little more confident when cooking foods of similar genres, as well as the food you made together in the class, and to try new dishes that you want to make vegan.

Making vegan cheese may be a little strange, but if you follow along, it's not difficult. Also, the variety and flavor of food that can be prepared even if only vegan cheese is used will expand significantly. Let's take a look at vegan food that is sometimes strange, and sometimes already familiar, but didn't know.

Making sauce is great, but there are many times when I can't afford to buy it. I'll show you how I make food in real life using commercially available sauces and ingredients. It's a great thing for the environment, for the lives of animals, and for ourselves. Sometimes it can't be perfect. It's fine, but I'll do my part to help you live a healthier and more enjoyable vegan lifestyle for a longer time.



Haru Vegan

Haru Vegan

Hello, I'm Haru Vegan, which introduces various everyday foods that can be made vegan through various channels.

I feel that interest in vegetarianism is increasing due to the recent impending climate crisis, animal rights issues, and personal health reasons. Since 2019, I have met many vegan-oriented people and people interested in vegetarianism not only on social media, but also through several vegan pop-up restaurants. It was a pity that I couldn't always share vegan food with more people because of the limited time and space of the pop-up, but I'm happy to have this opportunity to let you know and talk about the vegan food I make.

When it comes to plant-based foods, I seek foods that are not only vegan but also easy for non-vegans to access and enjoy, away from the stereotype that people think of plant-based food. Why don't you join me in a vegan cooking class for the planet, animals, people, and myself connected to them?





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