10 chapters · 7 hours 18 minutes
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Using the desktop
7 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • person

  • Natural objects

  • artifact

  • Artifacts, objects with natural objects

  • An environment full of things

  • A dim environment

  • loop animation

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw a character

Understand how to draw pixel art characters step by step

Learn color techniques

Learn about the changing color palette of pixel art

How to draw natural objects

How to draw natural objects with pixel art

How to draw an artifact

How to draw item-like objects with pixel art

Lighting technology

Learn lighting and shadowing techniques

loop animation

You'll learn how to make animations that bring life to paintings!

This is Pixel Artist Studio Pants (Studio Pants)!

I mainly draw pixel art containing the universe and landscape, then animate it or make it into text.

Already in class 101 The excitement of a new technique, pixel art classI was able to create a new class in Class 101 because it was loved by many people!

The appearance of goods made with pixel art

We invite you to the world of dots imbued with a retro sensibility!

Pixel art is a technique that adds an artist's sensibility to pixels, which are small dots on a screen made up of small squares. Using pixel art, you can create paintings with a style that exudes a retro sensibility. Do you like dot games? Let's capture everyday life like a game with pixel art with me!

The uses of pixel art are endless. Let's draw the props I'm interested in with pixel art! From the appearance of the desk I work on, to my favorite postcards and posters, I can make pixel art and keep them. Through this class, you can also learn how to draw characters and present them to people around you.

If you draw memorable landscapes with pixel art, you can keep them even more special. By all means I don't need to paint the scenery I saw on my trip. Even if it's an everyday landscape, you can draw as many unique things as you want with pixel art! Pixel art is an attractive technique that can be used as many times as you like, depending on what you want to draw.

Let's try to completely conquer pixel art!

In the first class held in class 101, I taught you how to draw a simple character, how to make a photo into pixel art, and how to make goods.

The parts that were difficult in the last class, or the parts I needed more Of the students Supplement it based on feedback I'm trying to learn more easily.

In this class, I'll teach you how to draw various objects such as people, artefacts, and natural objects. We'll also cover how to draw an environment with those objects.

I'll also show you how to get a sense of style by drawing various types of objects step by step according to the level of difficulty, and how to use dark colors unique to pixel art.

Also, I'm going to draw a picture by comparing small to large canvases. You can listen to it from beginners to intermediate students. I haven't covered in previous classes How to draw objects, how to capture characters of characters, lighting techniques that capture color, the environment and point of view in which objects are located, AA techniques I'll release a lot of easier and more effective know-how!

Even lighting and animation without a tablet!

In this class I'm not planning to use a separate tablet. Rather, this is because it is easier to use a mouse than working with a tablet pen to get the correct shape. Let's draw objects more accurately and in more detail with just one mouse.

From the appearance of being lit up to the dim appearance of the light being completely turned off

As you adjust the lighting of the same landscape, you can create a picture that exudes a different sensibility as much as you want. I'll show you how to effectively create a variety of pictures!

I'll even add animation to objects. Let's liven up the picture with a loop animation combining various moving objects.

Aseprite's animation frame work screen

Layered layers may seem complicated, but if you stack them step by step, you'll find that it's not difficult!

I'll tell you all the know-how I've worked for 1600 hours.

I use Aseprite, a program dedicated to pixel art! Buy it once and use it forever! It's an effective tool for beginners to create effective pixel art. You can buy it on Steam and its official website. I recommend buying it from Steam!

When I opened the last class The usage time of Aseprite It used to be 800 hours, but now I've been working 1600 hours! I'll teach you some effective tips I've learned over a long period of work. Well, thank you for this class too! :D



Studio Pants

Studio Pants

A pixel artist who loves the universe and dark colors, these are picture pants.

I did my first pixel art class at 101, but it was always a pity that I couldn't show you a more sophisticated level of pixel art. This time, I'm looking forward to a more advanced version! I would like to tell you more about how to make more sophisticated pixel art and parts that I couldn't explain before.

I work on my favorite landscape with pixel art and produce stationery goods.

I am mainly active online by participating in Grápolio, Instagram, Twitter, offline shops, and illustration fairs.

I've always been interested in games that stand out for their pixel graphic design.

From classic games to recent high quality pixel games.

I used to draw a few pixel paintings when I was a kid, but I forgot about them for years to come.

Over time, I had to do assignments during college majors, but I was in trouble because I didn't have a tablet at home.

In the meantime, I immediately looked for a digital drawing method that I could do with a mouse, and I noticed pixel art, which I always liked.

After that, I began my work by taking pictures of dots intermittently with my laptop and mouse.

Right now, I'm focusing on my favorite pixel art work and creating my own universe.





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