10 chapters · 5 hours 8 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn


The Fundamentals of Using Procreate


Creating a Visual Library to Help Your Concept Development.


How to Use Metaphors in Creating an Illustrations


Basic Compositional Techniques to Tell a Story

Mood Palette

How to Choose a Color Palette that Conveys the Mood


Creating and Using Textures for Digital Illustration

Unique Art

Exercises to Help You Discover your own Artistic Style and Voice

Unique Conceptual Illustration

The concept is what sets a good artist from a great one. One often does not realize that spending time in developing a concept often leads them into discovering their own personal style that they would always enjoy doing.

Sometimes, coming up with ideas can seem daunting and difficult. However, when you start developing concepts with details and memories from your daily lives, this process suddenly becomes personal and exciting to do. You also start creating images that only you can do.

This class is here to help you communicate your emotions and ideas through your illustrations. While I will be using and teaching the basics of Procreate for this course, you can easily follow along using a medium of your choice. We have designed this class to be very versatile and adaptable to each artist’s workflow, techniques, and working conditions.

Instead of teaching you how to make a good illustration and giving you rules about it, I want to share how you can develop a process that lets you have fun while creating images that are close to your heart.



Dion MBD

Dion MBD

Hi, friends! My name is Dion MBD, an illustrator who creates images for publishing, editorial, and commercial clients such as Scholastic, The New York Times, MacMillan, Medium, HarperCollins, Sudio, and many more. I am often hired for my ability to convey emotions and create pieces that are highly conceptual. Being able to use unique metaphors and imagery in my work has helped me to be more trusted as a professional artist because my art itself shows what kind of person I am.

I love and enjoy every moment of my career! I hope I can share this feeling with anyone who loves art and wants to visually express their thoughts and experience. Hence, I am collaborating with Class101 to create this online illustration course for you.

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