Skills You’ll Learn

Lighting Techniques

Learn how to apply lighting theory to your drawing

Human Anatomy

Learn how to draw human bodies

Approach to Character Design

Learn how to create a character from a rough sketch

Character Design Theory

Learn all the basics of character design theory

Object Design

Learn how to apply all the techniques and create drawings

Concept Art Industry

Learn all the tips about the concept art industry

Overcome Your Fear & Let Your Creativity Flourish

Have you ever heard about blank canvas syndrome?

A lot of people fear art when it comes to creating it. I myself also struggled so much that I hesitated to pick up a pencil to start drawing due to the pressure of creativity. I felt a bit lost as I did not know my direction and lacked identity.

Due to the lack of confidence of creating a new work, I started to draw fan arts of the characters from my favorite movies, games, animations, etc.

Then one day, I had doubts for myself and questioned, "Is this the right way to become a professional artist?" "How can I improve to become a concept artist?"

However, it wasn't long before that I realized all my past fan arts have become a solid foundation of my drawing career. All those art pieces have helped me to become who I am now.

Design is All Around Us

After all those years of drawing, now I have realized that creating a character design is rather simple. No one creates a character design from scratch, but from inspiration. Video content, animation, illustrations, games, and photographs, or even objects and people around you, can become your inspiration.

Don't Know What to Draw? Where to Start?

Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to draw? I am pretty sure that majority of you have experienced where your brain froze because you cannot figure out where to start.

In the art industry, there are wide variety of styles of art. Therefore, it is very important to develop your own artistic style that stands out compare to others. In this class, I will guide you to master different art techniques and finally find your own unique style of art.

Know-Hows to Power Up Your Illustration

This class is for intermediates who are currently striving to improve their illustration skills onto the next level. Beyond basic tips on human anatomy, materials/lighting, I am going to explain in depth process of how I create a character from scratch.

The major key to illustration is communication. This class will tell you how to use visual communication in character design. Not only as a concept artist, but also as an illustrator who have gone through the same path, I will share all my know-hows and techniques.

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Welcome to Game Concept Art Class


Understanding the Public


Basic Fundamentals


All About Light & Color


Character Concept Design


Utilizing Objects


Character Sheet


BONUS Chapter


Congratulations on Completing the Course!




Nice to meet you! My name is Soojoop.

In the past, there was a time when I was not satisfied with my drawing. I was lost, not knowing what to draw that I have repeatedly gave up on creating new pieces.

I was not a genius and the concept of creativity was too vague for me. However, that does not matter at all.

I see myself as a commercial artist who creates illustration based on the clients' idea or concept. I now know how to look my drawing outside of the box, look for the flaws and start from there.

Of course I still struggle and I am not satisfied with all of my drawings. I still need to learn more and draw more. But now, I have figured my own approach to drawing by planning strategically. Now, drawing has become my passion and I would like to share my approach with you all too!


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