10 chapters · 12 hours 17 minutes
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With iPad and Clip Studio
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1-6 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Adding light to a picture

  • drawing a female character

  • drawing a male character

  • colorful costume design

  • Draw a high quality illustration

  • Create a background without drawing with sketchup

  • Posing and framing in 3D

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Clip Studio

Learn about Clip Studio settings and how to use various brushes.

Basic human body drawing and self-taught know-how

Understand and practice basic human body proportions and flows.

Learn how to use light

Learn how to understand light and use it in paintings.

Complete an attractive character

Envision a character and apply coloring techniques to complete the character.

Costume design using materials

Learn how to use materials naturally and design colorful costumes.

The beginning and end of illustration work

We'll share our know-how with you from concept to finish of the illustration.

Learn how to use various programs

Learn how to use various (free) programs to help with painting.

Outsourcing preparation and process tips

Here are some tips for preparing for Popol, how to outsource, and tips you should know when proceeding.

“Can I draw well?”

How I improved my skills after 1 year revealed!

2019.2 → 2020.6

Hello, I usually draw covers for romance fantasy web novels Illustrator Leung Dal GomIt's. From those who want to draw a colorful picture but can't get started because they don't know what to do, to those who feel that something is lacking but feel overwhelmed because they don't know how to solve it, Everyone at least once “Can I draw well?” I'm sure you've thought about that. The bottom line is, it's possible! Take a look at the changes in my painting!

Curriculum for beginners to intermediate students

From being a beginner with no knowledge of digital drawing to becoming an illustrator, I had a lot of trial, error, and enlightenment while studying alone. I would like to generously share the know-how I learned during this self-study course. If you follow along step by step, you'll see how you change.

I finished an illustration that looks like a web novel cover

From commissions to how to become an outsourced professional!

Apply all the methods you've learned so far A colorful illustration like a web novel coverLet's draw. I will work with me throughout the illustration process above, from the rough conceived in 3D to the finishing work. Furthermore, it contains a lot of work tips so that you can create your own illustrations.

Clip Studio settings method for efficient digital work

Clip studioLet's start with the basic settings of Let's find out what the function of layers is and how to arrange them effectively. and List of brushes I use and how to use themI'll also let you know. We also have prepared the difficulties experienced by those who are inexperienced with tools and how to solve them.

Easy human body drawing with guidelines

It's easy to learn through guidelines that are easy to follow, and a human body that feels giddy and difficult just by looking at it. Of painting The fact that there are important points that improve quality, Did you know? Even a figure that looks somewhat awkward can be transformed into an attractive appearance by applying just a few points.

Solves poses, light direction, and perspective points all at once

3D free program

일러스트에 사용하기 좋은 포즈로 10종 이상 제공해드려요

▶ We provide more than 10 poses that are easy to use for illustrations

Do you find it difficult to pose and compose? If you use a free 3D program With just a few touches without worrying about the human body or clairvoyance I can create scenes. Starting with how to make a pose How to freely specify the direction of lightI'll show you how to use the tool until For those who are worried about how difficult it is to use the tool Provide a pose model that is easy to use for illustrationsWe'll do it for you. Implement light effectsIt's ready, so draw it as it is and you're done! Use the created pose to easily complete the picture.

In addition, Background source and sketchup Let's create an illustration with the desired atmosphere using the back.

You don't have to draw it yourself!

Gorgeous dresses decorated with free materials

I'll show you how to effectively place materials that don't match the picture. Free materialsLet's decorate colorful dresses and uniforms Wrinkles on clothes Learn expressions Design your own costumeLet's try it. I am A list of hand-made textures and recommended materialsI will also share it generously!

I draw characters that I only imagined in my head

Delicate hair description and gorgeous coloringLet's complete the character with From rough sketches to finishing touches, All stepsI'm going to draw with me. You'll also learn how to make your own facial proportions and practical know-how of using materials.

Enrich your paintings with soft colors and light

Light plays a role in making paintings more rich. Depending on the direction and color of the light A colorful atmosphereA picture of is created. For those who only found coloring difficult, my own How to direct lightLet me know. It's about adding depth to a painting.

Now let's build up our skills little by little and go beyond hobbies and do various activities as a professional writer. How to get commissions and outsourcing, how to compose an eye-catching portfolio, and Outsourcing processet Tips for a smooth processI'll let you know. As much as I did, you can do it too!





Hallo I'm Leap Dal Gom working as an illustrator on an iPad.

“I want to draw in a way that is far more colorful and complete than my skills.” Did everyone know that there are programs and materials that solve this problem?

I want to share with you everything I've researched, not only how to draw people, but also programs that will further upgrade my paintings, and how to use materials!

We'll help you feel fun and satisfied while painting.



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