Skills You’ll Learn

Three-dimensional embroidery techniques

You'll learn three-dimensional embroidery stitches that can be used in a variety of textures.

How to make use of 200% of designs

I'll show you how to apply and use the design even after the work is finished.

How to embroider on clothes

I will tell you the precautions and application methods due to differences in materials when embroidered on clothes.

Detailed animal hair expression

Learn how to realistically express animal characteristics.

Making unusual embroidery accessories

In addition to embroidery skills, they also learn how to sew and finish with small items.

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French embroidery, now is the time to improve your skills!

Hello, French embroidery artist who embellishes warm stories from everyday life Number of menteesIt's. I met many of my classmates when I introduced the two classes in class 101 earlier. Then, for those who like French embroidery and have been a hobby for a long time Deeper content, more techniquesI learned that I wanted to learn.

This class France Upgrade your embroidery skills one step further I've prepared it for everyone who wants to try it. With a variety of techniques and lovely designs, I'll help you travel further and further into the world of French embroidery.

Also, I would like to be able to stay in your home with a wonderful taste rather than just embellishing a beautiful work made of cute animal friends. So that embroidery works can easily blend in close proximity to everyone Complete with a variety of interior accessoriesI've prepared a curriculum to become.

You'll learn expressions that are inexhaustible.

Develop your French embroidery skills Whatever expression you want To be able to do this, we have prepared various advanced techniques and applied expressions. Let's take a look at what expressions and uses you'll learn.

However, it's a three-dimensional embroidery technique that seems to have chocolate filling inside, and looks like it's made from a bunch of real fresh cream!

3D embroidery techniquesIf you learn step by step, you can freely express delicious food. Create your own vibrant expression as if it were just a very small piece of food placed on a cloth.

2. Let's take advantage of the fluffy fur and texture of the basket with a vivid texture.

From the fluffy animal fur that you want to touch over and over again, to the weave and texture of a real rattan basket! There's no texture I can't express with embroidery. Learn the know-how of mentee embroidery, express all the textures you want, and learn the art of neatly embroidering.

Three, embroidered on a variety of clothes, and even finished interior accessories by sewing!

If you add lovely embroidery to your favorite clothes, you'll get a value you can't buy even if you pay for it. The mentee embroiderer will tell you what to pay attention to when embroidering clothes made of various materials, and what is the secret to a clean and beautiful finish, so follow them step by step Reborn with your own clothes Try it.

Also, I will try to create a mobile that is perfect for interior decoration by hand sewing and connecting accessories. Don't end up with embroidering Ability to complete with propsIt would also be an opportunity to grow, right?

Use it like this and finish it like that,

I can create a wonderful work on my own.

By the end of the class, I applied it in various ways, even with a single design Your own One&Only workYou will find yourself completing it. I'm already excited to see how my design will be transformed and reborn at your fingertips.

We will do our best to help you continue to embroider. Let's go on a trip with a handbag and a needle in our hands.

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Introducing Mentee Embroidery's French Embroidery Class!


Learn the basics and basic skills of French embroidery


Making an embroidered rabbit mobile


Embellishing a three-dimensional bear on clothes


[3D embroidery] Making a bread basket magnet


[3D embroidery] Finishing a vintage frame frame


Enjoying 200% of embroidery even on your own


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hallo I'm Liu Sung-ah, a French embroidery artist who draws pictures and creates stories with thread, and I'm a mentee embroiderer:)

Let's have a hobby of your own when you were an office worker who had a series of repetitive everyday lives! The embroidery I started was my only healing and breakthrough. It really felt like I was drawing a picture, and once I felt proud when I finished it, I think I fell in love with it even harder.

I had a one-day class by chance, and I was proud and happy to let people know that embroidery can be a fun and good hobby.

Starting with that, I continued to hold classes and ran Hapjeong Workshop for 3 years.

And I'm still in love with French embroidery for 6 years:)




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