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To iPad Pro Create
7 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • table drawing

  • Light and shadow

  • three-sided drawing

  • sideboard drawing

  • stool drawing

  • dining table set drawing

  • light motion poster

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use the Procreate app

Learn the basics of using the iPad Pro Create app.

Perspective, the basis of furniture drawing

Let's try to understand 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point perspective by drawing basic shapes.

three-sided drawing

Practice drawing on three sides: front, side, and plane.

Furniture drawing with various examples

Practice sketching and coloring various furniture such as stools, chairs, and chests of drawers.

Three-dimensional creation through light and shadow

Learn how to use layer blending modes to effectively add contrast.

Posterize a drawing

I'll show you my own know-how, from color to typography, and placement methods.

Create motion posters using the animation function

Let's draw a light poster that lights up using the animation function.

Hang a poster frame inside a picture I made

Print out your own poster and frame it to decorate a corner of your interior.


This is Studio Milden.

Hallo Using an iPad Creator Milden is drawing furniture and spacesIt's.

I majored in metalwork, worked in interior design and furniture design, and now I'm doing graphic design Incumbent designerIt's.

iPad only!

❌ Photoshop

❌ Illustrator

❌ Indesign

All of the furniture poster works above Only with 'iPad' I worked on it. You don't even need a desktop or laptop.

One iPad is enough, Wrong or ruined, because it's an iPad that's easy to fix!

📍I prepared it for people like this!

✔️ Furniture and decorThose who are interested in

✔️ Dreaming of being a furniture designer Preliminary designer

✔️ I can make things, but I have trouble drawing cabinetmaker

Asleep Use iPad effectivelyWith someone who wants to try it and a work created by me Even those who want to decorate their own room The curriculum is designed so that you can easily follow along.

Point 01.

Furniture drawing starts with iPad Pro Create

In this class How to use the Procreate appI'm going to learn. Get rid of the compulsion to know all the features.

✅ Using a drawing guide Clairvoyance exercises

✅ Easy to use the reference function Coloring

✅ Light through layer blending modes and shadow expression

✅ The light comes on using the animation function Light drawing

You can create sensuous works with just basic functions. Only essential features in one place I'll let you know. Through the following curriculum Leverage 100% of ProcreateI'll do it!

Point 02.

The foundation of furniture drawing clairvoyanceI'm going to learn.

Is the furniture I drew unknowingly awkward? There's a high probability that clairvoyance is wrong. While drawing basic shapes 1-point, 2-point, 3-point perspectiveLet's try to understand.

Everything starts with a basic shape. It won't be difficult, and I'll draw along easily! Let's practice using the Procreate drawing guide.

Point 03.

Let's draw a three-sided view.

Three-sided, Have you heard of it? Front, side, plane It's a drawing representing three sides like this. It is a method that is mainly used in the fields of architecture, interior decoration, and products.

Before getting into three-dimensional drawing, I'll practice two-dimensional drawing first. If you use three-sided drawing, it can be useful for 3D conversion and commercialization later.

Point 04.

I'll actually draw the furniture!

Various examplesI'm going to draw furniture drawings myself through listening!


2 ️ stool


Practice sketching to coloring various pieces of furnitureI will. If you carefully draw one by one, you'll easily find yourself drawing the furniture you want.

Point 05.

More three-dimensional with contrast expressions!

Procreate layer blending modeUtilize An effective way to add contrastLet me know.

It makes the picture more three-dimensional through light and shadow. Even if you are good at expressing contrast, the difference in sense of space will be quite different.

Point 06.

Even how to do motion graphics on an iPad.

Does the light in the picture light up? Let's draw a light that turns on together using the Procreate animation function and Blend Mode.

operated motion posteris completed. You can easily create motion posters using just an iPad.

Point 07.

Make a great poster of your own drawing!

If at the beginning of the class I focused on completing a piece of furniture, then in the second half I had a finished object How to make a posterI'll tell you about

My own know-how on color, layout, typography, etc.I'll let you know. You can easily create multiple versions of posters with a single drawing.


Let's hang the picture I drew in my room!

It's not the end of the picture, Direct poster printingand put it in a frame to decorate one side of the interior. I'll show you how to convert and output files so they can be output from an iPad. Change the mood of your room with your own paintings!

Making it easy for everyone to get started

At the beginning of the class, we'll start by practicing basic and simple objects. As you learn how to use the Procreate app, I'll teach you step by step so that you can gradually draw finished furniture.

I'll show you how to make it easy for beginners to learn. Would you like to draw together?

Draw your life



Milden Studio

Milden Studio


I'm Milden, the creator who draws furniture and spaces.

As I majored in metalwork and experienced interior, woodworking, and furniture design practices, I discovered common ground that brought them together.

It's just “furniture.”

As I drew my favorite things one by one, I ended up with “furniture drawing.” It is still active only in the illustration field, but its motto is to become a lifestyle brand that even creates products based on drawings.

Those who are interested in furniture and interiors!

I'll show you my own know-how from basic perspective to sketching, color, and layout. If you carefully draw one by one, you will find yourself growing gradually. I'll help you with this class.

Let's draw together?

스튜디오 밀덴 digital drawing

스튜디오 밀덴 digital drawing



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