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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding and Loving Yourself

Learn how to understand and love yourself that you haven't been able to look into for a long time.

Dealing with & Relieving Emotions

You will learn how to deal with your own emotions and how to relieve accumulated feelings.

Comforting Yourself & Forgiving Yourself

Learn how to heal through time to comfort and forgive yourself.

Healthy conversation: words like flowers, words like poison

The most important 'word' in human relationships! Learn how to have healthy, smooth conversations.

The Mindset for Abundance: Say Goodbye to Deficiency

You will learn the mindset for gaining richness and freedom in life, including financial freedom.

Healthy and happy relationships

Say goodbye to relationship stress. Learn how to have happy relationships.

Live the life you really want

You will learn how to find and enjoy the life you really want without turning around.


I'm Inara, a mindset and communication coach.

Guide you to find and enjoy the life you truly want through a proper understanding and proper way to love yourselfWe'll do it for you. It changed my overwhelming and dark life 180 degrees Core mindset know-howI always feel like I've gained everything in the world every time I see people who are changing Proud and happyI did, but I also took this opportunity with all of you in class 101 I'm happy to be able to share this happiness.

Gentlemen, how close are you to yourself?

How often do you communicate?

How much do you understand, empathize with, and love yourself? Did you know that communication and love with myself is the greatest gift I can give to myself in a given life? I'll show you how to do it one by one easily.

What are the roots of the various classes I've been doing

<Looking into myself>

It's 'mind coaching'.

Definitely, this class is for yourself that you can use continuously in your life Comprehensive gift setIt will be. Since there are so many tables of contents, offline time all at once Since I couldn't proceed, I divided them into topics. All of these classes +a through the opportunity of online classes all at once You can meet them all.

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▼ Written by actual students <<I recommend it to people like this >>

  • I recommend this class for those studying self-love and self-esteem on the internet, books, and YouTube, when they have a vague sense of feeling but don't know exactly how to do it.
  • I recommend it to people who have trouble dealing with their own emotions, people who feel futile even if they live hard and passionately, and others who wonder if I'm living well.
  • I recommend it to people who want to feel happy and secure while loving themselves. If you really want to know who I am, please listen.
  • Why am I like this, and why are people in the country like that. If you're just thinking alone, I hope you don't just think about it and come listen to it.

We're going to learn something like this.

클래스 커리큘럼

▶ ︎ Class curriculum

  • Why It Was Hard to Understand and Love Yourself & How to Understand and Love Yourself
  • How to relieve accumulated emotions without being swayed by emotions
  • How to comfort and forgive yourself for not being comforted
  • A way to properly convey what you want to say and have a conversation without getting hurt
  • How to identify the causes of repeated reality and turn deficiencies into abundance
  • How to make relationships a source of vitality rather than stress
  • How to find and enjoy the life you really want

Are there any people like this?

-I think I'm living well in my own way, but I feel skeptical.

-I'm bothered by constantly comparing my ideals and me, and others and me.

-I think I've been trying to be a good person only for others.

-I'm good at saying nice things to others, but I really treat myself coldly.

-I need a break from my mind. However, I feel uneasy when I take a break.

-My emotions are severe, negative, and sensitive, but I don't know the answer.

-I want to have a conversation where no one gets hurt.

-Family, lover, friends, coworkers, etc... relationships seem like a difficult homework.

-I'm not sure what I want exactly. My head hurts.

-I think I've lived for me in my own way, but I feel frustrated.

- I want to make a lot of money! But it's like a different world story.

-To relieve stress and find joy This and that Even if you try it, It's temporary.

-Myself I want to find it! Communicate with me I want to take a look!

-I need a class that I can touch with my heart and use right away.

I was the same person as above.

But now it's completely different.

I looked into my inner world while happily enjoying a life that changed 180 degrees Communicate healthily and live a happy life Various Coaching activities that guide the wayI'm doing it.

I like what I looked like at the time Because I didn't listen To change Even so when I did It didn't change, so why the hell am I doing this When I understood it correctly and looked into my heart Everything It's starting to change.

Take a look at myself.

This class is not about satisfying yourself by changing others and the world. Stop going outside Take a look! Stop pouring water into the broken poison! I only look into myself. Because miracles don't exist outside.

I'll show you how to truly love myself, understand my feelings, find and resolve recurring reasons for life, orient myself to the life I want, and listen to inner sounds rather than outside noises.

Me too It's easy to say what the hell and how to do it!!!!! Please be specific!! There were days when I did. The thirst I experienced with many twists and turns At the end of wandering Find answers After resolving it, Everything was clearly visible, and those who lost or had a hard time like me at the time, Those who need a clear answer because they are overwhelmed and frustrated, I wanted to share it with people who love themselves and want to live. Therefore, we are sharing methods through various meetings, consultations, lectures, and coaching.

It's your choice whether to open the door or not.

Let's join together.

△ Mind Coaching Lecture

(Meditation, inner child, communication, self-love, death lessons, etc.)

 나 자신을 찾기 위한 자기사랑 가이드북, 책 표지

▶ ︎ Self-love guidebook to find myself, book cover

The class I've been doing has come out as a book.

If it was conveyed vividly through the class video,

It would be nice to have time to think and organize for yourself through books:)

❈ Book [Can I Love Me]

✧ Kyobo Library:

✧ Aladdin:

✧ Yes24:


The answer lies with you! I'm just going to show you how to find it. Super easy and fun!

<Give yourself a time to look into yourself> as a gift for your most precious self

If you want to live a happy life, the life you want,
Be a good person to yourself. That comes first.

Testimonials from people who met me

It says it all.

  • Personal information, address, details, etc. The part that was written was covered in white.
  • This review is above Listed This is a review of the classes.
  • All classes mentioned in the review In class 101 You can meet them.
  • More reviews can be found at

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수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기

수강생 후기수강생 후기

수강생 후기수강생 후기

수강생 후기수강생 후기

수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기

They are all diverse, but they all came with similar concerns. Isn't love popping up in reviews? Why is that? Be sure to listen and judge for yourself!

Welcome to the entrance to Paradise! 🤗 ❤

패키지가 2가지

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There are 2 packages.

Buy a course ticket only, listen to the course, and buy a coaching ticket separately

We continue to receive inquiries from students requesting it.

However, if you only purchased the course ticket, you will not be able to purchase a separate coaching ticket later.

(It was developed by Class 101 and will be re-announced when additional options are available)

*Additional coaching tickets can be purchased after purchasing the coaching ticket package.

Personal questions/concerns will be answered through coaching rights rather than comments.

Therefore, please check carefully and familiarize yourself with it beforehand

If you decide you need a coaching ticket, you can purchase it in advance.

Thank you everyone.

-Coach Nara Dream



nara danmi

nara danmi

Hallo I'm Nara (Danmi) coach.

I'm sharing ways to live the life I want through inner communication. Woman

Does Ra Boon love herself 'properly'?

This class is, 'Can I love me? ' To the question

It will be a time when you will want to shout Yeonshin YES to yourself.

If you've been running to learn and learn this and that in the meantime,

Let's take a breather and give your soul time to follow 🙂

I'll give you all the know-how I've gained after 10 years of wandering.

Life used to be like a battlefield for me.

Poor mind, poor wallet, messed up relationships, loneliness, greed, severe emotional ups and downs, depression, lethargy, shopaholism, alcoholism, bulimia, workaholism..

It was tiresome over and over again.

“Why are you living so hard?” “If this were the case, why would you live? I didn't know that back then.

The fact that it breaks down and repeats because you don't listen to your inner voice... (You need to know how..)

After that, I enjoyed a 180-degree change in life

Look inward Communicate healthily and live a happy life

Kochira guides you through various methodsYou.. Life is amazing 🙂

This class doesn't teach you how to get rich or the magic of getting whatever you want right now. Let's stop pouring water into the broken poison 🙏🏾

However, I truly love myself and understand my feelings

(It's different from rationalization and mental victory. Quite the opposite.)

Find the reason for repeated life and solve it

Reorient yourself to the life you want,

I'll show you how to listen to inner sounds rather than outside noises.

God doesn't care if you're successful or not.

But whether you're happy or not

It is said that they are paying close attention.

Don't just come and go, enjoy the happiness you always have by your side.

Lead this life happily as the owner of your life.

I arrived after 10 years of wandering, and now this life

I'm really comfortable, happy, and I like it.

The environment, including the relationships that surround me and myself...

A life where you know what you want, do it, and get it, and comfort without worry.

(It's a miracle for me who was worried..)

All of these loving, vivid moments.

I hope everyone can experience this for themselves ❤



단미와 인생 수다

단미와 인생 수다

단미 브런치 글

단미 브런치 글

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