iPad/ Procreate
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • Draw a simple product shape

  • Select a specific product and sketch as a line only

  • Product sketches from various angles

  • Rough coloring

  • Expressing colors and materials

  • Select a specific product and sketch how to use it

  • Explain ideas using layouts

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

How to use Procreate

Learn the basic usage of Procreate and frequently used tools.

Express clear shapes with lines

Understand the types of lines and express the shape of the product according to perspective.

Product sketch

Draw various products and express even the details.

digital rendering

Learn how to color sketches and express materials.

Applying a layout

Practice effectively explaining ideas using an appropriate layout.

The idea

It must be properly expressed

๐Ÿ“ This is an iPad sketch class prepared for industrial design students and prospective designers to express your good ideas in practice with sketches.

Idea sketching plays a very important role for designers to communicate effectively with various people in their work. You can also prepare mockups (mockups) and pre-conceived designs before the actual product is created.

I'll show you sketches that are actually used in the business!

What is the designer's sketch

It's the beginning

How can I effectively explain to others what I'm thinking in my head? What is an idea sketch that expresses an idea in a visual way It can be said to be the earliest stage of the design process.


I'm a sketcher

I majored in industrial design, and currently brand goods, etc. I work for an advertising company as a designer working with planning and production.

๐Ÿ–ฅ Key history related to sketching

- Participated in the 2018 Global Fashion Brand Company F Brand Workshop Idea Sketch

- Participated in the 2019 Global F&B Brand S Digital Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

- Participated in 2019 Global Outdoor Brand Company N F/W Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

- Participated in the 2019 Global F&B Brand S Digital Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

- Participated in the 2019 Domestic F&B Brand B Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

- Participated in the 2019 Korea Health Functional Food Brand J Digital Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

- Participated in the 2020 Domestic Cosmetics Brand Company D Promotion Idea Sketch & Illustration

- Participated in the 2020 Global F&B Brand Company M Campaign Idea Proposal/Idea Sketch

Many others participated

When I was a student, when I sketched on paper, I used to scan after working on paper. As I worked, I used the iPad a lot because I often exchanged data.

I'm going to fill the class with know-how about sketching that I used as an incumbent designer.


How to use iPad effectively

๐Ÿ“ Bon The class will cover how to sketch using ProCreate on the iPad.

Unlike sketching on paper, iPad sketching has the advantage of being able to sketch easily and efficiently by applying various tools even if you can't draw well.

You can also casually sketch and present ideas at meetings, and you can also quickly and easily record ideas that come up from time to time.

It is also very effective for future portfolio work by organizing sketches that have been worked on as image data.

Even if you're not good at drawing

It's fine

When I first moved from paper to an iPad, it was awkward and I was not sure how to get started. I also remember that when I first started sketching on an iPad, I was baffled because my usual style didn't come up.

As I've gone through trial and error, I'll help people who are not good at iPad drawing to adapt perfectly to iPad sketching.

How to use Procreate and

Basics of sketching

If you know that you can 100% use the Procreate (Procreate) app on the iPad as a sketching tool, you will learn the main features of Procreate to use, and learn the basics of sketching step by step.

Product design sketch

No matter how good a design is conceived, if it is not clearly expressed, communication will be misunderstood.

Learn how to sketch a three-dimensional shape so that it can accurately convey what kind of shape it is, and then use digital rendering to express the color and material of the product.

Sketches illustrating ideas

โœ… What kind of explanations will be included

โœ… What I want to emphasize

โœ… Functions/usage/materials to be explained

I will show you how to effectively explain the output you want to do in a sketch through a layout.

Even a well-structured sketch will clearly convey my ideas.

Sketch with layout applied

๐Ÿ“ I'll help you use sketches as a design communication tool to convey your good ideas.

Sometimes I'm not convinced when I explain an idea in words, but I nod when I show it visually. A well-organized, logically organized sketch of an idea makes it compelling.


I can make a design portfolio

Sketches from the planning process can show the designer's idea development process. Designers often require portfolios that include sketches.

If you've ever been concerned that my sketches are of an ambiguous quality to include in a portfolio Learn skills to improve the quality of sketches and create a stronger design portfolio.

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I will tell you the designer's sketch


Learn Procreate


Relaxation of hands & basic building


Product sketch (1)


Product sketch (2)


digital rendering


Sketch layout (1): conveying information


Sketch layout 2: ideas


Practical tips


Thank you for your hard work.


Sketch yuna

Sketch yuna

Hello! I've been uploading sketching-related content on Instagram and YouTube under the name Sketcher:)

I majored in industrial design, and currently I work as a designer planning and producing branded goods for an advertising company.

When I was a student, I used to scan after working on paper, but as I worked, I used to send and receive data a lot, so I used the iPad a lot. I'm going to fill the class with the know-how I've learned through my experiences.

Even if you're not a designer, I'll show you step by step how people who want to communicate ideas can effectively communicate their ideas with iPad.



์Šค์ผ€์น˜์œ ๋‚˜Sketch_yuna

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