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1 Class Projects

It takes about Within 30 minutes to 6 hours to complete one class project.

  • Choose any field and topic of the white paper and write a simple table of contents

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding blockchain technology and types

We will give you a background on blockchain technology and types required for practical work.

Blockchain business model basic concepts

Learn about the basic concepts and types of blockchain business models.

Blockchain economy and token economy

It is a blockchain economy and token economy that are essential when planning projects.

Understand the types and basic concepts of blockchain whitepapers

We'll teach you the essential basic concepts required when writing a blockchain white paper.

Blockchain compliance

We will tell you about the compliance issues you should keep in mind when proceeding with blockchain projects.

Even if you don't know IT and coding

Able to get started

Blockchain Analyst

블록체인 분석 전문가 클래스는 101에서 이렇게 다릅니다!

▶ ︎ The blockchain analytics expert class is this different from 101!

Hallo To this year Year 9 BlockchainI'm doing IruaIt's. Personally Domestic project consulting and review/analysis of 3150 blockchain projects around the worldAs time goes on, this market is also a field where information asymmetry is significant even though it continues to grow in the future. If you're a blockchain analyst, you don't have to be a developer in particular Areas essential for service planningYou can see it as Overseas, the annual salary of a blockchain project manager is approximately 200 million won overseas in 2019It is close to, and I also realized billions of consulting profits as a freelancer while playing this role. Since not everyone can be like this, it will take a lot of effort and time to achieve a billion annual salary, but about this process So that we can reduce trial and error Irua will let you know.

 블록체인 분야의 사업적 가치

▶ ︎ Business value in the blockchain field

In the Blockchain Analyst Qualification Course Level 2 class covered this time Even if you're not a developer Blockchain Through these various contents such as analysis, review, document work, data visualization, etc., the project is planned at the level of a quasi-expert when it reaches the first level of the courseIn order to be able to perform even the steps I can Know-how I've experienced for about 9 yearsI tried to capture the content with them.

Blockchain service planners who need as much as blockchain developers

Blockchain developers are steadily receiving or increasing state funding, but Experts who can plan blockchain services and analyze projects, which are as important as developers, are now starting in KoreaIt's. So even those who are starting out for the first time are in the industry competitivenessYou can grow it. When you look at the Blockchain Related Dissemination table above Jobs such as Project Manager Blockchain (Blockchain PM) and Blockchain Analyst (Blockchain Analyst) are all multi-billion annual jobsYou can see that it is.

 블록체인 분석 전문가 업무 및 직무 수행 영역

▶ ︎ Blockchain Analyst Jobs and Job Areas

The Blockchain Analyst Course will lead the project by presenting a logical and effective direction for blockchain thinking rather than an engineer Focus on enabling them to develop into jobs such as blockchain consulting, exchange listing review, blockchain PM, and list management through competency developmentIt is matching.

Why a blockchain analyst

Should I take on the challenge?

  1. It is still needed domestically, but it has not been trained Blue Ocean Occupational GroupEven if you start for the first time with Everyone secures competitiveness and expertiseYou can do it.
  2. Blockchain analysts who will be watching the global blockchain market in the future Profit from creating valuable content using only analytical datacan be created.
  3. later Preparation of evaluation and audit reports, business plans, and white papersIt contains content necessary to handle documents such as, and in the case of such activities Connect to higher profitsIt will be.
  4. Performed in a senior or executive position such as blockchain service planning or PMIt contains knowledge content that is good to know to do Civilian certification coursesIt's. (Currently, there is no national certification in the domestic blockchain industry)

Things to pay attention to in the future

Challenge the blockchain STO market

블록체인 STO 시장

Creative Irua made an announcement about the STO market last year 'STO audit' is the first thing blockchain analysts should doI chose. Overseas, the potential STO market size is predicted to be approximately 9.600 trillion (1.400 trillion)If one project is reviewed by each of the judges It is estimated that a minimum fee of $350 will be incurred and paidIt's becoming. too In the case of a project that has passed the STO review, a fund of at least 3 million dollars (approximately 3.5 billion won) or more will be raisedIt has been confirmed that it has happened. In addition to this, there are other issues that have recently become issues Markets such as NFT, De-Fi, and DID are also explodingI'm doing it.

Based on this historical background Blockchain analysts are a job group that is bound to be in demand in the market in the futureinto To be able to perform project analysis for blockchain companies pouring out from all over the world every day Irua is here to help you work with all of you!

※The above content is based on the creator's personal experience, and not everyone earns billions of dollars. Depending on individual competencies, the amount of profit that can be earned per month may vary depending on experience, work ability, performance, etc.

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Understand the types and basic configurations of white papers


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Basic concepts required to build a blockchain business model


Congratulations on your stubbornness in the Level 2 qualification course!




(Source: The Games Daily High Status Reporter)

(Source: Future Jobs Association)

Instructor Biographies

  • Founder of Future Career Research Institute Luten
  • (c) Director of Blockchain Research Institute, Future Jobs Association
  • (c) Blockchain Director, SNS Culture Promotion Agency
  • Member of the National Education Council, directly under the President

I'm Jo Ye-ryung (Irua), the director of a research institute that discovers and develops promising future occupations while raising children. I am currently working as the director of the Blockchain Research Institute of the Future Jobs Association, the blockchain director and former secretary of the SNS Culture Promotion Agency, and an advisory member of the National Education Council directly under the President. Since 2014, I have been developing a number of blockchain business models and researching and analyzing more than 3000 global blockchain projects and companies. In addition to blockchain, the Ruten Institute continues to research and develop not only blockchain, but also certifications, regular textbooks, and study papers necessary for practical development of new industries in the future.

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