9 chapters · 4 hours 38 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

About oil painting

Learn what materials are used and what oil painting is.

Basics of painting

Learn how to compose and sketch.

Create colors to use

Learn what colors to use and how to make them.

How to use color

Learn how to do gradations and the direction of brush strokes.

How to add contrast

Learn how to add contrast, steps, and positions.

How to describe

Learn the details that can be called the completion of a painting.

How to take oil painting pictures

Learn how to take photos in an atmospheric way without smudging light.

Hyundraw oil painting class that colors blue

Let's draw cool waves together. Drawing ocean waves or river scenery may seem difficult, but it's an easier subject than you might think. Even those who aren't good at drawing can start and finish without difficulty:) Let's start a blue-colored oil painting class now?

Hello, I'm Hyundrow. I loved drawing when I was a kid, but I wasn't good at drawing. And I spent a long time studying painting. I can draw to a certain extent now, but I'm still disappointed that “if someone had taught me these methods then, I would have been able to draw faster and easier.” So I prepared the class with excitement because I wanted to teach the students how to do that.

Let's start with an oil painting, an easy landscape!

Oil paintings have the advantage of being easy and fun because they can be modified and applied. Through this class, we will learn about the characteristics of oil paintings, how to use them, and the necessary materials:)

This is my first oil painting...

Are you a beginner? It's fine! The work on the far right in the photo above is the first oil painting drawn by a student who learned painting for the first time. This class is focused on beginners, so if you focus on taking the class, anyone can draw great pictures.

Will I be able to draw other pictures well after learning?

I think the material called oil painting can produce a wonderful picture even if only the composition and color are well captured. If you learn basic compositions and how to make colors in class, you can apply them enough to draw other pictures.

And the most important thing is that you will be able to leave your thoughts and memories behind. It's a wonderful thing to capture that time you want to save, whether you draw well or not, and draw it in your own way.

Looking for a new hobby?

It is an oil painting I drew myself, filled with the colors of nature Wall hanging decorationTry it. Create the color you want to draw, and complete a wonderful work with that color! I'll show you everything from how to compose when I look at a picture or photo to the steps to describe it in detail.

So, let's color it blue with oil painting together?





Hello, this is Hyundraw.

I liked painting, but after I went to the Department of Architecture, I thought I should only do art as a hobby, but after graduation, I learned about Class 101, and I want to share my experiences and methods with students and start oil painting together.



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