10 chapters · 3 hours 44 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Overview of Procreate/PaintTool Sai

Learn how to use Procreate and Paint Tool Sai.

Research Techniques

Learn how to research to create a concept sketches.

Looking for Manufacturers

Learn how to identify which manufacturers work best for you

Creating Unique Merchandises

Learn the basic skills to transform items into unique merchandises

Product Presentation

Learn how to render and present the product to the customers.

Effective Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate with the manufacturer representatives.

Run Online Stores

Learn how to run online stores and attend conventions.

In this course, you will learn the entire process from designing your original product to merchandising and running your own business. We will go over all the techniques required in between, such as conceptualizing, gathering references/research materials, finding inspirations, catering for your designs to merchandise, presenting your product idea, and more. Designing for products, such as shirts, notebooks, hats, bags, is very different from designing for prints. We will go over how to work with various mediums and think outside of the box to make yours stand out from everyone else.

Yes, I know. Coming up with new ideas can seem daunting and difficult. However, when you start developing concepts with details and memorable moments from your daily lives, this process suddenly becomes personal and exciting. Once this becomes personal, you know that you are creating the designs that only you can do.

By the end of this course, you will start to find inspirations for your next products from everywhere. With all the knowledge and techniques to transform those sparks into concept arts and insights to turn those into products, you will have personalized items and a new business idea to start.

During the class, I will go over both Procreate and PaintTool Sai. You won't be required to have both tools, since I'm only covering both to work on more product files to give you better idea about product design. However, it's recommended to have at least one of those tools.



Arisa Chibara

Arisa Chibara


I am Arisa Chibara, a full-time freelance illustrator for various indie gaming studios in Canada. I was always interested in art (especially manga art) as a young child. My family, like all families, was skeptical with art as a career, but I was driven and had A LOT of passion. For me, it was either art or nothing, so I chose only one school for college, no safeties no back ups, and that was the school I got into, Sheridan Animation. You can say that my options were even more limited, since I wanted to work specifically with anime, but I learned character design, painting, life drawing, animation techniques from the school to build my basics. After graduating I worked for anything related to my interests. This is where I branched into merchandising and it started out as a hobby, simply because I have a passion for certain fandoms. This then got me into selling at conventions, and gave me insight into product demand/market trends. I eat/work/dream and design because of my love for anime, and I translate such passion into unique merchandise, and now I'm here to share my experience with you.

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