8 chapters · 6 hours 19 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of Character Drawing, Facial Features

Learn how to practice a simple and natural way to place features.

Capturing the Vibe

Learn how color affects the mood depending on time and light and practice.

Attractive Character Design

Learn and research about likable characters and create your own,

Using Cute and Bubbly Color

Learn how to mark drawings that look more cute and bubbly using colors and materials to lightly decorate the background.

Drawing Romance Cartoon

Learn how to develop a light story and simple directing while drawing your romance cartoon.

Make a Cartoon Cover

Learn how to express the relationships between characters in a single sheet.

Make sweet romantic illustration

Hi everyone! I am a South Korean illustrator, known as Seoyeon. I mainly draw artwork capturing the bubbly teen romance vibes. I have prepared this class to share my tips about drawing gorgeous artwork fast and easily using my drawing skills and color palettes.

Draw easily with iPad

I have been drawing the majority of my artwork with an iPad, fast and easily. If you haven't used it yet, why don't you try it with me? Let's practice drawing simple and beautiful artwork using an iPad even if you don't have a tablet of PC. I will introduce and show you how to use a useful program for drawing illustrations, Clip Studio Paint.

Draw a character with variety of emotions and attractive facial features

Many factors determine a character's mood such as hair styles, facial features, postures, and clothing mostly external appearance. Let's develop a character's charming point together finding ways to capture diverse personalities.

Never worry about coloring from now on

I've seen a lot of people find coloring difficult when drawing. Did you know that you don't have to brush all the empty areas and apply undertones? Using Clip Studio Paint's basic brush lasso tool, there is an en easy way to apply undertones and color using much more easily! From now on, you'll be able to have more efficient artwork with less effort.

Capture sparkling and cozy colors

Lots of people ask me how to capture the sparkling and cozy colors. I'll reveal all my methods so that anyone can easily modify the color tones! Learn how to perform simple color correction using only very basic functions and the properties of various layers to make your artwork more attractive.

Draw an attractive, likable character

Whether to determine it is a likable character or not depends on the overall mood of the characters and if they blend well together. Let's think about the character's posture and expression, and the styling if it matches the situation well. Also, don't miss any classes! We'll practice together how to structure everything to draw the most attractive character.

Develop a cheesy romantic story

Once you've developed a unique character, it's time to develop a story! A scene from a genuine manga that captures the tickling and tickling of youthShall we draw? Simple and easy How to compose a story and how to direct it in a simple wayLearn to draw your own romance webtoons!

Decorate simple backgrounds and drawing styles

more delicately

Let's make a cute postcardish picture expressing the character's emotion more deeply yet more easily in just one illustration. You don't have to put 100% of effort to draw delicately in an illustration. Sometimes, you can just draw it without pressure and draw some simple cute artwork! Let's find your own lighter-pressure drawing styles and draw some fun illustrations!

Drawing is literally for anyone

It might seem difficult to make an artwork if you'd think about the whole procedure from line drawing to coloring the background. However, I have found a way to make the fabulous artwork real quick and easy! I've naturally learned the know-how to draw the work easily since I was struggling too. I would love to share all these tips I've learned and figured out so far with you all, Classmates!





Hello everyone! This is Seoyeon.

Lots of people loved my artwork lately thankfully.

This class is especially for those who want to learn and draw, but unable to make it since they don't have enough time to take an art class or don't know the procedure. Also if you are interested in creating your own charming characters and drawing a scene just like a teen romance cartoon, come join! I'll share all my tips exclusively in this class.

On top of that, not much to prepare for the class! Until now, I've been drawing using only an iPad.

I'll tell you the pro tips I've learned while painting, how to easily color, use cozy color palettes, and final correction methods to make your artwork beyond the level.

I'd love to make my class a place where anyone can draw what they want in an easy and fun way.

Thank you:)





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