Using Maya programs
10 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Nemo friends

  • A baby bird and a brilliant jewel

  • Favorite flower

  • Little ghost

  • 2D Little Ghost

  • baby cat

  • Baby cat latte

  • My own character

  • Falling milk

  • GIF using examples from the past

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

Maya installation and interface

Install Maya and learn about Maya's basic interface and settings

Maya basic functions

Learn the features needed to create characters with examples

Learn modeling

Learn step by step, from simple modeling using only basic shapes to your own character


Learn the process for quality rendering using the Maya Basic Renderer

Use UV to draw on characters

Learn how to draw textures in Maya and how to use Photoshop

Use Photoshop to select candidates

I use Photoshop to improve the quality of my artwork

GIF making

I make animations in Maya and make GIF images using Photoshop

The whole class is included

Special production notes ๐ŸŽ

For Class101 classmates only, we will provide a PDF of course materials summarizing the contents of the lesson.

You can look at it as a light review, or take it easy to just look at the confusing parts when you're working on your own. There is also a memo space so that you can write down any parts you're confused about.

It's cute, isn't it?

Let's make it yourself

CHAPTER 2. Making brilliant jewelry with a baby bird

Just seeing cute things makes me happy and I feel the joy of life. So why not just look at it, why not make it yourself?

I feel happy when I create my own cute artwork, and I find myself laughing all by myself.

I want to share this sense of joy and happiness with all of you, Bring out the cuteness in your heart and complete it as a character.

Even if I can't draw


The one on the left is a sketch I drew, and the one on the right is a character made in Maya!

It's a sloppy sketch, but it's much cuter when you make it in 3D, right?

Are you upset because no matter how hard you try, you can't draw well? Or did you give up because even the circles weren't drawn nicely? That's fine, I can't sketch either!

I thought I had to do composition, perspective, and plausible sketches in order to draw a picture in my imagination. But my hands couldn't keep up with my imagination ๐Ÿ˜ญ

But I'll show you how to perfectly embody that imagination in Maya. Even the light and shadow are perfect!

With my own taste

How to fill my world

When I started Maya, I was able to fill my eyes with my imagination. Create your own postcard as a gift for a friend or set a wallpaper for your phone or computer, Everyone too I'll let you know that you can feel happy with your own characters!

Making it a practical exercise

Maya is learning

This class will be conducted using the 2018 Maya version

If you try to learn the theory first, you may get tired because there are no obvious results. My curriculum consists of making examples, learning Maya tools, and completing the results.

I'll create simple yet incredibly cute examples together and help you to stick to the end of the class with pride!

Just the parts you need,

Lots of know-how!

Welcome to the Mayan world!

Since Maya is used in many fields, it includes a huge number of features. Therefore, many people think it's difficult to get started with Maya, or they often give up halfway, but it's actually unnecessary to learn all the features of Maya. So I'm only going to cover what's needed.

CHAPTER 4. The process of making a kitten

When I learned Maya, there were few materials about Maya in Korea.Eh. If an error occurred, I would solve it by translating content from a foreign site. I also had a lot of trial and error over a long period of time, and I am very familiar with the mistakes that beginners make through offline lectures.

You don't have the same trial and error as me. Instead, I'll just tell you the know-how so that you can only enjoy dealing with 3D!

Let's start with basic shapes

No matter how complicated modeling may seem, it starts with basic shapes. In fact, the image above is an artwork completed with only one cube. Don't be afraid if it looks complicated, we'll create various shapes together, starting with the basic shapes.

CHAPTER 1. Nemo friends

โ€œNemo Friendsโ€ is a character consisting only of basic cubes. This is one example of what we'll learn from a real curriculum. In this way, we build the basics and skills of modeling by creating real characters together.

With light and color

Make it shine even more

CHAPTER 1-4. Examples of how to use attractive color placement tips

If you created a character through modeling, now you add color to set the mood. You'll learn the basics of colors and color schemes and create your own color palette.

Instead of boring color theory, I'll show you how to combine colors that I often use and how to apply them efficiently to actual artwork. Through that process, you can create your own color combinations!


CHAPTER 2 - 6. Examples of the use of 3-point lighting

It's the same character, but the atmosphere is completely different depending on the direction and color of the light, right? You can add depth to the desired mood through light. Learn the basics of lighting settings, how to use 3-point lighting, and enrich your artwork.

Using Maya alone

Even rendering!

From Maya to actual files

The process of outputting a 3D object created in Maya to a file is called rendering. Simply put, they bring out characters made in Maya as โ€œJPGโ€ or โ€œPNGโ€!

There are many renderer programs on the market, and there are renderers provided using Maya (Mental ray, Arnold), but they are classified based on the 2017 version.

I take this class regardless of the version I'm only going to use the basic renderer built into Maya software so that everyone can learn easily.

Only learning 3D?

2D is no problem

CHAPTER 3 - 6. 3D to 2D, Examples of Using Cartoon Render

The artwork in the previous four chapters only changed the render settings for the same modeling. From 2D illustrations to perfect 3D, you can create a very different feeling without having to draw multiple times!

A living character

I'll make it

CHAPTER 5. GIF using examples of creating your own characters

Use the examples you've created in the previous chapters to capture your own personality, I'm going to make a GIF that's unique in the world!

Graph Editor that captures motion

You'll use Maya's internal features to move the artwork! It's easier to modify and much easier to create than a frame-by-frame structure where you have to draw one by one.

Do you feel the difference between motion, which simply captures position values, and motion using animation laws?

Usually, when beginners catch motion, they catch it in the same way as the left side, but even with a small investment, it can make it feel much more chewy like the right motion!

I'm not just going to give you motion, but I'll show you how to move with a little more sense. In this process We'll also show you animation methods and know-how that are easy to use in actual videos.


Would you like to join me?

I think most people find 3D difficult, so they don't get easily interested in it, and think it's difficult. We'll help you get started in 3D in an easy and cute way, rather than a difficult and boring start!

Let's learn how fun 3D is by creating cute characters that can be expressed in Maya!

Cuteness saves the world

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Create Cute 3D Characters with Maya

3Dย ย |ย ย Animator Nam



Welcome to class!


Learn the basics of Maya with Nemo friends


Making brilliant jewels with baby birds


Making a little ghost


Making a baby cat


Create your own character


Making a GIF


Bonus video


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello, I'm Yung Choy, a 3D freelancer.

The moment I saw works made in Maya for the first time, I fell in love with them and said, โ€œWow! It would be great if I could make this! ' I started with a childish thought, so I took a break from school and studied Maya. And I started outsourcing to Maya when I was 21 years old, one year after I learned it.

I also gave lectures to new students on the recommendation of a department professor, and I also had the experience of running a Maya character making class as a mentor in a small study.

People think it's hard to be a 3D program, but once you get started, it's really easy and fun! To get you interested in Maya, we've prepared some examples that are as easy and cute as possible. We support your enjoyable 3D life!


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