Skills You’ll Learn

Getting started with Clip Studio

Let's set up Clip Studio, a digital drawing tool, and use various functions!

Searching for materials in everyday life

Let's join us on the first journey to find materials to draw a picture with a story.

Fun cartoon effects

Learn about a variety of comic expressions, from sound effects to emotional expressions and speech bubbles!

Laying the basics of character drawing

Learn the full body of the character, various expressions, and frequently used poses through pictures.

Character design practice

You'll learn lovely character designs and colors that capture your own characteristics.

Practice props and backgrounds

Draw a variety of useful props and design a background to match them.

Complete a picture diary

I'm going to draw a warm picture of my precious story.

Draw your own everyday cartoon

I'm going to create an everyday cartoon with a different charm than an illustration.

Precious everyday life shown in pictures

Hello! I am an artist and editor who draws webtoons and illustrations. I fell in love with painting for so long that I can't remember when, so I became an artist at some point when I filled in drawing paper and showed it to people around me.

Since my debut, I have always created my own worldview and been faithful to showing it to readers, and I have been doing creative activities while hiding my own appearance, and suddenly I felt a different kind of pleasure when I created characters using my own characteristics and drew pictures of small but warm everyday life.

I really enjoyed the warmth of drawing a small everyday life in a more honest way without being overshadowed by a bucket, so while I was drawing an illustration, I decided to open a class to share this little happiness with many people.

Have fun drawing with a light heart!

What I felt during the various citizen lectures was that many people wanted to create their own content.

I felt a lot of creative will to express myself with illustrations, simple comics, characters, etc., and to share my own fun stories Because I've never drawn a picture, just like Difficulty in refining the image in your head into a pictureI've seen a lot of people who feel it.

  콘티(스케치) / 선화(펜터치)

▶ ︎ Storyboard (sketch)/line drawing (pen touch)

밑색 / 명암과 효과

▶ ︎ Undercolor/Contrast and Effects

In the picture diary class with me, classes will be conducted based on a detailed curriculum and lesson materials so that beginners can easily follow along. If you follow the steps step by step from the basics, you will have completed a wonderful picture!

So that even if you've never drawn a character before, you can follow along without worry I'll draw a character frame. Various characters' lives, frequently used poses, various facial expressions, etc.If you follow slowly, you will be able to draw characters without difficulty!

Let's learn the program from the basics.

You'll learn step by step from the basics of Clip Studio, which is used a lot in drawing work. Before you start drawing a great picture, also look for a brush that's right for you.

Complete a picture with a story.

When you learn technical parts such as how to use a program and how to draw characters, and draw an illustration, it's not just a finished picture, but your To complete a picture containing “everyday life” and “story” I'll help you.

I'm going to draw props that we use a lot in our daily lives and apply beautiful colors. If you find coloring difficult, I'll help you practice coloring by referring to color palettes that are great for small items.

As well as example images Place your own characters and items you likeLet's also draw a cute illustration of the sun!

You'll draw an illustration of a panoramic landscape and learn about the colors of day and night together. Spend a variety of time painting while practicing gradation effects, light, and starry effects.

예시이미지_ 공간과 캐릭터의 배치는 자유롭게 그려볼 예정입니다.

▶ ︎ Example image_ I will draw the space and character layout freely.

Using the sources you've learned so far to capture your precious day with cute accessories and wonderful colors that make up the space, you will feel warm and rewarding.

More fun everyday cartoons with dialogue and narration

Using my career as a current webtoon writer, I'll teach you the basics of manga and the editing process in an easy and fun way! Learn the commonalities and differences between one-picture illustrations and multi-cut comics, and various tips for using them while drawing everyday cartoons.

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Nice to meet you. Let's draw a picture of a warm everyday life together.


The basics of the program easily and firmly!


The basics of character drawing


Character design practice


Find a story to capture with pictures


Frequently drawn items, spaces, and color exercises


Draw a picture diary of everyday life


Understanding comic effects and materials!


Turn your picture diary into a short manga


Congratulations on your stubbornness and support for the beginning of the future!


sujeong gwa

sujeong gwa

<Ask for an article on Yoosung! This is a webtoon writer who has completed <Backstage Kiss Shin> and is preparing for the next work.

In addition to my work activities, I am also actively working on various webtoon lectures, creating my own content, and teaching many people how to draw my own thoughts.

I would like to share with you the fun of drawing in a diary with colors of various experiences that were happy, fun, and surprising. We'll show you the difficult clip studio tools, character drawing, and smooth, clear color painting in an easy and fun way!


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