Skills You’ll Learn

Analyzing voices

Find out what characteristics each voice has and what problems it has at the same time!

Voice stretching

Use lip trill and siren exercises to stretch your vocal muscles and vocal cords.

Making breathing tension

Don't let your throat rest! It also strains breathing for a loud, clear voice

Vocal grounding

I will add vocal cords so that the clarity of the sound can be enhanced and the tone can be produced as desired.

Apply contextual vocalization

Learn how to apply the necessary vocalization depending on the speaking situation.

How to use the recording app

Check your voice and learn a good voice when talking at the same time.

Improving transmission

Choose important words in a sentence and learn how to apply vocalizations.

How to use vocalization when speaking while wearing a mask

Learn tones and pronunciations that are useful when you can't see the shape of your mouth and your voice is stuffy.

Hi Paul Sam!

Hello, I'm Paul Sam, a trainer who specializes in vocalization. I work to correct vocalizations for people who use voices, such as practical music vocals, musical actors, movie actors, teachers, etc., and help them move forward with a more comfortable and better vocalization. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to help more people through Class 101. The overall content of vocalization, how to solve each problem, and how to speak in a better voiceI'll let you know!

What is a good voice?

Everyone may have different standards for a good voice, but what is clear is that every voice is different, but everyone has a unique, good voice.

Some people have a good voice
Some people just don't see it due to various reasons!

ours Solve the various causes that obscure beautiful voices and help us all make the good voices we think are I'm going to learn vocalization!

Do you need vocalization even when you talk?

Yes, of course!

You don't just need vocalizations when singing! You also need vocalization when speaking. Actually, making a voice itself is vocalization “My own vocalization” that suits me in order to speak more comfortably and more clearlyI need this. Through this class, you will be able to complete “Your Own Vocalization.”

Since each voice has different characteristics, it is not possible to unify vocalization. Know the principles of vocalization, my problems and improvement directionsIf you know, you'll be able to learn vocalizations that suit you naturally, right? Of course, I'll help you learn your own vocals naturally! ^^

Wouldn't it be difficult?

It's not difficult at all!

We are professional speaking professionals who are as vocal as the lives we've already lived! That's right. It's not a vocalization that you learn emotionally and abstractly, A vocalization method that the body can accurately followIt's easy with! It will definitely restore our voices!

When we move our fingers, we don't just move the finger muscles; even if we try to move one finger, the surrounding muscles must move together. The same goes for talking! Don't be scared if you can't see your vocal cords. Fortunately, the vocal cords move with muscles that we can easily use. We'll use that part to find our voice!

Can I do it too?

My classmate who is reading this right now too!
You can do it.

My classmate already has all the qualities, talents, and necessary things to take this class. Because since we were born 'sound' Because it's born by putting out! But why don't you like that sound and feel like it's broken? immediately Because my body's ability to make sounds is different from the first timeThis is it!

Have you ever seen animals such as dogs, cats, tigers, or lions lose their thirst or have strange voices? In fact, that's rarely the case! That's because those friends keep using the ability to make sounds in the body the same way they did for the first time!

However, we are in each country 'language' Since using, there are parts that are different from our initial function. We have prepared these parts so that they can be used as original functions 'Paul Sam's imposing speech vocalization' It's a class!

We all have our own voice
To be able to speak proudly
Let's get started with me!

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Uncovering 'Voices'


Why is my voice bad?


Let's solve your problems!


Making use of my voice


When talking to someone close to you!


When speaking to multiple people in a large space!


Communicate anytime, anywhere!


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello everyone! I'm Paul Sam, a vocal trainer who specializes in vocalization. What I eventually realized while teaching many students, such as students who are good at singing while majoring in musicals and practical music vocals and working in the lesson field for a long time, students who are not good at singing, students who have a clear voice and can hear well, and students who are not, is that we all have a “good voice.”

But that voice is just obscured by various habits and different reasons. I hope it will be a time for all of you to participate in this class and find your own hidden voice.

I hope many people can have a voice that proudly expresses themselves!

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