6 Class Projects

It takes about to complete one class project.

  • Practice stitches (plants)

  • Practice stitches (animals)

  • white bear wooden brooch

  • Tiger round frame artwork

  • owl accessory case

  • Rabbit oval frame artwork

Skills You’ll Learn

Gradation yarn color schemes and design tips

Let's combine gradient yarns to complete the landscape.

Cute animal embroidery such as tigers and owls

I will use gradation thread to embroider colorful animals.

Layout with flower patterns, strawberries, etc.

Let's finish it with decorations that are a notch higher, such as a wreath style or three-dimensional effect!

Introducing a cute embroidery class using a new embroidery thread!

In this class, in addition to the basics of embroidery, you will learn a lot about how to use gradation embroidery thread, and you can create colorful and cute embroidery accessories that will brightly color your life.

It's a basic lesson you can learn with a single gradation thread, so the lesson content is a little different from other embroidery lessons.

I'll teach you techniques for sewing cutely and cleanly from the basics.

I will teach you exactly how to use gradation embroidery thread!

Throughout the lesson, I will carefully explain how to use gradation thread, tips for color matching, tips on how to sew, ingenuity to create a three-dimensional effect, and small techniques for sewing favorite colors to favorite places.

The practice cloth has a cute and gorgeous finish, making it an embroidered cloth like a pattern sample that you can look back at and use whenever you're unsure about the design.

Once you get the hang of it, it's time to create authentic, colorful, and cute embroidery works!

Once you've got the hang of color combinations and one-line stitching, try your hand at creating cute works.

I think you will naturally heal as you make original brooches that combine small flower stitches with cute horizontal bears embroidered on top, and cute mimosa embroidered works with colorful, gorgeous pastel colored flowers and energetic vitamin colors around tigers.

Have fun completing this wonderful embroidery ornament.

Even wonderful works that make use of applied techniques!

Let's create a wonderful work with a sense of transparency by embroidering on colored cloth to unify the overall color. Of course, I will explain the key points for choosing colors,

We will introduce the variations in flower shapes, how to partially create a three-dimensional effect, and techniques for utilizing color changes in gradation colors in more detail.

You can complete an accessory case with a cute, plump owl and a fresh, calm flower embroidery work.

In the frame work of rabbits, spring flowers, and fruits, I will teach you how to express the three-dimensional effect of animals' coats and faces, tips on how to lay out motifs, and points for creating moving works.

Make good use of what you've learned in the basics and embroider with care down to the smallest details.

Selected directly by the creators

The material kit is delivered to the house!

We have collected the gradation embroidery threads we have selected that have beautiful changes in light colors and that can be used in a wide range of ways.

The color is easy to use for natural landscapes such as the sky and sea.

After learning everything from the basics of sewing to application and color selection in the lesson, you can use it not only for plants, but also for a wide range of stitches and accent colors.

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Creator Interviews

Q. Please tell me what led you to start embroidering!

A. I found a colorful gradation embroidery thread at a handicraft shop and became interested in embroidery!

Cute original animal embroideries were born through trial and error to see if the light color changes could be successfully applied to the work.

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I want you to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from carefully embroidering a wonderful work.

As you embroider, the cloth becomes colorful and gorgeous, so as you get closer to the finish of every work, the feeling becomes more gorgeous!

Please experience the fun of making while improving your embroidery skills.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Let's have fun creating cute embroidery works that color our lives!

I hope you enjoy the gorgeous embroidery time.

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