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As a normal person, I earned 15 million won per month

Everything until you get it will be revealed!

사업가 혹은 경제 인플루언서들과 인터뷰

▶ Interviews with businessmen or economic influencers

We will reveal specific guidelines for side jobs and businesses until an ordinary person earns a monthly profit of 15 million won per person!

Hello! They're called moneytakers. Probably rather than my name, “Huh? Are you used to that mask?” There are probably many people who do it. Maybe you don't know it at all. I'd like to help you right away with this article today.

Over the past year, I've interviewed businessmen or influencers most of the people working with Class 101 here, including the 1.5 million YouTuber Sinsaiimdang channel.

Also, the reason I can still contact and work with most people is because I am an extremely ordinary person, and I have continued to increase my income through a single-person business, and I have a foundation from mindset to business and branding.

You don't have to listen to my lectures

You may find it helpful if you read this article to the end.

Not 1 million YouTubers or 500,000 YouTubers I want to talk about how I make money, as an extremely ordinary person who has 20,000 YouTubers and doesn't even show their face..

You'll reach out far more than anyone else's words. Because what you need is an ordinary person like me who came this far, not the president of a large company or hundreds of thousands or millions of influencers.

You don't have to be famous or show your face, and even if you don't have a great appearance or ability, you'll want to make money quietly and silently, and you can actually make money.

Curious about the actual profit?

Verify deposit details.

I started my business as a single-person business, Start with a small capital business presently Mainly selling marketing services and knowledge content servicesI'm doing it. This is a deposit statement that is actual revenue.

I am We don't sell goods. Therefore, there is no inventory, no rent, and no stress associated with production. Also, margins are very high. And now this kind of income and business is expanding even at this moment.

In class 101 I'm going to talk about the specific way I was able to create a one-person business like this.

About lectures that have been carried out steadily

The review alone is more than 7 pages long.

강의 후기

강의 후기

강의 후기강의 후기

Is it all about simply running my own way and generating revenue? It's not. I have continued to give lectures to share good information with many people. There are over 7 pages of numerous reviews of my lectures at a cafe with only 3,000 people. This is a list of reviews that have created their own business profits and achievements.

지금 맡고 있는 업체는 7개_강의 후기

▶ I am currently in charge of 7 companies_Lecture review

현재 계약 건수 12건 + 진행중 계약 2건+ 예약 건수 진행중_강의 후기

▶ Currently 12 contracts+ 2 contracts in progress+Number of reservations in progress_Lecture review

전문분야 스타트업과의 계약_강의 후기

▶ Contract with a startup in a specialized field_Lecture review

지인들 식당 마케팅, 유지중

▶ Restaurant marketing and maintenance for friends

어제 기자단3+인스타10 50만원에 카페 홍보 후불제로 추가로 받기로 하고 계약_강의 후기

▶ Yesterday, I decided to receive an additional fee of 500,000 won for press corps 3+Instagram 10 as a postpaid service for cafe promotion, and contract_Lecture review

고객과 계약 후 착수 진행, 재계약까지_강의 후기

▶ After signing a contract with the customer, the process of initiation, and renewal of the contract_Lecture review

코로나 시국에도 계약 문의_강의 후기

▶ Inquire about contracts with Corona City_Lecture review

코로나 시국에도 런칭_강의 후기

▶ Launched in Corona City_Lecture review

컴퓨터를 배운적도 없지만 첫 계약 성공_강의 후기

▶ I've never learned computers, but my first contract was successful_Lecture review

부업으로 시작, 첫 업체 생긴 후기_강의 후기

▶ A review of starting as a side job and starting a first business_Lecture review

5차시 까지 수강 후 거래처 2곳과 계약_강의 후기

▶ After taking the course until 5 o'clock, I signed a contract with 2 clients. _Lecture review

“It would have been very different, but I would have had the temperament of a businessman...”

Do you think so?

You might feel that way. Isn't he originally a smug person, or is he not a business-minded person? I once said something like this in one of my YouTube videos.

I thought that if I earned 5 million won a month until my early 30s, I would be a person whose life was reversed, a Benz rider, and a very successful businessman. The only thing that came to mind was that the business had a certain building, paid a high rent, and worked hard to produce something with many employees.

📍 Starting a single-person business

📍 How did you do a mindset

📍 How did you make money while doing business

📍 How did you brand and expand your business

whereby In the course, I'll tell you all about how I've continued to maximize my income in detail.

Why start a one-person business?

Many people think that in order to make money, you must show your face, and if you want to make money, you must rent a store and hire employees. Also, there are people who look ridiculous at solo businesses as a childhood game. However, the companies you know, and global companies such as Apple and Facebook, initially started at such a playtime level.

Of course, you can also succeed by doing a big business that selects employees with high rents from the beginning. However, if you only grow the scale from the beginning, everything can collapse once the storm hits.

A one-person business is a small castle, but it's as hard as a diamond, so you can close the gate and enjoy coffee in it in all the wind.

I also started as a one-person business, and there were people around me who laughed at me at the time. And now they don't even earn my class. Even people who earn less than my employees are placentas. What really matters is not the scale of the business, but the solid foundation.

As a one-person business for an ordinary person

6 steps to the best way to make money

I think that single-person businesses, and even larger businesses, will eventually move in the following 6 steps. The six steps I'm talking about are not only my marketing business, knowledge content business, but also a way to do any business.

#1. Search for business assets within me

Often, when starting a business, they are asked to find a business in a troubled situation around them. However, the process of continuously finding and solving such problem situations is not an easy task for the average person. The common “I have a great idea.” It's easy to think about an experience where it was defeated.

What you have experienced, what you have changed, what you are good at, and limited conditions are a great resource and strength for your business. I will start listing from here.

#2. Branding tweezers

The biggest problem with branding is that all of you are trying to brand as OO experts. That way, even if the product or service is expensive, people won't buy it, and they won't buy it even if it's cheap. People are not idiots. That's why you need to brand with your own very small keyword details.

#3. Select platforms and gather people

Once you've found a business within yourself and branded it, you now need to choose a platform to implement that branding. Unravel your branding on this platform by capturing 1 of the 4 elements of video (YouTube), post (blog), image (Instagram), and sound (audio-based such as Poppan) according to the input form. And we gather people who feel the need for this kind of branding.

#4. Analyzing real needs

If you have planned any products and services ahead of time, it is very likely that all of these will not be sold. Even if it is sold, there is a high possibility that it will not be sold because it does not take into account the steamed needs of the gathered people. For this reason, we analyze your fans' steamy needs in detail.

#5. Marketing for more traffic

Pies are small enough to do business with just a bunch of people, and they eat away at me as time goes by. This is where external inflows and traffic are brought into marketing. And I'm expanding my branding more and more.

#6. Expanding a single-person business

You can't just do a one-person business for the rest of your life. Then it's self-employment rather than a business. In order to expand from a single-person business, we maintain an overall sales trend graph and expand our branding and business.

In fact, many one-person projects end at number 3. In fact, I can still make enough short-term income. Also, if you go up to number 4, sales will increase significantly, and if you know how to do it for sure up to number 5, you can generate continuous income rather than short-term income.

And after number 6, it is the final development into a corporate form.

Containing my 5 years of know-how

A to Z of single-person business expansion

Here's what you'll learn from the course:

✅ Mindset

: You must completely destroy the mindset you think. I will force you to set the end of the capitalist mindset I experienced.

The power to do business alone

: We will create the power to silently start and maintain a single-person business without relying on others or worrying about others.

How to brand tweezers

: We establish a foundation for creating competitive products and services by branding on a different line from others.

Find the Red Ocean

: It refers to how to find Red Ocean, which has a lot of traffic, and how to find your position within it.

Doing business without showing your face

: It refers to how to do business without disclosing your face like me.

Growing a brand blog

: I think this alone is enough for the course fee. We will reveal about growing a brand blog that has consulted many people.

Making money with the brand YouTube

: It refers to a method of earning income from 20,000 channels of a moneytaker raised without special skills.

real Analyzing needs

: It talks about how to find people's needs.


: It allows bloggers to gather and select marketing products such as trial groups and press groups on their own to market. By learning this, you can do business without marketing costs in the future.

Beyond a single-person business

: With 5 years of experience, we disclose everything from one-person business to employee management to small things.

I have a favorite saying.

“Positive people have no limits; negative people have no limits.”

Something must be done to make a difference. It doesn't matter if it's a small one. I hope you will do the best you can right now, at this moment, and make small achievements. I hope it will blossom one day and play together in the field.

I'll see you in the lecture. Thank you





Hello, I'm a moneytaker who started as a single-person business and currently runs a marketing company and is in the knowledge content business. I've never created a company like Samsung. However, I created a company that earns more than 15 million won per month. I'll tell you how an ordinary person can make money by doing a one-person business.

Class 101 only operates Dantok Bang.

*This is a dantok room aimed at sharing student information, not consulting.

I've worked with many businessmen until now, but I've never set up a dantok room. However, in Class 101, I would like to create a dantok room with the students.

In my one-person business course, many businessmen and prospective entrepreneurs, including me, will gather, and being able to participate in the chat room itself is a human asset, and I think that it is priceless.

Dantok Bang is managed by our staff, but I would like to work together as a member and share our business and mindset together. It is a dantok room with only 101 class members, and it will close as soon as 1,500 people are full.



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