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Skills You’ll Learn


From principles to usage and precautions! All about cheek massage

How to restore healthy breathing

Self-massage and diaphragmatic stretching for comfortable and healthy breathing

Anatomy applied directly to my body

Basic anatomy that can be applied directly to your body, not just understood with your head

Various ball massage techniques and sequences

9 ball massage techniques and 10+ self-massage sequences

How to link relaxation to performance

How to improve performance through accurate check-in/recheck actions

Time to take care of my body and mind once a day

Contextual Ball Therapy Self-Massage Flow

A new model of self-care health management,


Hello, I'm Hwangji. ROLL MODEL® BALL THERAPY For me, I realized the meaning of “self-care” for the first time I did it. Since I started working as a trainer in 2010, I thought it was all about living hard as if my whole body was broken. I always thought I wasn't enough, so I worked out until I got tired of myself and ran away until I got injured. My body and mind were already ruined a lot when I set my mind up while running unconditionally and hard without feeling where I was going or how I was doing it.

Around 2014, I was unable to eat all my favorite foods due to chronic gastritis, I couldn't enjoy my favorite exercises due to chronic shoulder, neck, and pelvic pain, and I also received psychological counseling to treat my severe depression.

Then I met Roll Model® Ball Therapy and yoga. I myself think it's enough just as I am As I accepted the facts, my body and mind began to heal little by little.

Through “self-care,” which listens to what your body says and takes care of your body and mind before you get sick I am now living a healthier and more energetic life than when I was in my early twenties.

All of you are just like me at that time

Are you suffering from chronic pain right now?

No one likes pain. However, it's hard to find a modern person who doesn't live with pain in the neck, shoulders, pelvis, or lower back. Most of what we have Pain problems can be managed by oneself, and above all, “prevented”Do you know that fact?

I'll show you how to do that now!

It's not difficult! Basic knowledge about my body, some ROLL MODEL® THERAPY BALLS, AND A SATISFUL AND ATTENTION TO YOUR BODYAll you need is.

So, WHAT is Roll Model®?

ROLL MODEL® Self-massage method to manage your own body's health using rubber balls of various sizes (Roll Model® Therapy Balls) with excellent adhesion and elasticityIt's.


1. Pain is alleviated, 2. Breathing becomes easier, 3. Stress is reduced, 4. Your posture and performance will improve.

ROLL MODEL® BALL THERAPY allows you to discover parts of the body (blind spots) that cause pain and injury. It awakens the senses from every corner of the body that has been asleep, so that my body can move better. Above all I hold the key to changing my bodyIt makes me realize the fact!


We'll tell you everything about self-massage.

From the principles of ball therapy, the anatomy of the fascia, ball techniques that recreate the human touch as it is, how and when to use it, from usage to precautions We'll tell you everything about self-massage.

What I learned directly from Dr. Jill Miller, the founder of Roll Model®, the experience of translating the teacher's Amazon bestseller “Roll Model,” and the know-how gained from running monthly offline Roll Model® Ball Therapy workshops over the past 6 years Everyone was included in this class 101 class.

I know breathing is important,

What if you're not sure how you can improve your breathing?

The first thing to do to improve breathing is relaxationIt's. Various sizes Roll Model® Therapy Ball in progress Soft Cores filled with airUsing the® ball Safely self-massage muscles that directly affect breathing I'll show you how to do it. too Improve posture and improve core muscle cognition through diaphragmatic stretching movementsYou can do it.

Apply directly to the body

Easy-to-understand anatomy

How much do you know about your body? Don't you know as much about the company or places to eat near your home? You can start learning now! It's not an anatomy you only know with your head when you look at it in a book, Region-specific anatomy understood directly with your own bodyI will let you know.

Ball therapy performed after completing a clear map of the body is much more effective than a ball massage that simply rubs a sore spot. Improved ability to recognize the bodyThis is because it becomes.

Check-in/recheck positions such as tada asana, squat, cobra, downdog, etc.Learn correctly and experience firsthand the improved performance after a self-massage.

Spine, core, lower body, shoulders, neck, and facial muscles

It makes you healthy and elastic


Always heavy and stiff shoulders
Pelvis that squeaks every time you walk
Tingling knee every time you sit down and wake up

Maybe this is your story? I know you need to exercise, but your back feels uncomfortable even if you move a little?

Relieve pain with a Roll Model® Ball Therapy sequence for 10 minutes a day! Regain vitality and health through self-massage sequences for hands, feet, shoulders, neck, pelvis, spine, and core that anyone can easily follow!

The ROLL MODEL® Ball Massager works great as a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool-down. Gives heat to joints and soft tissues, softens them, and improves joint range of motion by helping circulation in chronically tense areas I'll do it.

Even contextual self-massage flows!

When you want to relax your whole body evenly, when you want to massage while sitting in the office or using a wall, when your stomach feels heavy and stuffy, or when you want to switch off your brain for a while We have also prepared a contextual self-massage flow as a bonus chapter.

The key to change is in your hands

The fact that the choices and actions for a healthy life without pain are in your hands, be sure to remember!

Let me guide you!






I'm Hwang Ji Ji, an 11th year trainer and yoga instructor, who trains and teaches movements where strength and tenderness coexist!

I'm so happy to meet all of you online through Class101:)

The appeal of ROLE MODEL® BALL THERAPY SELF MASSAGE is that you learn how to manage and take care of your body's pain and stress yourself. I sincerely hope it will be an opportunity to relax muscle tension through the Role Model® method and awaken a new sense of “self-care” in every corner of the sleeping body!





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