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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding your body through body mapping

Understand the functions and movements of major parts of the body through various motion experiences

Learn stretches to relax your body

Learn various stretching methods to relax your whole body

Learn to breathe naturally for relaxation

Learn how body perceptions, sounds, and specific movements cause changes in breathing

Experience the relaxation provided by the right connections

Experience efficient movement using gravity and the floor in contact with your body

Relaxation from the movements of everyday life

Learn how to notice tension in your body from everyday movements

Relax in everyday life

You think you can't shake it off?

Modern people are always exposed to external stimuli, and we always live without being able to let go of our nervous state. Our body must balance the body by properly switching tension and relaxation. Because this is not the case, they are exposed to many diseases. If you spend too long with an overly tense and aroused body, you will experience pain in your body. Also, if you move or exercise without knowing how to relax your body, there are many cases where you get hurt.

How to use “I” correctly

What happens if I exercise right away without being aware of the tension in my body and without being prepared? What happens if you do difficult movements or exercise with heavy objects without understanding the correct movements?

There are probably many people who like to exercise but don't know how to do it properly, or have experienced injuries while doing it. When I actually give lectures, I meet a lot of people who have been injured while exercising. There may be many reasons, I'm not aware of the tension in my body and that I don't understand proper movements That was a big reason. In particular, those with pain after experiencing physical trauma (accidents, various diseases, etc.) will have a worse perception of movement.

Various pains

If you know your enemy and yourself, you win every battle!

Pain is caused by a variety of reasons. Back pain can be caused by spinal diseases such as herniated discs, which we are familiar with, but the perception that you are suffering from such a disease itself creates tension in the body and causes tension pain. Or back pain may occur due to weakening of organ function, or pain may occur due to poor breathing. Pain is the most important cause of changes in our movement habitsIt's. This is because pain causes errors in our senses.

We can't diagnose and treat ourselves, Recognize your own tension and movement habits, learn relaxation techniques, and learn proper movementsIf you do, I can improve my problem. Through this lecture with me, all of you Time to understand, look at, and heal my body a little moreYou'll have it!

Relax your body only by training your mind

Can you make the right moves?

I'm sure you've heard a lot of stories about the connection between body and mind. Of course, you can also relax your body through mental exercises such as meditation. But that's not enough. Learn about body structure and movement principles, and how to maintain and use body structure efficientlyIf you learn, you will be able to relax more effectively.

If you listen to the “Relaxation Technique” lecture with me and put it into practice No matter what kind of exercise or movement I do, I feel a little more comfortableYou'll meet!



MiYoung Kang

MiYoung Kang

Lectures that understand and look at me

As we live in the modern age, we are exposed to so much external and internal stress. Our body sees this stress as a threat signal, and a protective mechanism is triggered. Then we're always in a state of “tension.” If the state of tension continues, my body may lose its original function, cause pain, and forget how to relax. They get injured while exercising without even being aware of the state of tension, or face various physical problems as well as musculoskeletal disorders.

We must understand that exercise is also necessary for the purpose of learning how to properly understand, handle, and use our own body before losing weight or getting in shape. You don't have to sweat until you're out of breath to exercise. I hope that through this “Relaxation Technique” class, you will learn and experience the use (use) of “I” for better movement and daily life while reflecting and accepting the state of your body.

I aim for consistent health and movement training through awareness. A relaxed body and mind not only relaxes me, but it also creates relaxation and opportunities to reflect on the space and environment surrounding me. I hope this course will be a great inspiration to change not only your body and mind, but also the people, situations, and environments around you.

Hello, I'm Mi-young Kang from BODA.

I am the director and CEO of BODA Pilates and Mind Lab in Pangyo and the BODA (Body Awakening) project. In addition to Pilates, I am a movement expert who has been training, studying, and teaching body works fields such as yoga, Alexander Technique, Continuity Movement, etc., as well as studying rehabilitation and functional training for a long time.

BODA is a Bodyawakening Project carried out by BODA Pilates and Mind Lab Director Kang Mi-young and BODA members. Together with our members, I have been carrying out various projects to awaken the body, mind, and consciousness - such as MOBA workshops, BODA Retreat Travel (Chiang Mai, Jeju, etc.), local, corporate, and group lectures and education - to help more people lead healthy lives.

I experienced major physical and mental trauma due to a major car accident in 2014, such as broken bones in the pelvis, ribs, legs, etc., and nerve damage. After this accident, I studied more deeply in the fields of rehabilitation and SOMA to solve problems that occurred in my body and mind.

In addition to completing various rehabilitation courses of the Prague School, which is the foundation of modern rehabilitation, I have gained knowledge and experience in rehabilitation training by taking lectures by Professor Stewart McGill, an authority on spinal biomechanics, and various functional training courses such as FRC, as well as teaching training and training on Alexander Technique, Continuity Movement, etc., and traveled around Europe and the United States while traveling around Europe and the United States I've been studying with gurus in the OMA field. Also, I have been practicing yoga for a long time, having met Jiří Čumpelík, a senior member of the Prague School and an expert in Hatha yoga who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 50 years, bought his yoga (Prague yoga), and obtained a Yin yoga teaching qualification.

I have been studying and practicing more deeply about movement principles, mind training methods, the meaning of breathing, and healthy lifestyle habits that I experienced and learned during a long period of rehabilitation after the accident, and I am sharing related content with many people through online and offline lectures.

I'm excited to share some of the things I've learned and realized from my journey in class 101. I hope this course will be helpful to many people.



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