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Use a variety of toppings
15 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Broccoli tofu salad

  • Vegan fajitas

  • Super grain salad

  • Avocado coleslaw pocket sandwich

  • Golden Ratio Assorted Pickles

  • Vegetable frittata

  • Potato warm salad

  • Triple cheese chicken

  • Tempeh Gangjeong

  • 2 types of bruschetta

  • Fruit bruschetta

  • Kale worm salad brunch plate

  • Follow specialty store salads

  • Vegan hummus

  • vegan mayonnaise

Skills You’ll Learn

Difficult salad ingredients recipes and storage methods

The ingredient recipe is confusing every time I prepare it! You'll learn how to cook and store tricky ingredients.

Making salads like a salad specialty store

We'll show you how to make a salad from a specialty store and a recipe so you can make it at home.

Making sandwiches using salad ingredients

All of the salad ingredients are great ingredients for sandwiches. Let's make it delicious?

Making golden ratio pickles

Were you curious about the ratio of pickles that you can give as a gift all year round and make a great side dish? I'll tell you the golden ratio.

Making home party food with salad ingredients

You can't stop at a home party if you only need the salad ingredients you've prepared. Learn about various party foods.

Making vegan hummus and mayonnaise

Learn how to make versatile hummus and mayonnaise with vegan recipes.

How to make use of small ingredients

We'll show you how to create a wonderful menu using a variety of ingredients such as cheese bomb bread and onion dip.

Warm and hearty! Warm salad, complete brunch

We'll show you how to make warm, filling salads and brunch using a variety of grains and kale.

Over 1000 reviews for the 1st class, 98% satisfaction!

The second class will also be filled with lots of content!

Those who learned the basics of salad in the first class, those who want to make a nice brunch meal at home, those who want to surprise their friends and family by preparing a small party on their own, It is widely used even for those who currently run a business and are worried about expanding the menuWe have prepared it so that you can do it.

healthy and tasty salad,

Can we develop a more diverse menu?

Hello, I'm Lee Hwa Sam. Thanks to the great love you sent to my first class, “A recipe that lasts a month with only salad,” I opened the second class. If the first class focused on making salads with various recipes, the second class will focus on how to expand the salad and complete a variety of menus!

Are you preparing a salad, a business, or a side job?

Salads, which are popular as a healthy meal, are perfect for starting a business or as a side job. For those who are preparing to start a business, and for those who prepare lunch boxes every day, we will go a step further from serving like a salad at a salad specialty store, and give you tips on how to cook and store ingredients that are difficult to handle with a variety of ingredients, and what kind of dishes you can use to reinvent them into. It will also help develop a new menu:)

Use salad ingredients for parties

Let's complete a nice menu that goes well with it

By preparing ingredients that are good for the body and taste good Don't just complete it with a salad, but also complete it with a menu where you can invite guests and serve them nicely! In this class To be able to expand from invitation dishes to party dishes Various recipes such as fajitas and brusguetas that are a little more luxurious and coolIt contains.

The more various toppings you add to a salad, the more flavor it becomes, but It's a pity to only eat it as a salad because it keeps and stores a variety of ingredients! I will tell you how to prepare toppings that I often use, how to apply various ingredients, and how to make sandwiches with salad ingredients and complete them with a hearty brunch plate.

Vegans and non-vegans alike

We have prepared a vegan menu that you can enjoy deliciously

We've prepared a recipe for vegan hummus and vegan mayonnaise that can be enjoyed anywhere, so that even vegans can enjoy the class to the fullest. Along with pocket sandwiches that focus on vegan recipes We have also prepared tempeh fajitas and tempeh kang so you can enjoy delicious tempeh, so please expand the vegan menu and enjoy it!

Even the golden ratio assorted pickles that go well with any menu!

An essential part of any menu is the side dish. It contains a lot of Lee Hwa Sam's know-how, including how to make pickles with a golden ratio that is indispensable for cooking. From those who already own a business to classmates who will be hosting a home party in the future! Improve the quality of the menu by adding Lee Hwa Sam's Golden Pickles.



Brunch with Liwha

Brunch with Liwha

Hello, I'm Lee Hwa Sam, who cooks happiness.

Since the opening of the recipe class, which can last a month using only the first salad, I am very grateful that so many people have loved it. If the salad class was for those who wanted to learn step by step from the basics, those who are running a business but are struggling with everything from storing ingredients to using toppings, and for those who want to enjoy a healthy but tasty salad, the second class prepared this time is for mates who have learned the basics to make a nicer invitation dish, use it as a variety of sandwiches, and have wonderful dishes with their own ingredients From ways to reinvent, to homemade pickles, we will be preparing to help those who have felt thirsty for the menu while running a business. Thinking about the mates I've met before, and the new ones I'm about to meet, I'm already overwhelmed and I can't fall asleep. Let's meet again soon!



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