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갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+를 활용하는 5가지 방법!

▶ 5 ways to use Galaxy Tab S7│S7+!

Learn for 101 won!

Galaxy Tab S7 | Class for the creative self with S7+

The most creative me,

'A better me'

Hallo I am Kim Chan-bu runs a YouTube channel called Jatechand Chan Soon is working on a project to get rich Kim Chan-buIt's.

Since I worked as a freelancer, I used more tablets instead of heavy laptops, Galaxy Tab S7+ I was able to write money notes right away using the S Pen while carrying it around lightly. So, based on the good points I felt, to all of you I'm planning a class to teach you how to make money notes using the Galaxy Tab S7+.

I am I made a money note using the Galaxy Tab S7+ self-writing app, and it was convenient because I could easily view my expenses and plans at once. I'll explain it easily based on this app!

Make a plan that's right for you

Have you ever made a money plan?

I raised my savings rate from 0% to 80% by making money plans, and by searching for various financial information myself, I began to develop the ability to interpret it according to my own needs. But when I search for this kind of universal information, I keep fitting myself into a formalized framework. In fact, each person's life, their story, and their financial position are all different.

So through this class, I will join you I'll create a money notebook that customizes everything from financial goals, action plans, and household accounts to my taste.

Efficient Galaxy Tab S7+ Life

When it comes to setting goals for money, one of the most important processes is to see and visualize long-term plans at a glance. I was able to watch the Galaxy Tab S7+ comfortably because it had a wide screen.

particularly DeX function that can open multiple windows at the same timeYou can open a plan on one side, and you can view not only calculators, but also card and bank company apps together It's a multitasking feature. It's a great feature for writing money notes while watching my current status.

Galaxy Tab S7+ and

Building a better me together

I think the Galaxy Tab S7+ is a great alternative to an analog household account book.

I can easily carry it with me all the time, and I can use the S Pen to quickly create and fill out my own forms.

I think it's a good idea to use voice memos to record comments that give you positive energy when you're tired of running for a goal, as opposed to writing in a diary or paper. I might be a little shy to hear my voice, but it can also be just as convincing self-suggestion!

Thanks to these features Galaxy Tab S7+ I think he's a great friend who helps me make a “better me.”

If you follow them step by step, anyone will be able to complete their own household account book very easily and simply. I hope this class will make it a habit to write a household account book, understand your own consumption patterns, and make it a little easier to approach financial technology that was only difficult!

To be able to move towards the goal
I'm Kim Chan-bu, a person who keeps on recording.

갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+로 인생 사진 만들기

▶ Make photos of your life with Galaxy Tab S7│S7+

갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+로 BGM 만들기

▶ Making BGM with Galaxy Tab S7│S7+

갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+로 다이어리 꾸미기

▶ Decorate your diary with Galaxy Tab S7│S7+

갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+로 영단어 정복하기

▶ Conquer English vocabulary with Galaxy Tab S7│S7+

지금 바로 101원에 갤럭시 탭 S7│S7+ 활용 클래스들을 만나보세요!

▶ Meet the Galaxy Tab S7│S7+ utilization classes for 101 won right now!





Galaxy Tab S7 | S7+

Work Hard, Play Playback

Another window showing you and my daily life

Work&Play introduces the Galaxy Tab S7, the strongest performance ever to support everything. Freely express your thoughts and inspirations with the amazingly new S Pen, Samsung Note, and various Creation apps, and get work done quickly and accurately in an optimal work environment such as a PC with Samsung DeX and keyboard book covers. With an upgraded 120 Hz screen and 4 AKG speakers, you can enjoy your own content in a realistic way. Meet your own daily life unfolding on a tablet screen now.

My daily life, my world

Large-screen display that shows the image as it is

Smoother and smoother screen movements

Thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen responds instantly to your fingertips as you move. Watch the fast-moving screen without interruption.

An S Pen that's more than a real pen

You can write and draw like a pen with vastly improved response speed, a soft nib that reflects your font, and a comfortable grip even when you hold it for a long time. It can be easily attached to the side and back of the tablet with strong magnetism, and even has an air gesture function, so it's more than just a real pen.

Galaxy Tab S7 | with S7+
Discover who you are!

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