12 chapters · 7 hours 53 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Digital drawing machine or paper and pencil
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Create a character

  • Find your own painting

  • Draw a daily look

  • Draw a short everyday cartoon

  • Draw a long everyday cartoon

Skills You’ll Learn

Create your own character!

I'm going to create my signature character that fits perfectly with a real person.

Which painting suits me best?

I find my own picture in my DNA and draw it.

“Well-read” storytelling know-how

We will reveal the secret to delivering a good message by directing it according to the reader's eye flow.

Draw a daily look

I'm going to draw a picture of myself today with my characters and pictures.

Draw a short diary (4-cut manga)

To capture today's short but intense day, I draw four cuts using a winning battle.

Draw a long diary (10 or more)

Learn how to develop comics that are easy to read while drawing on an exciting story.

I'm Pokko, an everyday comic writer who aims to be a life honey jam!

Hello everyone!

On Instagram 60,000 for everyday toons This is Poco facing the reader!

I originally drew a picture diary, but there were so many precious and fun days that were too wasteful to read alone. That's why I posted it on Instagram. I really enjoyed drawing everyday cartoons while sharing opinions and thoughts with various people!

It's been 3 years since I captured my daily life and thoughts in a square-cut comic and posted it on Instagram. I decided to open this class because I wanted to share my know-how and small tips with more people.

You can draw too, because I did it too!

Are you unsure which character to draw right away, or are you hesitating because you've never drawn a picture before? Don't worry! I didn't major in painting either, but I know very well what concerns people who haven't formally learned painting have.

So that people who are still unfamiliar with painting can easily follow along, Poko will be on your side to tell you all the details. From simple but useful ways to draw character proportions, to vibrant facial expressions and movements as well as detailed daily looks Let's deal with it together.

Step by step, the way to find your own paintings

Everyone has something of their own. The same goes for pictures and colors. Do you like a plump picture, or a sophisticated one, and what kind of colors do you like! In order to find the picture you want to draw on your own, I prepared a variety of exercises, such as actually drawing various characters and creating color palettes. A 'shortcut' to finding your own painting styleI'll guide you through!

In particular, I will also give you my own tips for making use of wrinkles and materials on clothes so that you can learn how to draw clothes in more detail, which is indispensable for daily records. Today's my day drawn with my own characters and my own pictures! Isn't that really cool? I'm already looking forward to characters full of your favorite directing and feeling:)

Keen to read more?

Poko's storytelling and secret of victory

There are many different types of manga in the world. One-cut comics, four-cut comics, 10 or more, etc., in short and long quantities 'Easy to read, fun' flowThere are many people who find it difficult to continue. It's not easy to tell a story to people without being misleading.

In this class Manga with a variety of compositionsIn addition to the entire process of work from storyline planning to line drawing and coloring, Storytelling method tailored to the reader's point of viewI'm also going to deal with it in detail.

When I first started Instagram, I was worried about composing a comic with a clear sense of victory and a sense of weave Very It was deep. That's why I used to take notes while watching well-composed comics. A tip from that note! The rules of funny cartoons! I'm going to release it to all of you. Complete a manga that makes you want to read more and more Please look forward to Poko's know-how!

How to make money with manga, how to make money with manga

While serializing Instagram, I also released goods, exhibited, and carried out quite a few commercials. How I was able to do such a variety of activities while attending work and schoolI'm also looking for tips on! I'll shoot it.

At the end of the class, I also included a story about my shyness and sincerity that might be helpful to all of you. I hope it will help you in various situations that you will encounter while working in the future.

Are you ready to draw today?

Every day is a different day! It's a pity to let it go this way! All of our lives are honey jam, so we need to record them. We are all protagonists, so try to capture a picture full of stories that only you can draw.

“My daily life is normal and I don't have anything special..”

Do you think so?

If so, I'll lend you my eyes! I want to help you see from my point of view how fun and special every day we live. Let's find out together!

I want you to feel confidence in painting and a little fun in everyday life while attending classes with me. Well, I'll meet you in class! 😆





While living a little crazy, let's have fun drawing with Poko Im Dong, who is drawing a funny Instagram!! I'll show you how to find your own paintings, how to create a character that suits you, how to draw a story that resonates with you, how to convey your message to readers, and how to record your daily life and share it with others!

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