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With Goodeok Mudgut! Greek yogurt with a variety of flavors that can be completed without failure


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Using milk and lactic acid bacteria
12 Class Projects

It takes about 24 hours to complete one class project.

  • Plain Greek Yogurt

  • Cherry Greek Yogurt

  • Okan Greek Yogurt

  • Raspberry Greek Yogurt

  • Basil Greek Yogurt

  • Mugwort Greek Yogurt

  • Corn Greek Yogurt

  • Black sesame Greek yogurt

  • Matcha flavored yogurt

  • Red ball

  • Yellow ball

  • Purple ball

Skills You’ll Learn

Tips for a smooth fermentation without failure

Let me tell you how to ferment without chemical additives using spawn bacteria.

Plain Greek Yogurt

I'll show you how to ferment without failure and how to make yogurt as sour as possible.

Flavored Greek Yogurt

I'll show you how to make compotes that can make a variety of flavors.

Yogurt Ball Combinations & Plating

I'll show you the composition and plating method for a delicious and harmonious yogurt bowl.

Hello! Healthy and sustainable

It's a mudgut dreaming of life

Greek yogurt was the first food that broke the prejudice that foods that were good for the body or did not make you fat were tasteless and did not give a satisfying feeling of satiety. It takes a lot of effort and time to make In addition to dieting, I think the fact that you can eat a healthy, hearty and tasty meal is a really attractive food.

Greek yogurt with mudgerts at home,

What's the difference?

Yogurt is one of the most commonly eaten fermented foods worldwide. Among them, Greek yogurt is a traditional type of yogurt eaten by Greek people. It is a form of filtering out the moisture in yogurt and condenses it more tightly, and it has a strong acidity.

However, in Japan, there are many people who strongly like and dislike the sour taste, To be able to make yogurt with various flavors even more delicious I'm trying to ferment yogurt with Caspian Sea lactic acid bacteria, which are relatively creamy and less sour.

Meticulously starting with the basic process of making plain Greek yogurt

In order for many people to enjoy this healthy Greek yogurt at home, I would like to teach you in detail how to make mudgert Greek yogurt and how to make flavored Greek yogurt with a variety of flavors through class 101. We've also included all of Mudgut's popular menus, such as fruits and grains, so learn them properly and develop your own recipes!

If you make yogurt based on 1L of milk and remove the whey, the amount will be reduced by 1/3, so there are many people who end up buying it because there is not much they can eat compared to the time and effort spent. So, so that you can make it all at home and enjoy it a lot, in this class Recipe that can be prepared based on 5 L of milkI configured it with.

Also, along with the kit, it is a tool selected by Mudgut, such as a pressing stone, so that you can create a high degree of perfection at home The Greek yogurt flavor formula is also included so that you can make your own flavor, so you can enjoy Greek yogurt like mudgurt or your own flavor at home without failure You'll enjoy it.

Mudgurt's unique tips for enjoying Greek yogurt with a variety of toppings

Greek yogurt can be eaten in combination with various toppings, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors without getting tired easily. After learning about plain yogurt and flavored yogurt, I'll generously introduce you to a variety of menus you can use.

What causes Greek yogurt to fail to ferment

I'll point you out exactly

As with all fermented foods, if you add a strain and keep it warm at a constant temperature, fermentation proceeds on the principle that bacteria actively proliferate in it. Therefore, many people often use the method of adding drinking yogurt to milk and fermenting it. But nothing In order to eat Greek yogurt without additives, ferment it with pure spawn bacteriaYou have to do it.

Many people often post reviews that they tried to make their own yogurt and failed to ferment it. You don't need a lot of tools in this class Important tips for not failing fermentation using tools you have at homeI'll let you know what to listen to. Delicious Greek yogurt, make it at home and enjoy it even more.

Let's take a proper look at Greek yogurt, which is popular these days?

Greek yogurt, which removes whey, which is a liquid ingredient by putting lactic acid bacteria into milk and fermenting it, is one of the top five superfoods in the world. It is rich in vitamins, effective in improving immunity, and is good for intestinal health and bone health because it is high in protein and calcium. Above all, it doesn't contain chemical additives that you might not know, so you can eat it with more peace of mind.

Even for those who are sensitive to dairy products,

Tasty yogurt that even pets can enjoy

Greek yogurt removes lactose, so even those who are sensitive to dairy products can enjoy it without any discomfort.. It is a popular item because it can be used in a variety of menus, and more people can enjoy it healthily.

Plus, plain Greek yogurt is a great snack to enjoy with your pets! I actually started making Greek yogurt to eat with my dog when I started making mudgurt. Thanks to this, my dog's frequent diarrhea has decreased and his activity has improved noticeably.

It also helps immune cells, has anti-cancer effects and is effective in preventing adult diseases, and it is also effective for dieting because it has a lower fat content than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is also considered a superfood, so let's get started by learning it properly.

We have prepared a class so that you can make plenty of food at home, but many of you are curious about our start-up know-how, so we included some simple tips as a bonus chapter! It's not a detailed guide to high-volume recipes and appliances. However, it contains business tips for preparing to start a business.

Everyone, come to the world of Greek yogurt!



Hello! It's a mud gut.

1. Hello! Mudgert is a yogurt shop that dreams of a sustainable life.


2. Let's take a look at the kit?


3. [How to use lesson materials] Tips for taking the Mudgart class



Greek Yogurt Basics

1. Introduction to the basic fermentation principle of Greek yogurt and yogurt spawn bacteria


2. Things to keep in mind when fermenting Greek yogurt



How to make plain Greek yogurt

1. Cultivating 1L of Caspian Sea spawn bacteria


2. [TIP] Various ways to ferment Greek yogurt


3. Fermenting Greek yogurt


4. Get rid of 50% whey


5. Make a richer Greek yogurt by compressing it more gently


6. Greek yogurt manufacturing process summary and tool management method


7. [QnA] A summary of frequently asked questions



How to make plain Greek yogurt balls

1. Red balls using strawberries


2. Yellow ball with yellow fruit from the four-season menu


3. Purple balls using imported fruits


4. Other good ingredients to eat with Greek yogurt



How to make fruit flavored Greek yogurt

1. Cherry-flavored yogurt that evokes cherry jubilee


2. Orange-flavored yogurt with a citrus-flavored combination of orange and tangerines


3. Exotic and refreshing raspberry-flavored yogurt



How to make flavored Greek yogurt

1. The pinnacle of nobility! Black sesame flavored yogurt


2. Corn-flavored yogurt with attractive popping corn


3. Mugword-flavored yogurt with a faint scent of wormwood



A unique flavored Greek yogurt that is easy to eat with other foods

1. Basil-flavored yogurt that is easy to spread and hammock


2. Matcha flavored yogurt that goes well with tea



Greek Yogurt Summary & Application

1. Create new flavors


2. Flavor formula


3. Greek yogurt storage method and intake period



A simple bakery to enjoy with Greek yogurt

1. The acidity of Greek yogurt sandwiched between Greek yogurt


2. Greek yogurt tart instead of a high-calorie cake


3. Simple but cool finger food - Greek yogurt canapé



Bonus Chapter. Helpful Greek Yogurt Business Tips to Know

1. What is Greek yogurt actually like as a start-up item?


2. Online & offline sales


3. Getting ready to start a business with Greek yogurt


4. The importance and tips of marketing



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Let's be healthy with Greek yogurt. All mud -!





Mudgurt is a Greek yogurt shop that dreams of a healthy and sustainable life, located in Haebangchon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. In order for many people to enjoy Greek yogurt, which is good for digestion and excellent immunity and intestinal health, at home, we will teach you in detail our know-how to make Greek yogurt and how to make flavored Greek yogurt with a variety of flavors through class 101. Everyone, come to the world of Greek yogurt!

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