9 chapters · 9 hours 58 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Draw an Anime Character

Learn how to draw an anime character.

Controlling Your Line Weight

Learn how to control the line weight.

How to Blend Your Shading

Learn how to blend colors.

How to Render Your Illustration

Learn how to render your illustration.

How to use Clip Studio Paint

Learn the basics of clip studio paint.

Class Summary

If you ever loved reading anime book, I bet you've had a dream of meeting your favorite anime character! Now it's time for creating your own! As part of the course, beginners will experience how to dissect an anime drawing, how to identify shapes and will apply the learned content through a class project. I will begin with sketching, line art, coloring to fully rendering illustrations. And I will guide you on how you can practice to warm up your sketching, to draw drapery and folds, to color shading and finding the composition for your illustration until we reach the rendering process which can help in finalizing and refining your work.

This Class Is For

This course is for anyone who's eager to tackle their illustration skills including total beginners.

People without prior knowledge can take this course for sure.

Class Takeaways

You’ll dive into concepts like how to choose the right tools and how to draw features and hair. And by the end of this course you will have a greater understanding in illustration composition and observation of how things flow naturally. You will also have greater knowledge in making your illustrations more captivating and refined by creating your own anime character!





Hello there!

I'm Nanami but you can also call me Nana.

I started drawing ever since I was 5 and I started making digital illustrations around 7 years ago which was also the beginning of my freelance work. I have always been the type to observe the things around me like people, sceneries and other types of art which I can add to my visual library when I create my illustrations.

Art has always been my way of expressing myself, the way I draw faces, how I do my line art and color palette. Basically, it is all based on the aesthetic I want for my art. I do art streaming as well and have my own sites to post my illustrations, I often get asked for tutorials about my process in doing art and so I would like to share some of my techniques with you in hopes that it will help you in improving your skills. I want this class to inspire and motivate you into finding joy in your artwork and hopefully I can be part of your art journey.



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