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Low-carb diet dishes
18 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Zucchini lolittini with ricotta cheese

  • A hearty meal! Mexican taco salad

  • This instead of rice cake! Spicy tteokbokki/rose tteokbokki you want to eat every day

  • Salmon steak with lemon cream sauce

  • Nutritious Hawaiian salmon poke

  • Spicy seafood champon using alternative noodles

  • Lightly eaten broccoli dough pizza

  • Nutritious cabbage dumplings that are full even if you eat just one

  • Low-carb brownies made from ground almonds

  • Low-sugar ice cream using stevia

  • 3 types of low-carb basic condiments (mayonnaise & applied sauce/gochujang & sauce & applied dishes/tomato sauce & ragu sauce)

  • Carrot lappe, beetrape/sweet and sour tomato marinade that goes well with all dishes

  • Fusion yakiniku cold pasta made with pumpkin noodles

  • 15-minute oatmeal gimbap & tomato egg soup

  • Quick microwave bread & application sandwich

  • Spicy Chuncheon Dak-galbi with wrapped vegetables

  • Spicy Mapo Eggplant Rice Bowl

  • Herb-flavored basil pesto chicken steak

Skills You’ll Learn

The principles of a low-carb diet and alternative ingredients

We will introduce alternative ingredients that limit carbohydrates and sugars and how to use them.

The basic sauce for low-carb dishes

I'll show you how to make and use 3 basic sauces that are commonly used in low-carb dishes.

Meals using bento

Try making bento dishes so that you can maintain your diet even when you're away from home.

Low carb home restaurant

We will try to reinterpret the dishes from various restaurants with low carb content.

Rice and noodle dishes that can be used in a variety of ways

Learn about the types of low-carb rice and noodles and learn how to use them.

Spicy Korean food and lunch dishes

I also changed Korean food and food to low-carb ingredients to eat healthy and tasty food.

Tasty desserts

Let's make a low-carb, low-carb, low-sugar dessert that you can occasionally eat for dessert.

Low-carb diet dishes

Let's lose weight deliciously now!

“Aren't you tired of a diet where you only eat chicken breast and salad? “

Hallo I'm a 10th year food stylist who runs the food studio “Gourmet Workshop” and is shooting commercials and developing recipes.

I have a long history of dieting. Since I was a kid, I dieted a lot because I was plump, but after fasting, I repeated that I would quickly return to my original body due to binge eating and yo-yo. I learned about a low-carb diet when I felt the desperate need for a diet that I could maintain a healthy and steady diet through these multiple failures.

After studying and applying a low-carb diet, I felt like I had met a new world compared to the extreme diet restrictions of the past, and it's a diet I want to take with me for the rest of my life. I have maintained my weight well until now by following a steady diet.

So, I wanted to share a recipe for a low carb diet with people who have the same concerns as me. I'll tell you a lot for those who want to have healthy eating habits and dieters who want to control their weight while eating something tasty.

Eat healthy and tasty meals with low carb meals.

The real cause of gaining weight is a hormone that makes you gain weight due to excessive intake of carbohydrates! It's insulin stimulation. By reducing carbohydrates and consuming protein and high-quality fats Minimizes insulin irritation A healthy body that doesn't gain weightYou can make it with.

We'll start with the low carb principle and how to use low carb alternatives. A way to understand the principles and fundamentals and continue to use them! The gourmet workshop will let you know.


I make delicious food quickly and easily.

Above all else, I think the diet should be easy to apply in everyday life and be expandable and applied in a variety of ways, So I took this into account and organized the class. First, I'm going to make 3 basic sauces that are the basis for low-carb dishes: low-carb gochujang, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and a sauce that uses them together. like this Cooking is much easier if you make basic sauces and applied sauces.

You can make caesar dressing with mayonnaise and use it for salads and sandwiches, and you can use gochujang to make bibim sauce and mix it on konjac noodles, vegetable noodles, etc. If you make tomato sauce and ragu sauce together, you can use it for various purposes such as pizza or spaghetti. It's delicious even if you just eat it, for steaks, sandwiches, etc. I'll also show you the side dishes you can use, so you'll find it a little easier to cook:)

It includes everything from sauce to dessert.

The goal of my class is to help you maintain a successful diet by making a low-carb diet a part of your daily diet after taking the class. Thus, Reflecting various meal types, it includes not only everyday dishes such as sauce, rice, and noodle dishes, but also bento dishes, home restaurant dishes, lunch dishes, and desserts.

It's important to keep on a diet at work or school. To that end, we will show you some dishes that you can easily use as a lunch box.

Also, in my experience, when I was on a diet, I often lost my will to diet because I wanted to eat spicy foods or desserts too much. Desserts such as champon, tteokbokki, and brownies are also included so that you can cook and eat without putting up with it when that happens.

Diets also need to be special. We have also included a home restaurant menu that you can use when you want to eat out in an atmosphere or when inviting guests. At this time, I'll also give you tips on food decorations you can use. If you post a photo of a tasty and beautiful low carb dish plating on social media, your satisfaction with the diet will double.

OK, let's start the lesson now?

We will teach you more about the principles of a low-carb diet to alternative ingredients so that even those who are new to a low-carb diet can follow along. After taking the course, you'll be able to easily apply it and make your own recipe. I hope the class will be more friendly to low-carb diets.





Hello, this is a gourmet workshop. I've been working as a food stylist for 10 years, shooting food commercials and developing recipes.

Since I was a kid, I've always been on a steady diet because of my plump body, and although I lost weight quickly with extreme diets, it was also a repetition of easy weight gain. Because of this, I feel that maintaining a diet is the most important thing, and I have been constantly researching sustainable recipes that can be integrated into everyday life.

There is a lot of stress of having to endure delicious food during a diet~ In order to control weight steadily and healthily, it is important to balance the mind and body above all else. A diet that can be maintained steadily without stress! Also, being able to eat delicious food while dieting! I tried to compose a healthy low-carb diet with this sense of satisfaction.

If you follow the instructions step by step, anyone can easily make it ^^ Let's lose weight deliciously now!



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