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Create a monthly additional profit of 3 million won by creating a website without coding


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Skills You’ll Learn

Website creation skills to create without coding

I'll show you how to create a LEGO-like website using WordPress.

Marketing skills that bring in money

Money is generated only when a production order comes in. I'll show you how to sell a website

Create a website for my business

I'll also show you how to create a website for my business.

I can't code

Is it possible to monetize just by creating a website?

300만원에 가까운 소득

By creating a website even though I can't code 3 million wonI earned an income close to how without coding Is it possible to monetize a website?

By creating a website

The simple process of making money

홈페이지 제작 예시

1. An individual creates a website.

2. We sell to companies, businesses, and platforms.

3. Earn money.

in such a simple way High efficiency profitYou can get it. However, the core of the website production/sales market is that the scale of profit varies depending on “how” and “what approach” to create and sell.

In the website production and sales market

3 advantages

홈페이지 제작 예시

1. There are few competitors.

There is a much higher entry barrier for a homepage than blogging, writing an e-book, creating a simple picture file, or writing subtitles.

2. The unit price is high.

No matter how low an individual sells it, it costs at least 300,000 won, and usually 100 to 10 million won, or even 20 million won or more can be fully received.

3. The size of the market itself is huge.

The number of operators surpassed 8 million in 2019 alone. 2020 and 2021 are also increasing at a frightening pace. Some of these businesses may not need a brick-and-mortar store, but most businesses have a much better advantage if they have a website.

This is'Website productionThis is why the business called “is attractive.

Money Hacking website production process

Reasons to take the course

홈페이지 제작 예시

1. Lectures optimized for profitable websites.

📌You can just listen to the course and create the necessary website, but if you take this course, you can make a website Import from production onlyYou will be able to create.

📌However, website production is not a field that can be simply selected and created, so in the process planning ability, how to design, marketingfor Abilities are also improved.

📌I've been through all of these trials and errors. Without trial and error with the know-how I have given to the students Connect as fast as possible with monetizationIt becomes.

2. I will tell you about the principles and flows of this market.

📌As with any business, a good understanding of the market is necessary to be competitive.

📌Just as the boss in the fruit business knows the quality of fruit and the market structure well, we also talk about the website Beginner knowledgeEven if you only have it, when you do business in the future and build a website, Knowledge to request high-quality workThis happens.

Have you tried many side jobs on the internet?

What are the results?

Currently, many YouTubers and lecturers are teaching them how to earn 200 to 10 million won per month. But when I tried it, what was the result?

I can assure you, 90%For those who are over, with such a side job You probably didn't earn 1 million won per month. Originally, this is because there are too many competitors, the unit price is too low, or the market size itself is small.

Alliances are also possible

Money hacking website production class

📌 The money hacking website creation class teaches you how to create a website with WordPress, and with this skill Direct connection to revenue generationYou can do it.

📌 What is the money hacking website production class Lego matchingCreate a website in a simple way, and learn marketing/planning/design The real way to sellI will learn.

📌 What is the money hacking website production class “Businessman” positionProceed in. So it may be shocking or uncomfortable at first, but by the end of the course A New PerspectiveYou will have it.

Was this possible because I have a lot of connections and lots of money?

It's not. You can start with nothing and come this far. I didn't run YouTube related to the website production business, and I didn't get help from people around me. Connections came about when I started creating a website. (I'll also show you how to do this)

I also have a computer

It started with 30,000 won.

[집에서 홈페이지 제작하고 있는 실제 모습]

[Actual appearance of creating a website at home]

When you first start making money 1 computerand my The cost of building a website is 30,000 won That's enough. Of course, there is an additional cost here when customers ask for additional features. This is because if you don't develop it yourself, you have to use a program created by another company. But this part Rather, it's a benefit.

For example, if a customer wants to add a member registration function, the member registration function indicates that 200,000 won will be added and an additional fee will be charged. And this is because you can purchase membership-related tools with this additional fee. In other words, there is no additional cost.Adding toppings at a restaurant is like getting a higher net profit by adding an alpha cost to the topping recycling value.

Even in the case of tools related to the website, they are sold as a one-year or perpetual license rather than having to be purchased every time. It's much more advantageous.

My life is after I started a website production business 180 degrees It's changed. This know-how doesn't just come from me. Just like I did Many people are already making money by creating websites.

In a money hacking lesson

We will be honest and open to the public.

If you don't know how to create a website, as an ordinary office worker Insufficient salaryI only do things I don't want to do while receiving, The same person every dayI would have had to meet only.

Now I'm learning something new By skill Earn more than your salary and get more A precious opportunityMeet them.

money hacking team, website hackerwill be with you.



Welcome to the class

1. Why you can easily earn 3 million won by creating a website


2. Until now, I've done things that aren't related to the website, but can I do it?



Designing a website that makes money

1. 7 advantages of having a website


2. Initial planning is the most important part of a website


3. Checklist for creating a website that makes money



A good website catches the eye

1. Why you should learn design first


2. Take a look at the GOOD DESIGN website together


3. Good sense of design? Even if you only care about this, you'll be beautiful


4. 6 different layouts of the homepage



The basics of a website that anyone can understand

1. What tools should I use to make it? WordPress? I'm Web? Wix?


2. The homepage works like this + Basic terms


3. Setting up a website creation environment (hosting recommended)



Create a website where both members and students can join

1. Using WordPress, the world's number one share


2. Plan a complete storyboard for your website


3. What you need to know before creating a website


4. Create a decent website in 1 minute


5. Now let's make a website the way I want


6. Creating a Subpage I (About Us)


7. Subpage Creation II (Work Procedure)


8. Creating a subpage III (portfolio, consultation request)


9. Clean on mobile phones and tablets too! (Responsive homepage)



What you must do if you've created a website

1. Final finishing of the homepage (header, footer, menu)


2. Let's register the website I created on Google and Naver


3. Who and how did they get to the homepage?


4. Create a website for Terribly Fast Bull (speed up)



Let's add features to the homepage

1. Adding a membership management function


2. Adding a payment feature


3. I want to do something like this, how do I do it?


4. If you want to use a wider range of widgets



Website sales strategy that earns 3 million won per month

1. Get a website creation request


2. Create a website that satisfies customers


3. How to increase sales even more



I sincerely congratulate you on the website hacking class stubbornness.

1. I sincerely congratulate you on your class stubbornness.



Website hacker

Website hacker


I'm a website hacker from the Money Hacking team.

I want to share how to create a website without coding and monetize it. It will be a very helpful course for those looking for a side job that really makes money, those who want to have a regular website, those who want to create an e-book sales site, and businessmen who want to expand their business online.

It's a lecture that incorporates my long-standing know-how, so you can look forward to it. Thank you

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