three-dimensional flower embroidery
16 Class Projects

It takes about 15 to 25 hours (depending on the work) to complete one class project.

  • forsythia

  • Welcome to spring

  • Sesame flower

  • violets

  • Chae Song Hwa

  • Cosmos

  • Daredevil

  • Sorghum Flower Bridge

  • Forsythia

  • Camellia

  • brooch

  • Hat decoration

  • bookmarks

  • hairpins

  • Clusters

  • Corolla (wreath)

Skills You’ll Learn

16 basic embroidery methods

Learn about 16 traditional embroidery and French embroidery techniques essential for three-dimensional flower embroidery

The basics of three-dimensional embroidery

Three-dimensional flowers through basic flower shapes
Learn the basic techniques of making things.

Practice small flowers and leaves

Embroider small flowers and leaves and weave them in order
I'll make a single flower branch.

Using wood balls

Learn how to express your work more richly using wood balls.

How to make a bud

Let's make the shape of a bud by wrapping a thread around a wire.

How to weave a thread into a wire to make a leaf

Learn how to draw leaves by wrapping a thread directly on a wire without embroidering it.

Realistic flower vase making

I will try to make a natural flower arrangement by wrapping a thread.

How to use flower vases for harmony

We will show you how to use flower art for harmony to work more easily and effectively.

Making props with three-dimensional flowers

We will show you how to use the finished three-dimensional flower to various household items.

Three-dimensional flower embroidery that looks more like fresh flowers

Hallo I'm Lee Yeon-hee, an artist who continues to work on the theme of flowers. I mainly work on planar surfaces More realistic and rich expressionsI'm worried about three-dimensional flower embroideryI started. In this lesson, it's not difficult even for first-time beginners My own flowerWe will guide you so that you can smoke.

I smoke with my own hands

Wildflowers around us

If traditional three-dimensional flower embroidery had colorful Western flowers as the main characters, in this class Familiar wildflower flowers in KoreaLet's make a listen together.

Three-dimensional flower embroidery from the structure

Let's rip it off together?

Have you ever wondered how three-dimensional flower embroidery comes about? Unlike flat embroidery Three-dimensional embroidery requires a process of cutting and assembling. Therefore, understanding the structure and process is more important. In this class, we will carefully teach you the structural parts that were difficult to understand.

Traditional embroidery and Western embroidery

Just the advantages

Traditional embroidery has a point where the lines are more delicate and the lines come out more clearly. Let's take advantage of the advantages and use them in three-dimensional flower embroidery. In the first chapter, I will first teach you the 15 techniques required for three-dimensional flower embroidery step by step. Learn about three-dimensional flower embroidery that has never been shown anywhere else in Class 101.

Enrich your life with three-dimensional flower embroidery

Three-dimensional flower embroidery is a wonderful object in itself, but Can be used for various purposes such as hairpins, brooches, bookmarks, etc.I will. It's not just about following, but we'll also show you how to apply it. Add style and sensibility to your life.

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Hello, this is the fee for the three-dimensional flower embroidery business.


Learn 15 basic techniques for 3D flower embroidery.


Learn the basics of three-dimensional flower embroidery with presbyopia


Forsythia making


Making something for spring


How to make a sesame flower


Making violets


Making Chae Song Hwa


Making a cosmos


How to make a mugwort


Making a sorghum flower bridge


How to make forsythia


Making camellia flowers


Making various household items with three-dimensional flower embroidery


Congratulations on your stubbornness.


Atelier Soosoo

Atelier Soosoo

I'm Lee Yeon-hee, an embroidery artist who has been sharing the beauty of flowers and embroidery for 15 years. I wanted to write a kind and detailed embroidery book, so I published a flower embroidery class that detailed the entire process of embroidery, and it was loved by many, and it became like a textbook for embroidery books. By continuing to develop without staying in the traditional framework, we have moved away from a flat work and reached the production of today's three-dimensional flower embroidery. Currently, the third embroidery book, the three-dimensional flower embroidery business, is about to be published.






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