9 chapters · 1 hours 13 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

4 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Sketch work

  • Sketch work

  • Completed work

  • Completed work

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of painting

You will learn basic compositional ideas, color techniques, how to use light, vanishing points, etc.

Background illustration know-how

You will learn how to create a sense of atmosphere in background illustrations and how to use light.

fantasy world view background

You will learn about attractive background illustrations at work from fantasy worldview motifs from active duty.

Learn from the basics and draw beautiful landscape illustrations. Digital illustration course to learn from professional painters


This is a digital illustration class for thoroughly learning illustration production know-how and skills from professional painters from the basics.

For beginners who want to draw illustrations from now on, they will be able to complete one-piece pictures while steadily acquiring the knowledge to draw illustrations from the basics. Also, for beginners to intermediate illustrators, this is a step-up class where you can brush up on accurate knowledge and skills, and acquire high-quality background art production know-how that is essential for drawing one-piece pictures.

Not only the technical part, but also the way of thinking is well explained, so I think you can understand it more deeply. It also explains in detail how to gather reference materials and small techniques.

Let's try drawing your own wonderful landscape illustration!

Effects you can expect after attending the course

  • You will learn basic compositional ideas, color techniques, and how to use light, and be able to draw beautiful landscape illustrations
  • You will be able to embody the scenery in your own head
  • You can learn the basics of using Clip Studio Paint

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to make it a new hobby
  • Those who want to get better at digital illustration
  • Those who want to work on painting

When attending the course


Creators use the paid application “Clip Studio Paint Pro” to proceed with illustration production. There is an explanation in class about how to use the app and how to use it. We recommend that you prepare for a smooth course, but you can also take the course with “Clip Studio Paint Pro” or other illustration production software alone.

3 reasons why this class is special

① Learn illustration production know-how from professionals


There is a careful and solid way of teaching that can only be conveyed because I do practical research every day as a painter at a major game company that is active. It focuses on explaining “basic ways of thinking about making pictures,” from basic compositional ideas, color techniques, and how to use light, to explanations of design ideas that are essential for drawing a worldview and useful functions unique to digital tools, and covers a wide range of topics from explanations of more fundamental parts to practical editions.

② Fun drawing for beginners to intermediate players


Even landscape illustrations, which tend to be thought difficult in this class, can finally draw beautiful illustrations of their own if they learn one by one from the basics of the basics. All of them are well explained from a basic way of thinking, so the content is challenging for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced people who have already drawn illustrations.

③ Original R.E.C brushes and textures provided with digital kit

We have prepared original brushes and textures from creators to creator R.E.C., for all of our classmates. You can check the class notes after the class starts.





Q. Why did you decide to offer online classes with CLASS101?

A. This is because I felt that I could convey a lot of things with a very detailed and voluminous curriculum design.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I hope you can experience the fun and splendor of freely drawing illustrations digitally.



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