10 chapters · 9 hours 17 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Details that enhance the quality of the work

Let's create a finished work with every little detail.

Know-how to make a cute AirPods case

Learn the art of crocheting to create your own cute artwork.

How to deal with sleeping sickness

Let's get used to it by practicing crocheting a sleeping person.

Using a basic body to express various animal shapes

Let's make various animal-shaped works based on the ear-shaped details.

Baby sleeping lovely knitting

Let's make an AirPods case together

Hello, Making cute knitting works Egg flowerThat's it!

We have been actively working since 2018 It is the originator of the first AirPods case made of animal knitting from sleeping yarn in Korea:) Even now, it is loved by many people for its unique and lovely design and high quality.

I came to Class 101 because I wanted to create cute knitting works with soft yarn with all of you!

You can try making cute ones!

In this class Even a prettier cherry key ring if you pair it with Cheese Duck, Baby Chichi, Strawberry Bear, Lobi's Chichi, or Butter Cat I'm going to make it.

With a total of 3 AirPods 1/2, 1 AirPods Pro, and 1 keyring, you can apply what you've learned in this class to create a modified AirPods 3rd generation case that is scheduled to be released later!

Also, let's make a mini Pippi, a little worry doll that can be kept by your side when you're worried and takes your worries away!

Don't worry Step by step, even if you're a beginner in crochet!

Even if you don't know the basics of crochet, don't worry!

In fact, I didn't even know the “nose” of a crochet hook! It's really surprising, isn't it?

As much as I have experienced and learned while self-taught on U*Bro without any knowledge Everyone knows what parts of the game will be difficult for beginners, right?

I'll share my know-how in a simple and easy way so that even beginners can follow along.

The secret of popular design? How to design your own!

The reason why my work was loved by so many

The degree of perfection of the work is high qualityWow, only I can see UNIQUE DESIGN INGENIALITYis

It's not similar to other works with small details that I didn't care about differentiationA secret corporation that makes my own designs My own know-how! I'll just let you know!



egg blossom

egg blossom

Hello:) The originator of the knitted AirPods case and is currently making dolls and knitted AirPods cases on Instagram Egg flowerIt's. What's my hobby since I was a kid? When I ask, I always say, “Just make it!” I loved making it so much that I was shouting. “One day in 2018 while I was on social media, I saw an AirPods case and said, “It would be really cute if I made a case in the shape of an animal!” I thought, and I just wanted to try making it once. At the time, I didn't know how to crochet at all, but hehe, I wanted to learn how to make crochet, and since I didn't have a proper lecture, I was self-taught while searching for YouTube videos, and I started making such a knitted AirPods case. What I started as a small hobby is now at the center of my life. It's a really happy thing to create something with excitement. I also spend hours looking at cute knitting works, and I feel happy to see them change touch by touch. How about starting something that will excite you too?





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