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Ratan's heart
13 Class Projects

It takes about Within 1 hour to 6 hours to complete one class project.

  • Making mini vegetables

  • 2,3-line twisting & 2,3-line feather pattern practice pencil holders, 2

  • round basket with heel

  • Comb pattern round basket

  • Oval vegetable plate with a heel

  • Mix basket

  • silk pattern basket

  • oval handle bag

  • lampshade

  • arch mirror stand

  • braided square mini bag

  • picnic basket

  • Making a rattan stool (optional option)

Skills You’ll Learn

Floor weaving

Learn circular, oval, and square floor techniques and applications.

Learn about various techniques

I'll learn and apply techniques that are the main points of the work.

Create the desired shape

Learn how to change the angle of the blades and quadrants by adjusting the strength of your hands.


You'll learn a total of 4 ways to finish, from twisting to braiding.

Steering wheel

I will complete it by attaching a handle to the basket using a bold heart.


After finishing the work, you will learn how to dye and apply oil.

Making frame works

Learn how to make a stool using a frame. (optional option)

Even if I only take classes

You can even start a rattan craft business!

Hallo Rattan craft artist who weaves nature 'Olaratan'It's. This class is rattan crafts Start with the basics and get a certificate all at once I've prepared everything I can do. If you are a student who has completed the class Anyone can get the “Rattan Craft Master Level 2” certificateThis is given!

If you get a certificate Attend the Cultural CenterIna, An artist who makes and sells propsIt is possible to do activities with. Also, Run a one-day classYou can do it too. If you're looking for a new job or a side job, get started now! For those who find it difficult to split their busy hours and take classes I also prepared a generous 12-month course period.

As an online class It must have been difficult to find the curriculum for the certification course. Do a little more rattan crafts through this lesson Those who want to use it professionally and use it as an opportunity to start a businessLet's try to get a certification together!

  • Obtaining a certificate is optional (there is an issuance fee), so please enjoy the class freely and comfortably!

Create 13 works

Become an expert in 'rattan crafts'!

Rattan crafts are made by soaking rattan in water, which is not artificial, Natural, healthy craftsThat's right. It is loved by many as a small item because of its charm full of naturalness and added practicality.

First class “An introduction to Olaratan's rattan craft that weaves nature”I was with a lot of students. For those who have stopped being introduced and were disappointed, they will be more satisfied if they take this class together. With slightly more in-depth content Let's make 13 kinds of props together.

[Works to create together]

  • Mini vegetable
  • 3-line twisting & feather pattern practice pencil holder (2)
  • round basket with heel
  • Comb pattern round basket
  • Oval vegetable plate with a heel
  • Mix basket
  • silk pattern basket
  • oval handle bag
  • lampshade
  • arch mirror stand
  • braided square mini bag
  • picnic basket
  • Rattan stool (frame work/optional)

rattan props,

I want to make it prettier and more perfect.

It looks easy when I watch a video, but why do I get a gap when I weave it?
The days are jagged.

And so on, I get a lot of questions in class. A very small difference changes the quality of the work. If you actually make and sell a work, the details are important, right? To be able to complete a more perfect work I'll explain each hand shape one by one, so watch the video and slowly weave along. Even if you change your weaving habits a little bit, you can create a more beautiful and complete work!

Just a variation of floor weaving

I can create new works.

There are various variations of circular, oval, and square floor weaving. Ten on a circular floor (10) Now, Umul Jung (#) Now, rice rice (rice) Now There is a floor, and there is no single method for making an oval or square floor. I'll learn about various floor weaving and learn how to apply them. Once you learn how to apply them, you'll be able to create works designed with your own sensibility.

Techniques to be used as points, finishing.

Redesign your basket!

You can complete your work by learning various patterns and techniques, and finishing that matches them. I'll generously teach you some good techniques to learn. Add a touch of luxury to your work with point techniques!

I'll slowly roll up the thick heart, weave it together, and attach a handle to the basket.

How to tightly weave so that no gaps occur without a single part sticking out of the basket The handle can be attached according to the shape and design 3 waysI'll let you know. The work I made with my own hands will come out as a wonderful accessory that is often used in everyday life.

From the frame you can hear in advanced classes

I'm ready!

A frame that can only be heard in advanced classes, Anyone who does rattan crafts can't help but be interested. I'm going to make woven furniture using frames. Among them, “Rattan Stool”I chose. Anyone who has listened carefully to the course will be able to compile it. Let's create another fun line by filling it in!

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I will introduce Olaratan's class.

[Getting ready]

Learn about rattan crafts

[Artwork 1]

Mini vegetable tray

[Artwork 2]

Twisting Pencil Holder & Feather Pattern Pencil Holder

[Artwork 3]

round basket with a bend

[Artwork 4]

Comb pattern round basket

[Artwork 5]

Elliptical vegetable plate with a heel

[Artwork 6]

Mix basket

[Artwork 7]

Elliptical handle bag

[Artwork 8]


[Artwork 9]

silk pattern basket

[Artwork 10]

arch mirror stand

[Artwork 11]

Braided square mini bag

[Artwork 12]

picnic basket

[Artwork 13]

How to make a rattan stool


Get to know rattan crafts a little more

[Certification Course]

Become a Rattan Craft Master


Congratulations on your stubbornness!


Holaa Rattan

Holaa Rattan

I'm Ola Ratan, a rattan craft artist who weaves nature. It is said that you can make your own rattan props that were only known as props made and imported from abroad! After taking the one-day class, I fell in love with it, worked day and night weaving rattan, and eventually changed my job to become a rattan craftsman. I am so happy with the daily life of making exciting ideas and weaving ratans:) The first “Introduction to Rattan Crafts by Ola Rattan Weaving with Nature” class was loved by many, so I prepared for the second class! I want to share my know-how and experiences with future artists who share the same hobby or walk the same path:)


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