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Anyone can Easily Learn about the World of Blender!

This is a class where you can create 3D art with Blender, a free software.

My goal is not only to explain the basic features of Blender so that even beginners can easily learn, but also teach various tips that I use everyday to complete a wonderful background.

From Modeling to Lighting

I will teach you not only the basic knowledge of modeling, but also the basic knowledge of lighting, so you can make your art look more realistic.

Keep Practicing to Complete a Wonderful Castle Background!

After learning the techniques and practicing to create a nice background, you'll learn to draw a spectacular landscape, the highlight of this class.

In addition to modeling the castle, I will thorougly guide you through the tips for creating a wonderful atmosphere, and how to finish the composition. By the end of this class, anyone can complete a wonderful background that looks straight out of a fantasy.

Create More Realistic Background with Animation Effects!

In the Bonus chapter, I'll teach you how to add Animation Effects, which was most requested by Classmates. Set it up easily and enjoy a more realistic background!

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Art Suzuki

Art Suzuki

Use Blender to create astonishing artwork, and create even more with confidence. I wanted to make a class where people can gain knowledge about Blender and enjoy the process at the same time.

I recommend it to those who are new to Blender and those who are lost.

Creator Interview

Q. What kind of work do you do? Please introduce them briefly!

A. I create beautiful and cool artworks in Blender, Clip Studios, and others.

Q. How did you start Blender?

A. I wanted to create Opening Animations on Youtube, etc., so I started Blender.

Q. Why did you launch a class on CLASS101?

A. I usually teach people about Software and Blender. So I wanted to make the most of Blender and introduce its good points to more people. Thus, I started this class.

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