K-pop lyricist Hwang Yu-bin tells

Worldview storytelling lyrics secrets

Hallo The lyricist is Hwang Yu-bin.

I have worked with many K-pop teams such as BTS, EXO, SuperM, SHINee, NCT, TVXQ, Super Junior, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, THE BOYZ, SF9, ASTRO, Girl of the Month, UP10TION, etc., and participated with a group called A.C.E as a story producer to create the team's worldview.

K-pop lyricist,

The secret to writing lyrics based on a worldview that matches the album

Are you curious?

K-pop is recognized worldwide, and one of the secrets of K-pop is captured on every album World view, more broadly planned message belowYou can think of it as

Depending on the concept of the album, the direction of the lyrics also changes according to the flow.

Setting the worldview you want to capture in an album is an essential element when writing K-pop lyrics.

I would like to share with you how to expand the worldview and unravel it in lyrics.

Many of you are thinking about becoming a lyricist, but you may be worried because you don't know the details of how to do it.

Join me in this class to get started as a lyricist.

I dreamed of being a diplomat

Why I was able to become a lyricist

I am a lyricist and music-related department I didn't major.

I wanted to be a diplomat, and I'm going to reveal the secret that I was able to find a job I loved, and I was able to do a variety of activities from beginning that journey until I came to my current position.

I used to be someone who couldn't go anywhere without earphones, but I never dreamed of making music as a career. By the way 'Job = dream' After experiencing something other than this, even if what you like isn't a job I have to make it my jobI have come to eat my heart.

I started writing lyrics randomly, and while working at an entertainment agency, I learned that it is a job created by the efforts, creatives, and systems of various people. And as I became more immersed in and delved into the work of a lyricist who embodies all of that in writing on music in a more clear and attractive way, I was able to call it a job.

The lyricist's path

Were you overwhelmed?

Everyone who loves music.

Do you dream of becoming a lyricist? Or are you wondering how to write better lyrics?

Like all of you, I was at first unsure how to get started.

Now, based on my current know-how, I would like to guide you on your journey into the world of lyricists.

You can do it too.

Even if you're a non-major?

Even if you're older? at least?

  • Those who want to write “my intention” on top of music.
  • Those who want to write “what the artist wants to say” lyrics on top of music.
  • Understand and unravel the “idol worldview” Those who want to.
  • Understand and unravel the 'planning' in K-pop Those who want to.

📍 If you have the desire, imagination, and sincere effort to create a song that captures your worldview, the possibilities are plenty.

I'm going to learn something like this.

  • The journey to becoming a lyricist
  • Understanding the K-pop worldview
  • Understanding melodies that are different from music and syllables
  • Take on the challenge of writing lyrics according to a worldview
  • Unraveling stories over music, storytelling

Don't you want to make a song that tells my story, a song you want to listen to in a happy moment, a song that is comforting to someone, and a song that will resonate with someone?

I hope you will join me in the experience of creating a moment where your story flows through music and your dreams become reality.

📍 I would like to share with you my current know-how as a lyricist.

With me, you can do it too.
Make your dreams come true.

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Hallo The lyricist is Hwang Yubin.


What kind of work does a professional lyricist do?


Planning and worldview in K-POP


Create a concept for lyrics


Write lyrics on top of “music”


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Worldview & storytelling in lyrics as an example


Stubborn, you've arrived at the starting line




Hello, the lyricist is Hwang Yubin

Thankfully, I've been able to work with many KPOP teams such as BTS, EXO, SuperM, SHINee, NCT, TVXQ, Super Junior, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, THE BOYZ, SF9, ASTRO, GIRL OF THE MONSTA, ASTRO, GIRL OF THE MONSTA, ASTRO, GIRL OF THE MONSTA, UP10TION, etc. Prior to that, I would like to tell you how to unravel the “planning” and “various stories” hidden in KPOP lyrics based on my experience as an overseas marketing team at ENT.

Since I have experienced many difficulties, I am currently opening an education service called “Professional Creation Center” and working with “Star Makers”, which is the best group of incumbents in each field, to train enterprise practitioners such as lyricist/composer/visual directing/new talent development! In the process, while drawing out the brilliant ideas of the students, we are working together to overcome various trials and errors committed by beginners.

Above all, through this class, I would like to teach you how to unravel lyrics that match someone's intentions through music, with a focus on K-pop worldview and storytelling.

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