8 chapters · 7 hours 48 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

6 Class Projects

It takes about hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Original foil stamping cards & message cards with various fonts

  • Original sign & logo name card

  • greeting card

  • Wrapping paper & ribbons

  • bottles

  • drawstring pouch

Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of Mono Line Calligraphy

It is safe even for beginners, and you will learn from the basics of mono line calligraphy and practice brushstrokes.

How to write a card or design a logo

You will learn various design techniques such as greeting cards, logos, and signs.

How to use calligraphy in style

How to use calligraphy in familiar situations

Style your everyday life with simple yet stylish Mono Line Calligraphy®.

This is a class to learn “Mono Line Calligraphy®,” which is written using familiar tools.

In this class, I want you to enjoy writing your own characters, writing English, and using them in your daily life!

I hope I can help you creatively color every day in handwritten English cursive with your own characters, in your own color, and in style.

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

Effects you can expect after attending the course

  • You will be able to write characters in 4 styles
  • You will be able to write original logos and works in the style you have learned
  • For a variety of everyday situationsMONOLINE CALLIGRAPHY®You will be able to create a stylish atmosphere by incorporating

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are inexperienced in calligraphy
  • Those who find modern calligraphy a little difficult and would like to try calligraphy with tools more familiar to them
  • Those who want to be able to write characters with various atmospheres

4 reasons why this class is special

Calligraphy with a familiar tool, whether it's a ballpoint pen or a permanent marker

This class is called calligraphy, but they don't use any tools specialized in calligraphy.

I want everyone to feel closer to calligraphy by writing with a familiar writing instrument, and I want it to be something that is closer to everyone's lives.

The tools I will be using this time are ballpoint pens, signature pens, and permanent oil pens.

don't you feel like you can write something? Don't worry if you can't write well! The habit of the characters you write becomes a “taste” that cannot be expressed with the font you type on a computer.

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

Learn various styles of typefaces according to the atmosphere

Quiet atmosphere, glamorous atmosphere, casual atmosphere.

Let's choose a typeface that suits that atmosphere and write the characters. From basic cursive to copperplate arrangements, Spencarian arrangements, original modern calligraphy styles, and how to arrange Florish.

Why don't you experience the appeal of a wide range of calligraphy by learning how to arrange the 4 types of typefaces and characters?

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

Your own original work too

Why not try incorporating stylish Mono Line Calligraphy® into your everyday life?

Based on the characters introduced this time,calligraphy cards, wrapping, ribbons, pouches,Create your own logo and sign.

I would like to have the experience of packing in my own likes and commitments and expressing them in my own way.

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

Enjoy more style with styling and shooting

In the final chapter of the class, we'll give you ideas to make Mono Line Calligraphy® even more enjoyable!

Ideas for using characters in everyday life, ways to stylishly style works that are useful for disseminating on SNS, tips for shooting, image processing, editing, etc. I would be happy if you enjoyed writing letters.

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー

inami marieのオンライン講座でカリグラフィー



Marie Inami

Marie Inami

Every day I feel that handwritten characters show their individuality no matter how much they imitate a model.

I hope that through this lesson, everyone will rediscover the appeal of characters written with their own hands, and that your own characters will become a treasure.

We wanted to expand the possibilities of calligraphy in a new style through CLASS101 online lessons so that many people could feel closer to calligraphy.

Q. How did your teacher get into calligraphy?

A. I majored in English when I was a student, then went abroad after I became a member of societyI had a job where I stayed for about half a month, so English was very familiar to me.

At the same time, I have always been fond of design, especially character design in English cursive, and I have been working on design since I became a member of society, making logos for school festival pamphlets by imitating the existence of calligraphy without knowing the existence of calligraphy.

I learned about the existence of calligraphy with pointed pens at the calligraphy corner of Shinjuku Sekai Hall.

I feel like the dots that have been scattered up until now have become one line, and I've been obsessed with calligraphy ever since then until today.

All of my characters are arranged in a modern style, and the characters are based on cursive characters that I have been writing since middle school.

Q. What was the most important thing you kept in mind when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. This time, we are planning and producing all the new texts and contents!It consists of content that everyone can immediately use in their daily lives, and that they can write, make, and make use of with something familiar until the last chapter. In the questionnaire, I received a lot of voices saying that they wanted to learn characters in various typefaces and that they wanted to make original logos and signs, so I chose 4 types of character variations, mainly characters (3 types of typefaces based on traditional calligraphy and 1 type of my original style).



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