9 chapters · 4 hours 32 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

4 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • galaxy tumbler

  • mini tray with flowers

  • Nuance color accessory case

  • ocean interior panels

Skills You’ll Learn

Alcohol Ink Art Basics

Even beginners can safely learn from the basics of alcohol ink art.

Create a variety of works with ink art

While drawing designs such as flower motifs, we create mini trays, accessory compartments, etc.

Resin coating method

Learn how to resin-coat surfaces.

Nice to meet you! Chel ärt works
This is Mikie Takei!

Hello everyone! I'm Mikie Takei who is delivering the fun of alcohol ink art through holding offline workshops.

I create works by imagining the universe and planets that I have loved since childhood, and I also do art that imaged landscapes typical of Japan...

I like to create art based on nature!

Into the world of alcohol ink art

Alcohol ink art is a type of fluid (liquid) art.

The method is very simple. Add a few more drops of ethanol (alcohol) on top of a few drops of ink.

Wind is applied to it, ink spreads, and at first I want you to enjoy the natural spread, but as you gradually control the wind, you can shape the world you imagine.

In this class, we will create tumblers and trays that you can often use in everyday life, accessory compartments that you'll want to brag about, and art panels that you can decorate as an interior decoration!

You'll learn from basic drawing methods, so even first-time users can enjoy it without worry.

I'll tell you how to draw a special art that starts with your favorite color, a drop of ink, and there's no right answer.

For those of you who are a bit bothered when it comes to art...

When it comes to art, there may be parts that get bothered by all means. But alcohol ink art is different.

With that hair dryer in your house, you can freely and easily express your favorite colors and emotions (feelings) at that time as art. Stack it over and over and over again.

Before you know it, you may be sharing a quiet time and facing each other with art that gradually changes as you draw.

What we can do to help you

Through a total of 6 chapters in this class

・How to handle basic materials and equipment, how to draw alcohol ink art

・Methods and techniques to become good at alcohol ink art

・Suppliers of materials and materials so that you can continue even after the class is over

・Talk to the teacher about any concerns or questions about the work

In addition to the basic knowledge necessary for you to enjoy art for a long time after attending the course, I will also tell you the basics and valuable stories that are difficult to hear directly from artists.

4 works where you can feel plenty of unique tastes

All of the works that can be completed are items that are commonly used in everyday life. All of these works are based on popular motifs.

While introducing techniques that lead to perfection, I will also give you tips on how to make your own original work, so let's enjoy one work in the world even on a daily basis!

Put ink on your favorite accessory and it will be the only stylish original item in the world

Let's learn alcohol ink art in this class and incorporate it into our daily lives!

If you spread the ink on your belongings and accessories such as cosmetics, smartphone cases, frames, etc., and harden it with resin, it will be reborn as an item that cannot be bought at stores.

Why don't you enjoy stylish alcohol ink art?

Alcohol ink art is a community tool where people can enjoy pure craftsmanship and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or gender. It's full of charm ♪

I would be happy if you could take the alcohol ink art class as a fun time for yourself!



Chel ärt works

Chel ärt works

We want you to be close to art and enjoy the beauty of the colors and the glossy finish when resin coated.

Instead of not being able to draw the exact same art, there are times when you encounter colors that captivate your heart like a momentary miracle ♪

“I want to try alcohol ink art!” “I want to provide a lot of people with the excitement and excitement of something they've never done before! Because it's such a world, I wanted to cherish opportunities and relationships, so I decided to start the course.

Creator Interviews

Q. How did your teacher start alcohol ink art?

A. I originally liked nuance art, and it started when I saw alcohol ink art on an image posting app.

I was really curious, and I consulted with a friend who is a modern calligrapher who is familiar with overseas imports that would be fashionable and cute if I wrote calligraphy on alcohol ink art, and at first I came in as a hobby of just drawing my own and decorating my room, but from there, the enthusiasm began all at once, and I held a collaboration workshop on letters and art with that friend, which was an opportunity for me to start alcohol ink art in earnest.

Q. What was the most important thing you worked on when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. First, I lowered the threshold for trying new things.

The lesson content satisfies me, “I'm a beginner, but I wonder if I was able to do it quite well ♪”

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