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Skills You’ll Learn

Test your psychological type

Find out exactly what type of person you are, such as resilience index, personality strengths, and attachment type

Learn practical ways to meditate to take care of your mind

Learn practical meditation techniques essential for calming anxiety and inner peace

Reflect on your mind through writing homework for each session

I'm going to discover thoughts in my heart that I didn't even know.

I lived for 40 years under the illusion that my self-esteem was high

Hello, I'm Kwak Jung-eun, a meditating artist. It's been 20 years since I've worked as a journalist, writer, broadcaster, and lecturer. I've always lived my best, worked in a brilliant industry, and I believed it was a life where I lived well with a sense of self-respect. Then, in 2016, after an unexpected and difficult experience in my life, I went on a meditation and learning trip to India with a broken heart.

In the midst of putting down everything I was doing, staying in a strange place, and looking back at myself in tears, there was a truth that I had a hard time understanding. I tried to live like others, but I never faced myself properly, and even though I tried to live like others, I never took good care of my heart.

For over 1,000 female students

'The program' that created a turning point in my life

A lot has changed for me in the 5 years since then. I went back to O&O Academy, the best wisdom and meditation school in India, to complete the Meditation Leadership Course, and took a master's program in Counseling Psychology to bring insight into the human mind. Also, for someone who has the same concerns as me, I have created a meditation class where intellectual learning and conscious enlightenment coexist by melting my life's experiences and learning.

It was created that way Proceed <DeerSelf> From 2018 to the present, I have met close to a thousand contemporary women between offline and online. This program was praised by many women for being a “turning point in their lives.”

For those of you who don't feel happy

I'll give you the right help.

This class is designed for people who have just worked hard like others, but have a lot of time feeling unhappy. This is because we have created all of our curricula to answer the question of how to live a precious, once-in-a-lifetime life.

I'll help you take the first step to love your life even more. Relationships with others, money, work, and vocation. And even the relationship I have with myself. I'm going to try to deal with extremely philosophical yet realistic content. Develop your inner strength with a unique curriculum and practical meditation sequences you've never seen anywhere else.

Aren't you just closing your eyes?

A practical sequence that will really change my life

Through this class, you will experience a variety of meditation experiences, from ancient Indian meditation techniques to meditation sequences based on modern mindfulness. A common misconception about meditation is, “Is it possible to close your eyes and just put them all down and be liberated?”. If you are concerned about these misconceptions, this lesson will completely resolve them.

Create a mental safety base that is not separated from life, flows with life, and can be applied to our lives in a practical way. I'll tell you about the best self-development techniques I know and meditations that have fascinated everyone from world-famous CEOs to famous Hollywood stars.

Part 1. All causes are from relationships and perspectives

Through this class, I will gain the inner strength to resolve my own feelings of not being able to reconcile with my past and hate myself, the stressful situations that occur in relationships with people I meet now, the conflicts and concerns I have about my work or money, and even concerns about my career path.

Also, since you can learn a very practical meditation sequence, I think you will be able to get a lot of help with difficulties in controlling emotions, being too nervous before a presentation, insomnia, and lack of attention. The shift in perspective on life will occur naturally and mysteriously as you take classes and do your homework every hour. I'll help you experience the transformation of consciousness I experienced in India in the same way.

Part 2. More than just a technique

The experience of reflecting on myself

If we only learn to meditate as a way to instantly calm our minds, this is rather frustrating for us. Perhaps the meditation-related classes you've come across so far focused on breathing techniques, as if you were learning movement movements.

When you learn conscious breathing, which is the basis of meditation, you naturally get distracted, but during this process, there are many people who give up meditating because they think “I don't think it fits with meditation.” However, the experience of meditating in a wise state of mind after fully pondering various aspects of life, fully reflecting on myself, and doing it in a wise state of mind It will be a completely different time for you.

Part 3. Become the master of a serene heart.

Do you often feel sorry or resentful about things in the past that have already happened? Do you often worry and worry about future things that haven't happened yet? The voice that constantly echoes in our head is an important cause of instability in our lives and makes us tired. Through this lesson, learn how to completely let go of regrets and resentments about the past, and worries and anxieties about the future.

For those who have many concerns about a happy life

Where your body is, let your mind be too. That's because it's the best way to create a peaceful inner world, and only then will you be able to properly do the things you want in reality. If you want to succeed, manage your inner world. Be someone who cultivates inner serenity on your own. I'll help you. Let's walk hand in hand with me on a precious learning path. I'll see you in class.



Why did the Indian meditation teacher tell us to become Buddha in a Benz?

BONUS Chapter

Before we get started, let's warm up.


MOKSHA Fundamentals - What is the real cause of a painful state of mind?


MOKSHA Application - How to cultivate a serene state of mind on your own


ARTHA Fundamentals - What should I do to bring wealth and abundance into my life?


ARTHA Application - How to Calm Your Fears and Conflicts Yourself


KAMA Fundamentals - Why Is My Love So Hard?


KAMA application - How to be the protagonist of a relationship that no longer hurts


DHARMA Fundamentals - What should I do to live a better life?


DHARMA Application - How to Maximize Your Career Talent


Live your life the way you want

BONUS Chapter

Soothe your mind while walking


Thinking Jeongeun

Thinking Jeongeun

Kwak Jung Eun - Meditation Lab CEO, Meditation Trainer

Master of Adult Counseling, Graduate School of Counseling Psychology, Hanyang University,

Graduated from Sogang University, Department of English Language and Literature

India O&O Academy Certified Meditation Trainer

Completed “The New Destiny” at One World Academy

Works Selected as Top 10 Companies at Seoul Mental Health Fair

Meditation & Psychology App <Elephant> Meditation Production

Gangnam Ward Office Gangnam District Health Center Launches 'Corona Blue Overcoming Program'

Museum Mountain Meditation PRO 'Mindful Trip'

TIKTOK Healing Campaign 'Piano and Meditation Healing' Project Launched

As of 2018.9 to 2021, mindfulness programs such as Being Awake and Dear Self are in progress

Books <A Good Day Alone>, <Without prejudice or fear>, <Discovering Alone>

TV shows <The Intervention in Love 1,2,3>, <Witch Hunt>

Jobs 2002-2014 <Cosmopolitan Korea> Feature Director, <Singles> Feature Editor




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