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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn to Make Buttery Cream

Let's make a buttery cream suitable for cakes that would make your candle more realistic.

Learn the Skill of Piping Cream With a Variety of Shaped Pods

Let's learn the skill of piping the cream using a variety of shaping pods.

Learn Writing English Lettering [Cursive & Sans-Serif]

Let's learn the skill of writing two types of English lettering more naturally.

Learn to Make Colorful Sprinkles

Let's make three shapes of sprinkles to use as decoration.

Learn Designing a Cake

Let's learn how to design your own cake based on the skills you've learned.


Time to make your own cute cake candle!

Have you ever thought of making your own cake candle?
Not the same one by pouring the wax..
But making the "unique: one with the shape that you just dreamed about!

Hi! I am Pretthing, a candle-making creator who designs actual desserts for candles. :)

In the very first class I made in CLASS101, I focused on introducing Classmates to the dessert candle and we went through the procedure of making candles and drinks. The first class got 99% on class satisfaction, thanks to you all:) ♥ This is my third class to produce in CLASS101 following my second one, the antique candle-making class!

Let's become dessert candle experts with me!

The essential of making the cake candle!

The complete conquest of making a buttery cream

In this class, we'll learn about Pretthing's secret mixing method for creating real soft, chewy buttery cream in 3-step.

Following my step, your buttery cream will never harden quickly while you're working on this procedure.

On top of that, I will also share some tips on how to maintain the cream concentration and store it.

A to Z about the cream of the cake candle!

From various pod techniques to English lettering

Once you have a chewy and buttery cream, let's learn various techniques to pipe the cream using basic pods.

To take your work beyond the level, solid foundations for piping techniques are mandatory. Thus, I will help you to acquire that technique in depth from multiple angles.

The most important part of a piping strategy, such as a lot on the concentration of the cream, your grip, and also from pod type to pod is all included in this class thoroughly.

To follow writing down the letters easily and professionally, I'm providing you the class worksheets. If you practice it regularly on your own, you'll be able to make those lettering in to yours!

In addition to the lettering you've learned in this class, I'll also introduce you different styles of lettering.

Cake candle decoration!

Colorful sprinkles to make your cake much fancier

Have you ever seen the colorful sprinkles on a cake:)?

Try making sprinkles that add details to your cake candles. In addition to straight ones, I also try making round ones and even heart ones!

You can make a variety type of sprinkles and decorate them in a variety of ways depending on the cake style!

Pretthings THIRD CLASS in CLASS101.

From detailed and friendly explanations to secret notes and cake design notes!

Pretthing's patent! A secret notebook full of know-how that can determine the completeness of a cake candle this time, too, I carefully prepared it.

Did you know that small differences can make the cake candle quality much higher?

This class contains information on how to correct these minor mistakes and how to add quality by changing the direction to apply the cream.

Pretthing's second class note! Even after finishing the course, you can try making a cake candle on your own based on the design note I prepared for you all.

To work without any failure, it would be better to make a plan on design notes before working on the cake candle. I made this class note to reduce those kinds of mistakes.

Pretthing's secret notes and cake design notes are provided free of charge along with the class.

It contains local dealers that are difficult to find by yourself, and also the materials and tools which are required for each work. In addition, it is designed so that you can directly fill in the main information by yourself too! So feel free to make it into YOUR OWN secret note!

Let's take a look closer on

what cake designs we'll work on!

  • First Practice: Cherry Pompom Bento Cake

It's a cute mini cake that fits in a bento box!

Learn to make a cute round cherry pompom bento cake using a round pod.

Just like the name, we'll try coloring the candle body vividly.

Using Sans-serif lettering, we'll try to make it even cuter!

  • Second Practice: Smile Flower Bento Cake

Learn to make a small flower bento cake using a round and star shaped pod.

For a smile flower bento cake, we'll try to color the candle body in pastel and make it more detailed-looking using colorful sprinkles.

Let's make it in a lovely way using a smiley face and natural cursive writing.

  • Third Practice: Rainbow Bear Birthday Cake

Learn to make a cake with a rainbow in the clouds celebrating a cute little teddy bear's birthday.

Using piping bag skills, let's make a perfectly detailed cute lil teddy bear!

Practice free writing to make cursive into yours.

Using piping pods and a variety of colors, we'll create cute, cozy, and colorful birthday cake candles.

  • Fourth Practice: Poinsettia Christmas 2-Tier Cake

For more realistic Christmas vibes, we'll add one more layer with the wax base, making it in 2-tier cake candle. Coloring it with red and green will make it look super fancy.

Using a leaf-shaped pod, we'll decorate the line and make a Christmas flower poinsettia.

We'll connect those lines with the cursive lettering to make it even charmer.

By weaving white and green, we'll make the tree even more realistic and add the top with round sprinkles.

No worries! Pretthings got your back!
Making cute little cake candles with your handwriting.

※ Design Cake Candle [1st] Certificate Issuing Notice

After completing this course, you can get a certificate of completion by filling out a format with a photo of your work. A certificate of completion qualifies you to teach or sell the candle just like my course. [Expenses will be charged separately.]

For those of you who have received a certificate of completion, we will send various materials such as recipes related to managing candle classes. Please refer to the blog below for more details. (Note that it is written in Korean.)



Make Cute Cake Candle With Me


Make a Cake Body, the Base for Cake Candle


Make Buttery Cream, the Base for Cake Candle


Make Sprinkles to Decorate a Cake Candle


Practice Making Cherry Pompom Bento Cake


Practice Making a Smile Flower Bento Cake


Practice Making a Rainbow Bear Birthday Cake


Practice Making a Poinsettia Christmas 2-Tier Cake


Design Your Own Cake Candle!


Congratulations on Completing the Course on Learning Cake Candle With Pretthing!




Hi everyone :) I am Pretthing, a freelancer currently running a candle making workshop and a YouTube channel, 'Pretthing'.

Let's make an aesthetic and realistic candle

In addition to basic candles, our workshop produces works focusing on home cafe and dessert style candles, and we are currently aiming to make candles that are as beautiful and delicious just like a realistic desserts.

I'm here to help you make a candle that is not only cute but also smells delicious.:) ♥

I've already launched two candle classes in CLASS101.

And after releasing those classes, now I've published a dessert candle making book after a long time researching about cake candles with a desire to make better ones.

I would like to share all my skills and pro tips with lots of Classmates through CLASS101:) ♥






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