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Skills You’ll Learn

Basic uses of layers

Improve understanding of layers so you can use 100% of the functionality

How to design attractive characters?

Learn how to design characters with unique visual and visual characteristics

High density cell coloring method

Learn everything about cell coloring, from simple styles to rich variations

A correction method that enhances the completeness of a picture

Learn how to add color, light, and various effects to make paintings colorful

Application of cell coloring

Learn how to paint pictures in different styles using cell coloring techniques

Hello, this is RESS.

Since I joined a game company in 2006, I have worked on various original drawings and illustrations, including characters, for projects such as Dungeons & Fighters, Elsword, and Closures.

Coloring was a difficult task for me too.

Before I joined a game company, I dreamed of being a manga artist. I mainly worked on black and white manuscripts, and I never learned how to color properly. whereupon The coloring work was very difficult and hesitating for me. But that's why I practiced and studied harder. preferential “Always uniform quality” “Paintings with a sense of perfection”With the goal of, I practiced getting used to the simplest style of coloring.

For those of you who still feel unfamiliar with CG coloring, just like I did back then A method that starts from the most basic part and makes it possible to complete it in earnestI would like to let you know.

Let's get started with CG using cell coloring techniques.

If you have an extraordinary talent and are quick to understand color and light, you will be able to draw great pictures just by learning how to use coloring tools. But if that's not the case, how can I practice how to create good colors? How can I make my pictures more complete and look great?

The basis of CG lies in the use of layers. Most of the questions mentioned above can be solved by simply learning the basic usage of layers commonly used in any tool, such as Clip Studio, Photoshop, and Cytool. I would like to help you get started with CG using a cell coloring method that paints in a very simple way, and then give you a guide to completing paintings in more detail.

Once you get used to the basics of cell coloring, I will also briefly discuss other painting styles that can be applied based on it. For those who want more detailed coloring beyond cell coloring, it will help you get a basic guide.

Get the 'experience of completing a paint'.

Through coloring “The experience of completing a painting”I think it's very important to build up. If I can draw a picture with a higher degree of perfection than before, that alone gives me a lot of confidence in drawing the next picture. Also, in the process of learning painting, a classic method is of course important, but I think it is also necessary to have fun decorating pictures in a timely manner, like a little MSG that you put in when cooking. “Oh, I just added this effect, but I think the picture is amazing!“It's a fun thing to be proud of.

Learn about character designs and candidates together.

I think a good character design should be easy to impress people and be remembered for a long time. In addition to a coloring course to complete an illustration, we will also cover how to create characters and complete them in a design-wise way with stories.

Candidates are as important as coloring in CG! After the basic coloring has been completed, we will also tell you more about how to improve the completeness by nominating the picture.

For all of you who dream of becoming a pro

Based on my experiences with people who dream of becoming professionals, I would like to include in the class some helpful stories. It covers how to manage mental health during a slump or burnout, how to prepare for a job or freelance life, and how to prepare for it, and how much time to complete a painting should be met in order to live as a professional.

Let's always have fun drawing!

Since painting has as much style as the painter, and each person pursues a different direction, there may be people who feel that the coloring method taught in my course is a good fit, and there are also people who feel that this alone is not enough. However, no matter what style you pursue, there is always a part that is most basic and central, and the ultimate goal of the course is to let you know that part as kindly as possible. I think that if you learn enough to master what I'm telling you, it will be an important foundation for whatever method you work in after that.

I hope you will be stubborn until the end and have fun completing the painting.





Hello, I'm RESS. I joined a game company in 2006 and have been working on various original drawings and illustrations, including characters, for projects such as Dungeons & Fighters, Elsword, and Closures. Even when I first joined the company, “coloring” was the most difficult and hesitating task for me. Since I had never learned art in a systematic way somewhere, I had to learn coloring as if I were heading to the ground for a long time, and it wasn't until a long time passed that I was able to get rid of the pressure and fear of coloring work. As I did at the time, I think there are people who find it difficult to take a step further because of the pressure of “I'm painting hard, but I don't know how to finish it” or “I don't know how to finish it.” In order to overcome this situation, I would like to tell you about my own method of working that “can be easily reversed even if it is wrong, and the color and expression can be modified in real time.” I would like this course to be a little helpful for those who want to have confidence in coloring.



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