11 chapters · 13 hours 9 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

All About Facial Features

Learn how to draw distinguished facial features of a character

Weighted and Confident Lineart

Learn how to sketch and without worrying about perfectionism

Colors and Shading

Learn how to add colors to make the art look cohesive

Adding Mood

Learn how to add mood to your illustration


Learn how to add special effects and the background

I'll show you how to unlock your artistic potential

Showing how using studies and alternative mediums can help you discover what it is you want to portray and how to achieve it. From the ground up I would like to teach you how I created my style and continue to build it into something I love, something that creates an impact on others. Learn how you can take these methods and apply them to a personal style that you can love, too.

Gravitydusty will help you find your unique presence and love for your own art without simply becoming someone else.

Learn Gravitydusty's Rendering Process from A to Z

The class is for anyone who wants to learn how to keep growing as an artist and why/how I personally think through my illustrations, ranging from overall atmosphere to the minute details.

Upon completion, I hope that you will better understand yourself as an artist and have a grasp on the fundamentals of creating illustrations catered to the subject. By the end of the course, you will have in depth knowledge about:

  • Color Theory
  • Lighting & Shading
  • Rendering





Hello, I am Ariel, better known as Gravitydusty, and I am a full-time freelance artist from the US!

I have done work for a number of clients, from companies such as Viz Media and MiHoYo, to indie game developers like Arbiter by Jordan Scott and Monster Prom by Beautiful Glitch, to individual commissions.

I started my journey in art around the age of 10, drawing anime fanart with pencils on paper, then upgraded to a digital tablet about 7 years ago, teaching myself along the way. I've been posting my art online for that same amount of time and have since gone to university to get a Bachelors in Art. Throughout the years I've seen people often struggle with finding their own voice and style, myself being one of them, and I am happy to have the opportunity to help set others on the path to find that for themselves.

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