9 chapters · 6 hours 13 minutes
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Sketch Anywhere and Everywhere You Desire!

How about capturing the moment in your sketchbook? Urbansketching can be done as well on the road, or at home. I will show you how keeping a sketchbook allowed me to enjoy my journeys better, as well at home as on holiday. Throughout the class, I will show you how inspiring this urbansketching movement is. With lively watercolors you will bring the world to the sketchbook.

Create Colorful Daily Memories with Urbansketching

This course is for everyone who wants to create colorful daily memories, because when you observe and sketch something, the colors, the smells, the sounds, the emotions and the light of that place will stay in your memory forever. More than when you take a photograph.

Do Not Worry About the Perspective Rules!

In this class, students will complete several urban sketches with watercolor in their sketchbook.

I will guide them step by step through,

  • Learn to look at subjects that they want to sketch to avoid overwhelm
  • The construction of the line work
  • With simple tips we’ll bring life and volume in the drawings
  • And with lively washes we’ll add texture and happy colours



Barbara Luel

Barbara Luel

Hello !

I’m Barbara. I am an architect and artist, still working as an architect everyday restoring monuments as a living.

In my free time I make art : drawings and paintings. Being a child I always wanted to become an artist, but my parents pushed me into university and I became an architect…Studying architecture was a lot of fun, but by the time I started working, ink and paper made place for the computer and I lost my drawing skills quite quickly. Needing money to live, I worked in an architect office and forgot about drawing and painting, feeling uneasy about it, thinking I lost it all.

After 15 years of computer work I picked up the brushes and paint again, because I felt I was missing it a lot, but all my skills were gone! I struggled myself through tutorials, workshops with several artists, doing loads of work, struggling to find back my skills, and to find “my style”, asking myself loads of questions… being stressed and full of doubt… It was full of stress, where it should have been fun and full of joy!

Maybe I can make all this a bit lighter for you, and the way to your creative life and art a bit more fun and joyful? Drawing and painting gave an extra dimension to my life. I want to transmit this. Drawing is a universal language, making you connect to the world AND to yourself. Because You have a special artist in you that the world wants to see.

You can make the world more beautiful in your own way! Make your memories more colorful. Everybody is creative, is an artist and can draw and paint! And the more you do it, the better it feels and the better your art will look. If you think you can’t paint, or have no talent for watercolor, don’t leave! You’ve come to the right place! I will show you how to do it step by step.



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