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Skills You’ll Learn

A self-taught method from an introduction to painting to a popular artist!

Learn the best training method to train yourself to become a popular writer.

All about using Photoshop

From a summary of Photoshop features to how to apply them to your own paintings, let's completely conquer them.

Firm the foundation of painting!

Learn basic theory and practice methods from beginners to experts.

Once you know how to color glazing, it's really easy

I'll teach you the principles and methods of glazing that you can learn without using Photoshop

How to design attractive characters

Learn how to design characters that are attractive enough for others to draw fan art

How to earn 10 million won per month as a popular artist

We will work together to raise awareness as an artist and connect it to revenue.

수강생 만족도 99% 생생한 수강생 후기

▶ Student Satisfaction Rate 99% in the Students' Reviews

▶ Class Promotion Video

"One of a Kind Class" that I Want to Give to My Past-Self콕스 작가_1

▶ Artist, COAX_1

Hello, this is illustrator COAX, and I run a YouTube channel, COAX Illust.

I would like to share my experience as a concept artist at a game company and that is the reason why I opened a class in CLASS101. I have various experiences in this field, partnering with many different companies, and teaching in college and private learning centers.

콕스 작가 캐릭터_1

▶ The Character of COAX_2

"If I could time travel, I'd give all my know-how to me in the past"

That's how I ended up opening this class. Working as an artist, I got a lot of questions on YouTube and social media. I have seen many people having a hard time when drawing.

I know how to get over this. However, this is not a one-size fits all solution which is the reason why I couldn't give the same answer to every single person asking me.

This is the reason why I ended up creating a class at CLASS101 so that I can help more people to be in the right direction while they are wondering if they are doing well.

클래스 결과물 사례

▶ One of the Classmates' Artwork

My class is specially tailored for beginners. You don't have to have any prior knowledge about drawing.

I'll start with the basics and work all the way through, step by step. So don't worry about it.

A beginner's guide to color glazing

Available on Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint

누구나 쉽게 따라 하는 글레이징 채색법!

▶ A beginner's guide to color glazing

Not so easy to catch up with the "Glazing" even with researching and giving it a try too, right? I've been through the same process. That's why I tried to figure out an easy way to color using glazing. You don't have to have any prior extensive knowledge of glazing. I'll introduce you to the features of Clip Studio Paint so that those who use this app can do it as well.

The Key to Improving Your Skills, Value Study!

실력 향상의 치트키 면크로키!

▶ The Key to Improving Your Skills, Value Study!

Drawing with value is critical to improving your skills only if you are doing it in the right procedure.

I have seen many people doing it in the wrong way on YouTube. The process is more critical than the result when drawing with value. I'll tell you in detail how you draw with value. Once you learn it in the right way, you'll be able to draw freely from your imagination.

Draw an Attractive Face개성을 드러내는 방법, 매력적인 얼굴 그리기GAMEVIL <Elune>

▶ To Make Your Art Stand Out, Draw an Attractive Face

I cannot emphasize more on the importance of drawing an attractive face for the character art. Even if people cannot find anything about six fingers, but still the eyes in the drawings are not exactly the same.

Drawing faces well will defintely make you stand out as an artist. You'll learn how to develop your drawing styles and to draw attractive characters step-by-step.

Design a Charming Character설정이 탄탄한 캐릭터 디자인을 해봐요._1


▶ Create Well-Designed Characters._1설정이 탄탄한 캐릭터 디자인을 해봐요._2


▶▶ Create Well-Designed Characters._2

Well-designed characters will attract people. You'll learn how to design a character attractive enough to make people want to create their own.

Decide the concept of the character with the mind map and give a story to your character so that you can bring the character to life. You'll also learn how to design that matches well with the concept in order to draw an attractive character. I'll share everything about what you need to do to develop a sense of design.

Easy Peasy Human Figure Drawing인체 공부, 더 이상 어려워하지 마세요._콕스 작가 작업모습

▶ No Need to Worry about Human Figure Drawing Anymore_COAX at work

Depending on how you learn human figure drawing, you will either find it fun or boring. We'll start with the basics. If you start learning it with me, you'll find getting better at this over time without realizing it.

인체 공부, 더 이상 어려워하지 마세요._ 작업물

Web Novel <High School Girl Reporting In>

▶ No Need to Worry about Human Figure Drawing Anymore_COAX at work

Let's learn together everything from anatomy to sketching. We'll cover the basics as well as the part that you might find difficult.

You Can Never Make a Living Just by Drawing Well.그림만 잘 그려서는 절대 생업이 될 수 없어요.

▶ You Can Never Make a Living Just By Drawing Well.

No matter how good you are at drawing, there is no way you can make money when there is no place for people to see your drawings. You'll have to start side hustles, and then you'll eventually put drawing behind you. This is such a vicious cycle. You'll end up giving up drawing.

콕스 작가 캐릭터_2

▶ Artist, COAX_2

In this class, I'll talk a lot about the characteristics of each social media and tips as to how to increase the number of followers. You'll learn how to make money by promoting yourself thoroughly.

I have taught students for more than a decade, and I have seen the problems in the student's artwork and figured out how to help them with this. I want to share what I've learned in this class.

콕스 작가_2

▶ The Character of COAX_2

You may find yourself doubting whether you're doing well while drawing. This class will help you stop doubting yourself. Rather than that, you'll start to believe that you're doing great and just stay on the course.





Hello, this is illustrator COAX, and I run a YouTube channel, COAX Illust.

"If I could time travel, I'd give all my know-how to me in the past"

That's how I ended up opening a class. I worked as an illustrator at a game company for 7 years and taught at private learning centers and colleges for about a decade. Based on all of these experiences, I want to share my know-how in class as to how to make money as a beginner by myself.







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