9 chapters · 9 hours 22 minutes
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7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Hand sketch

  • Hand illustrations

  • Clothes sketch

  • Illustration of clothes

  • Small items made of metal

  • Cactor's picture

  • Small items that can add individuality

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw hands

Understand the structure of hands and learn everything from sketching to coloring.

how to draw clothes

I learn about T-shirts, shirts, slacks, etc., and draw clothes.

How to draw small items

You will learn the points of accessories, watches, glasses, neckties, etc.

Online digital illustration course by illustrator Masuoka. Be able to freely draw whatever you like

“I want to finish a one-piece picture, but I don't know what to do”

“I want to be able to draw digital illustrations freely”

“I can draw, but I can't express what I want to draw or my fetishism well”

This class is an online digital illustration course for such people where they learn the composition, poses, how to draw people, etc. for drawing a single picture while learning expressions that greatly influence the degree of perfection of an illustration, such as hands, clothes, and accessories.

Illustrator Masuoka will tell you all the effective tips for drawing a picture with a high degree of perfection.

Let's draw illustrations that you think you like with your own hands through this illustration course

Nice to meet you, I'm Masuoka, an illustrator.

When I first tried to draw a picture, I vividly remember thinking, “When it comes to painting colors, what should I paint and how should I paint.” It was very difficult to find just one color from an infinite number of digitally available colors.

Talented people seem to find colors to paint easily, but I think it's good to be able to draw pictures without talent or image ability, and I think it's good that I was able to express my feelings with pictures.

I hope this class will help you find the “right answers” and “originals” within yourself.

From beginners to those who can draw a little. Let's learn tricks and logic that can be used

Don't you think pictures are drawn with senses and sensitivities?

Even if you don't have the image of a genius, you can draw pictures even if you don't have overwhelming skills. It's OK if you have a little trick and logic to draw a picture. Using that as a stepping stone, you'll also be able to express your own world.

What is used in the video is paid software called “SAI2.” I'm drawing with only simple functions, so even free software or clip studios are fine.

You don't have to have any sense or talent to draw! Learn how to train your senses and draw freely

I'll tell you how to draw by training your senses with logic that doesn't require any sense or talent, so maybe there are places where “understanding and output” is difficult.

Even so, after overcoming that, the fun of being able to draw pictures freely spreads.

We will do our best to explain and support the students so that they can experience that much through this class, so let's have fun drawing pictures together!





Nice to meet you!

My name is Masuoka. I'm a Japanese artist. I'm a self-taught artist.

I usually draw boys who are my original characters and post them to Twitter and Instagram. I have learned not only from ancestors' knowledge and intelligence about drawing illustrations but also academic literature in anatomy, biology, chemistry, and so on. Through the characters, I express "feelings and experiences that could not be expressed in words."

In this year (2021), I am a part-time lecturer on the composition of illustrations at the university.





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