12 chapters · 4 hours 36 minutes
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8 Class Projects

It takes about 10 - 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Iced tea punch

  • Original milk tea (HOT/ICE)


  • Masalachai

  • Peach iced tea

  • Earl Grey Choco Milk Tea (HOT/ICE)

  • Milky oolong iced tea

  • Kahlua Matcha

Skills You’ll Learn

Making flavored tea according to my taste

Make your own blending tea using a variety of blending ingredients and flavored oils.

Making a variety of tea-based drinks

We will try to make various drinks using tea, such as milk tea, iced tea, tea mocktail, etc.

Make your own homemade tea bags

Learn the proper way to store tea and make and use your own unique tea bags.

Make an afternoon tea setting that's great to share

Organize an afternoon tea set and find out which tea goes with it.

Learn basic tea classification methods

I will try the tea classification method according to the Jeddah method and the appropriate rainforest method and tasting.

Relax in everyday life with a cup of tea

Hello, I'm Tiknik. I've been running a sandwich shop called Sandbak in front of Hongdae for 20 years, and I've met coffee and tea with various cultures, and now I'm running a Tiknik black tea shop and preparing a tea brand.

Many in the world Tea Rain Forest Method and TastingFrom Milk Tea/ Iced Tea/ Tea MocktailLearn about a variety of things that make use of the original taste of tea Variations and, adding the flavor of taste and aroma Spiced teaLet's make it. Tailored to my taste Making homemade tea bagsI have prepared it until.

A cup of tea is invited into everyday life
For everyone who dreams of a day like a picnic
Let me guide you to a life where you can get to know tea.

A luxury hobby and drink that has been loved for a long time 'Tea and tea culture'I prepared it so that you can learn. Through the six major classes that are the basis of all teas The origin and history of tea, rather than coffee while drinking tea representing each country Various types of tea from around the world You can learn. From the basics to uses of classic tea Let's learn a wide range of things.

Let's make it based on tea, a drink you only used to drink in cafes

There are many people who find tea difficult to drink, and there are many people who feel that tea is tasteless. However, milk tea, iced tea, and banshaw, which you often eat, are all tea-based drinks.

New and fun Tea variationsTo be able to learn about the world of A variety of drinksI'm going to make one. Soft and original milk teaYou can also learn about Earl Grey chocolate, ginger ale, and mango milk tea based on. The refreshing taste is excellent iced teaAfter all, we have prepared everything from the original to fruit-infused iced tea, milky oolong iced tea, and jelly iced tea that you can eat with a spoon.

A blend of tea and sakeThere is also a tea mocktail chapter where you can feel. Experience new flavors such as Long Island iced tea, Marco Polo vodka, and Kahlua matcha. In addition to this, it also adds flavor to the flavor 4 kinds of menu using spicesYou can also learn.

Using tea like this Those who want to enjoy a drink at home just like at a cafe, and Those who are thinking about developing a special menu at a cafe, and to the loved ones around you Those who want to present a special and delicious cup of tea We've prepared them all so you can follow them easily.

The endless world of tea,

It's even more delicious if you know and drink it!

The variety of teas is truly endless. Various through classes Classification of types of teaI know how to do it Rainforest laws by typeet An easier and tastier way to drinkI'm going to learn. Tea food that goes well with teaIf you learn how to enjoy tea time freely in everyday life Set your own special tea tableI can do it. Let's make fun times with loved ones around you happier!

Enjoy lots of teas and discover your own tastes

Let's explore and experience the many teas from around the world. It's nice to get to know one of the many varieties in depth, but if you experience the wide world of tea and find a tea that suits your taste, you'll have a more in-depth time for yourself.

Know my taste and suit my taste My morning tea, my own Earl Grey teaLet's make it. Not only is it about making your own tea Handmade tea bagsI'm going to make one. It will be a special event that will bring a fresh air to my normal everyday life.

Relaxation with a cup of tea to heal from the tiring days

In an exhausting and busy life, spending time with tea will help you focus more on yourself and find peace of mind. Even if brewing in a tea pot at the right temperature and time may seem a bit cumbersome and slow, this process will be a healing experience in your busy daily life. Experience the elegant and luxurious world of tea culture with Tiknik.

We will guide you on an everyday world trip together!

Let's start with a cup of tea a day because we want to get away.





Hello! This is Park Hye-jeong, a small gift for a picnic afternoon. He has been running a sandwich shop called Sandbak in front of Hongdae for 20 years, met coffee and tea with various cultures, and now he runs a Tiknic black tea shop and is preparing a tea brand.

Teacnic (Teacnic) is a compound word of tea+picnic, meaning that when a cup of tea is invited into everyday life, it becomes a day like a picnic. Various experiences with tea brought me the freedom and excitement of adventure like traveling, so I enjoy my life with memories and experiences about tea. I would like to easily guide you to the world of tea so that even many people who are struggling and tired can feel the excitement of everyday life.

We invite you to travel the world with tea.

So, let's get started with ticketing?

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