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It's possible even if you only have 1 tsubo! Full-body home training with one kettlebell



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Skills You’ll Learn

Preparing your body for strength training

I'm going to practice building a basic physical condition for strength training.

Flexibility check for range of motion!

Increase your body's range of motion with flexibility exercises that can be neglected

Complete home training with a kettlebell

Kettlebells are the best value for money for exercise
Let's use the muscles of the whole body efficiently

Kettlebell squats, kettlebell deadlifts

Movements that are the basis of exercise
I'll tell you the right way with Shark Coach's unique know-how

The actions you can do with kettlebells are endless

Swing, get up, snatch, clean, press, etc.
I'll generously let you know everything

Live home with two female coaches

All you need is one kettlebell
Let's join you as an intense full-body home

Learn kettlebells from kettlebell experts!

They said kettlebell exercises are so good

I'd like to learn it too

It was hard to know where and from whom to learn properly, right?

Learn from “Shark Coach”, a coach who specializes in kettlebells and crossfit. Kettlebell is also an expert at Shark Coach.

Kettlebell, a full-body exercise tool that continues to be loved

I'll let you know easily and accurately!

Kettlebells are not a very easy tool, as they are highly versatile.

It won't be as simple as a dumbbell.

“Isn't it a swing if you just pick it up and shake it?” Those who did may be surprised.

It takes a lot of detail to properly learn kettlebells.

I'll capture all the know-how I've taught kettlebells in the field in an online video.

There won't be any part that can be skimmed through.

Why should I do this,

What are some common mistakes,

I'll show you the details of how to correct your posture one by one.

Kettlebell, an all-purpose training tool

Why kettlebells?

Unlike other props that move in one direction

The feature of kettlebells is that you can change the center of gravity in multiple directions!

You can develop more muscles in more ways.

  • Strength training with dumbbells
  • Weightlifting exercise with a barbell
  • Aerobic exercise with a bare body

You can do all of this with just one kettlebell.

It's okay if the room is small.

*This is an example video about Kettlebell Homme.

With just one kettlebell, you can fully learn all the exercises in a space of about 1 square meter. Get all of your strength, power, and cardio right on the spot without anything else.

Bare body exercises for more efficient strength training,

The process of preparing my body

First, I'm going to build a physical condition that can handle kettlebells well.

I'll optimize my movements with sufficient preparation exercises.

too Before using tools, to be able to use the body based on understanding so that movements can be performed perfectly with the bare body I'll let you know.

Since then, when it comes to using kettlebells, the most important thing is safety.

Along with how to use kettlebells safely and without injury Warm up and cool down so that I can take care of my body after exercise The curriculum has been prepared!

Step by step from basic skills

You can also do squats, deadlifts, and kettlebells, which are the basics of all exercises.

Once you've learned the basics, you'll learn all the amazing and fun kettlebell techniques one by one.

From beginner to expert

I'll teach you all the kettlebell techniques

-Kettlebell squats

-Kettlebell deadlift

-Kettlebell press

-Kettlebell clean

-Kettlebell snatch

-Kettlebell Get Up

An efficient and effective home training program that can be done at home

How do you create formidable tools, routines, and programs?

All so that I can do it alone Coach Shark will let you know.

It has a diverse and fun composition

Rika's [Special Mission]


Let's finally move the moves you've learned in each chapter with Cholica!


Perform [Flexibility Before/After Mission], record, and certify!


Perform [Swing Before/After Mission], record, and verify!

While everyone is taking a class The fun of carrying out missionsIt will be fun to definitely feel the difference I have made since the After Mission with!

Shark and Erika,

Two female coaches will be with you.

Don't worry if you have one room, only one tool, and you're alone without a partner to work with.

I'll help you master every full-body workout you want with just one kettlebell. Kettlebells, a versatile tool optimized for full body workouts, can do it all!

Every time you work out while sweating at home, Shark and Erika will be with you! Let's exercise with us and wake up all the inside of your body!



Even if you only have 1 tsubo, you can Full body home training with one kettlebell

BONUS Chapter

Body setting for kettlebells


Preparing to move my body well


Kettlebell Basic - Learn basic movements with kettlebell


Kettlebell Swing (Swing) - The best full-body aerobic exercise in 1 tsubo


Kettlebell Clean (Clean) - fluid weight transfer


Get Up (Get Up) - A physical stability exercise that uses up the whole body


Kettlebell exercises to build strong shoulders


Kettlebell snatch (snatch) - a power exercise that stimulates the whole body


Learn various kettlebell exercises


Exercise every day with Cholika


Thank you for your hard work.


Shark Coach

Shark Coach

I'm Shark Coach, a female strength training expert. I'll teach you about strength training in an easy-to-understand and fun way. Whatever body you want, muscles are needed to maintain it. Have fun with me for a fun strength training session.

I was a child obese, and I've been highly obese for 25 years. I only ate chicken breast and dieted George only for oxygen, and I used to do a lot of it, so I definitely lose weight if I do that. However, it just can't be maintained. This kind of diet cannot last long.

However, strength training can be done for a lifetime. You can enjoy it! Whatever body you want, you need muscles to maintain it. Have fun doing strength training with me!

✅ Who is Coach Shark?

- Bodybuilding Life Sports Leader Level 2

- Korean Personal Trainer Qualification (FISAF)

- Completed the Korean Corrective Exercise Specialist Course

- IPF Powerlifting Instructor Level 2

- SFG Level 1 (kettlebell leader)

- SFB Level 1 (Bare-Body Workout Instructor)

- Strong First Iron Maiden (2nd in Asia)

- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

- Ground Force Method Level 1

- Flexible Steel Level 1

- KT Gigaini Diet Experience Group Coach

- Marimond's “Mine of My Body” strength training class lecture

- Diet application NOOM online/offline coach

- Fuse Seoul Droze model

- South Korea National Team Crossfitter






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