To tablet and clip studio
4 Class Projects

It takes about 1-5 hours to complete one class project.

  • Croquis in various poses

  • Upper body character illustration

  • Illustrations filled with eye-catching colors

  • Character illustration with background and light

Skills You’ll Learn

Laying the groundwork with Clip Studio

Let's lay the basics of lines, brushes, and layers using the Clip Studio program.

Picture conception and ideation

Learn how to create your own illustrations while searching for your own tastes.

Draw attractive and natural characters

Learn croquis to draw attractive and natural characters.

Draw a line drawing

Learn how to draw an important line drawing to complete a stable picture.

Learn attention-grabbing colors

I learn special colors through colors that match the concept and my own know-how.

Draw a picture from a photo you've taken

I'll leave an illustration of my precious moment with the concept you want.

Improve the degree of perfection through candidate know-how and light effects

Through candidate know-how and light effects, the mood is greatly enhanced to enhance the degree of perfection.

Hallo I'm an illustrator today.

Hello, I'm Tudy, an illustrator. Like many of you, I've loved manga since I was a kid. I especially liked 2D comics rather than 3D comics. As I continue to be affectionate, it's natural “I want to draw my own character too.”I picked up a pen because I thought, and I've been drawing until now.

This class started with a desire to like it, even for my classmates A springboard for drawing illustrations full of tasteI hope it becomes. I will walk with you step by step so that you can find your tastes.

The first step in finding taste

It's hard to know exactly what you like, but it's not hard to find fragments of your tastes. Just as there are no answers to studying, there are no answers to pictures. I'll show you how to find your tastes using keywords that appeal to you. For example, I'll look for keywords such as decadence, freshness, teen, and warmth, and find photos that clearly show those keywords, and help you build a sense of taste. I have this kind of taste That person's moodI'm calling it.

As an example of me, I once saw an animated playlist on YouTube and said, “I wish my characters were included like that.” I started looking for 2D characters with that in mind. I looked for characters and photos that revealed their characteristics, looked for fragments, and as I built my own taste, I came to create my own character. You can do it too. Find your mood.

Do you find it difficult to draw a human body? Start with croquis

Many people will be interested in illustrations, starting with people. I did that too. However, it was difficult to naturally draw the pose of the character I wanted. The human body has a very complex structure of bones and muscles, so to digest them, it is the driving force behind painting An experience where interest slowly cools downI've done it before.

I started studying the human body with Croquis, which is an easy way to learn the flow of the human body. It really helped me a lot by learning the flow of the human body directly by hand and quickly absorbing it through a crokey with various movements. I don't want you to have an experience where your interest slowly cools down. I'm going to reveal all the know-how I've learned through this class. I'll show you an easier and more solid way to learn a difficult human body.

Lines that fill an illustration

Have you ever seen a drawing drawn only with lines? The lines in an illustration are a very important framework and can be the completion itself. Lines with lines that fit the structure of the human body can be completed without coloring. Lines like this are really important elements in an illustration. Various brush and pressure settingsI'll help you draw lines more easily and in a fun way through. I'll show you how to draw a clean line with your own personality rather than a bumpy line.

A fully finished illustration, and everyone can draw it.

The reason your eyes stay, the sense of color

There are many things that catch people's attention, but I think it's color. A big advantage of digital painting is that there are more finite colors than what can be produced from a real hand painting. But with so many colors, we can sometimes get lost. In this class My own way of using only the advantages of digital painting to create better colorsI'll let you know.

There are rules and rules that are used a lot when coloring illustrations, but I twist them slightly to draw pictures that are a bit more special and eye-catching. I'll show you my own know-how in using a variety of dark colors that are both secure and eye-catching.

Seize precious moments

There are times when I want to leave a picture of my own photo as a picture. There are memories with loved ones and moments I took pictures of because the sky was so beautiful. If I draw a picture of a small or special moment as a picture, it often becomes a more meaningful picture. If you melt your character into a picture of a moment with me, it will be an illustration with a narrative. Capture your moments

An attractive illustration that was completed imperceptibly

Do you want to make the characters and backgrounds you drew earlier more radiant and attractive? Using my own clip studio that has never been released I'll show you the candidate selection method and texture expression. An illustration that began on a blank sheet of paper will become an illustration full of your own feeling. My ultimate goal is to help you create your own illustrations. I will achieve my and your goals through this class:)

The idea of a painting that comes from within me

I think illustrations come from “myself.” I think that what I like and what I want to draw starts with myself and provides countless springboards for me to move on to the next level. I recommend starting with this class and completing it. I hope everyone can experience completion and draw more and more firmly without losing interest.

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Let's find out what you like with me and complete it with an illustration.


Tablet pictures starting with Clip Studio


Draw attractive characters through natural human body croquis


Design an illustration that suits your taste through ideation


Draw a line


Eye-catching colors and know-how


Know-how to melt your own photos


Learn how to use candidates and light effects to enhance completeness


If you've completed this class once, you've succeeded half way!




Hallo I'm an illustrator today.

As digital painting has become more common, many paintings are shared, and they have a positive influence on each other, but it is also true that it has become difficult to draw a picture that is so differentiated.

However, just as all individuals have different personalities and tendencies, I think the pictures they draw are also different. Through this course, I would like to draw with me, complete my own illustrations, and share my own journey of evolving them.

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